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Custom CSS Module

Give each page on your Joomla website an individual and unique style with a Custom CSS module.

HD-Custom CSS is a simple module that allows you to style pages individually from the rest of the site. Just as the Custom HTML module allows you to insert HTML on a specific page, the Custom CSS module allows you override styles for a specific page.

Joomla's template structure assigns the same CSS file(s) to each and every page resulting in a framework of similar looking pages. With a custom CSS module you can broaden the scope of your design by having a different background image on every page, varying the module position sizes, applying different fonts, font colours, hyperlink behaviours, rollover effects or column widths.

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Reviews: 5
This product is brilliant. It has saved me loads of headaches, many hours of worries and lots of work. You have to try this out. It is very easy to use and extremely powerful. For all of this it is a great big "thank you" to the developer from me.
Reviews: 3
I know my way around CSS and Joomla, but I'm still quite a novice by most standards and this module worked flawlessly - first try - and it solved a HUGE headache that's plagued me for some time now. Also, I used it on a custom template without any conflicts.

The only thing I had to adjust was my previous attempt at inline html within the module I was trying to style; once I cleared the messy inline html, the result was exactly what I wanted.

This is only my second review on JED, but I had to say: KUDOS! The developer(s) deserve a HUGE thank you for saving me headaches and precious time! :D
Reviews: 9
Does exactly what you want it to and no hassles. Great module to alter a page with CSS.
Reviews: 2
I didn't think that this kind of extension exists before. When a fellow developer told me about it, I found it quite interesting and when I used it for one of my projects it worked just fine. Easy to use with great flexibility for customizing CSS.
Reviews: 1
Early on in the learning curve of a developer, he or she takes pride in learning css and combines that with Firebug to make changes to templates. Too often, the changes are made to core files. As such, a template upgrade overwrites the changes. The solution is using some form of custom.css file. However, different frameworks sometimes handle that differently and you have to check where to place the file and so on. Enter this marvelous module. You install it, publish it without the title showing, and proceed to enter the custom css that you need. That css is called last, and your changes reflected just like that. You do NOT have to worry about wrecking your site when you make changes the css; if you get it wrong you just edit the lines in the module. Plus template updates are no longer a source of fear. This is a tremendous gift to us. THANK YOU.
Reviews: 8
It solves many problems in templates design, easy to install and use
Reviews: 5
This extension is one of the few extensions i have to install first anytime i start a new Joomla project, easy to use, reliable, bug-free and best of all it is FREE. If you want to have control of how your template and other extensions look and feel, this is the extension for you. I will like to thank the developer for making this extension and better giving it for free
Reviews: 8
Simple and easy to use. Just publish it on the page you want to change the CSS for. Saves me a lot of time editing template files directly.

Reviews: 1
After a single module configuration problem: I could not set up a single article because I included it instead of excluding other items, I managed to show the style-specific part of the page and now I'm excited!
I also installed Advanced Module Manager that helped me in this!
Reviews: 2
I finally solved a number of problems with the CSS thanks to this extension. I finally made ​​a table with all the possible decorations without trying other extensions around. Congratulations to the manufacturer. This extension is a must have
Reviews: 7
Picture this... you load in your website template and make all kinds of custom css changes on it only to have them erased once you do a template update... not anymore!

This simple little module allows you to insert the css right in the module and assign it to a page and position, thus modifying any page you want for the lift of the site, regardless of updates etc.. and it's FREE

Thanks for your contribution to the joomla community!
Reviews: 3
This module is the best choice for multiple CSS files in one layout.
Straight, simple, efficient.

Thank you guys.
Reviews: 1
Would be very hard to produce dozens of works in Joomla, as I do, without this module. Thank u guys.
Reviews: 2
I needed a fix for a browser rendering problem. IE and Firefox showed a module in different positions. I spent many hours trying to change css files but could not find the solution. I installed Custom CSS and followed the instructions of their website and the problem was fixed. I was able to set main css for Firefox and create a custom css location for IE affecting only the problem modules on that one page. Thank you, this extension is a life saver. Especially for those non coders among us.
Reviews: 4
This is a must-install module for joomla! this is great! it saved me a lot of time! thanks. I recommend all web developers to install this module. it works fine with rt-templates!
I have a bilingual website which applied a single css to both of language , but now it's OK. :)
Reviews: 1
After a real long search for my problem I finally found the right question:
"css Overrides on certain pages joomla 2.5"
This little ;-) module absolutly saved my day!
I thank You on my knees
Yours donfuego
Reviews: 1
-EFFING AWESOME EXTENSION- no one is paying me to write this..if anything I want to pay these guys lol...
Please listen ...I have the pickiest client in the entire, I've built a brand new site from pretty much scratch using the latest of latest software and design methods that has to be able to accommodate the oldest browsers in the entire world and all major browsers. With Correct organization and attention to detail, your beautiful site thats designed in Safari or Firefox can look exactly the same in IE. This extension allowed me to be as creative as I wanted to. Oh wait..oh yea..........this extension free......learning curve is about a 5 out of you gotta know what your doing but once you get it....its like christmas...
Reviews: 2
I'm not a pro at CSS, but this module allowed me to easily adjust some CSS on my site that would otherwise have required a hack that I'm not capable of. It is also useful when Joomla is being buggy and won't hide an article title on a specific page despite your explicit override on the global setting. Whatever the reason, this is a good module to have.
Reviews: 5
This module allowed me to "fix" another module on one page that didn't want to show its contents centered.
Added "Module Class Suffix" to that module, entered some CSS in this module to make it center, assign it to the page and done.
No fiddling around with the template files.

Reviews: 2
Was such a pain in the ass to have to hack my old Artisteer template manually. Now I update the template and my Custom CSS hacks (exceptions to the rules) are completely separate and applied over the top.

I worship the ground this developer walks on. HUGE time saver and easy way to keep track of all your modifications.
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