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bgMAX Module

bgMax is a module that simplify the management of background images on your site.
The background image (defined or random) can grow depending on the size of the browser with optional fading effect, be repeated, appear during specific periods or by content.
The block with the content can be customized by size, color and transparency. CSS code can be further provided.
It is totally independent of the template, it just adds code to personalize your page by the template after generation.

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Reviews: 1
Very nice module to set up a background images on a site.
easy to use and configure.
Reviews: 3
this is very nice module i have been looking for this kind of things for ages..

thanks again.
Reviews: 4
Very powerfull extension. Easy to install
I use bgMax for a few sites and it is very powerfull. It can scale the backgroundimage to every browser.
Today, I have asked the developer to change the site, so download the module in every language should be possible.
He fixed it in a couple of hours. So if you use the language selector at that site, you can download without an errormessage.
Thanks fot that quick support!
Reviews: 4
I use this module on all my Joomla website. Works great on every template and easily change design. Easy configuration also.
Reviews: 3
This is AWESOME. It is perfect. It does what I need exactly. I am a photographer and I love it on my site. It is a bit confusing on how to use the Random Option, but I figure it out how it work. Plus, it is FREE!!. I guess soon it will turn to Purchasing Download. I don't mind to purchase it. Thanks
Reviews: 3
I used this with Joomla 3 and the Shape5 Vertex template. It worked right out of the box. Less than five minutes from finding the extension to having a new background on my site.

I wish all extensions were this good!
Reviews: 1
I installed this and it does not work. Even the documentation is not in English. Configuration details are not clear
Reviews: 4
it was the best. And also without jquery conflict...
Reviews: 1
Worked perfectly for me first time with the Shape5 template I was using.
Hasn't caused any conflict issues like some other similar extensions did.
And it's free, what more could you ask for!
Reviews: 6
.... and this is no exception!

BGMax is the BIZ! Install, tweak, publish... boom!
Simple back-end UI, brilliant front-end result!

Currently using it on a Shape 5 Vertex template, on which I've tried extensions with supposedly similar capabilities and got undesirable results (jQuery conflicts).

If I was gonna make a Joomla! extension, THIS is how I'd make it!

Well done.
Reviews: 18
Does exactly what i wanted, just installed and set an image from google search for tester, really enhances the whole site, i wanted to get a clean kind of fresh page look and this did it.. sort of like the front page for example site: wetransfer, that's the look i got out of the yootheme nano theme :)
Thanks nice work
Reviews: 1
This is a very usefull module for websites that use full screen images for background. It works really well, it covers many cases of background behaviors and it is easily configured. However, I do not rate it as excellent because the background does not scale on IE8 - windows xp. Though in my opinion, IE 8 should change and not the module...
Reviews: 2
Do what I wanted, author is helping us and no free product !

Thanks thanks thanks !!!
Reviews: 27
This module is very nice, the style of your page changes entirely. There are many options for the background. You can select a nice fade effect and you can even schedule the time and date of the background to appear. There is a slight problem with the Random in Folder (I could not get it work - there was no option to select the folder). And of course its free!

+Easy to use
+Cool Fade Effect
+Works with most fixed templates (Tested on Yootheme)

-Small selection of effects
-"Random in folder option" does not work properly
-Cannot select multiple images for a rotating background effect
Reviews: 4
Impressive. Brilliant. Efficient. It should be included in the next Joomla version.
I tested some others free modules as background display but I did not succeed to use them. It's probably due to my lack of technical skill. But I installed in few minutes the bgmax module and everything worked well.

I particulary enjoyed the Fade effet and the random display for each page visited.
If you follow the documentation, everything should be ok for you too.

If you are using a Gavick template with JAT3, it takes one minute to do the basic setup. And there are other many settings avalaible for a fine configuration of the use of the module.

Many thanks to the author.

Did I mention that this module is Free!
Reviews: 2
Thank you, it's easy to install and use! If you want to have a specific background for specific pages, just add one module per page and that's it! Cheers and enjoy! Greg
Reviews: 1
Great exentension that I got working within minutes.
For my special needs I had a little help from Lomart. Great fast service!
Reviews: 5
I just can't believe this is not a commerical module. So many great features wowed me when I started looking into this module. A really really great piece of work. Kudos to the developers. Extensions like this makes Joomla! priceless.
Reviews: 1
I am new to web designing and have been struggling with custom backgrounds, despite the initial shock of trying to read French, the translator eased me into going through with the download. It is the most SIMPLEST and straight to the point module I have ever used. INCREDIBLE job by the team. Keep up the EXCELLENCE!!!
Reviews: 5
Fantastic module, really refreshed my pages, and made it more beautiful. Thanks to developer.
If newer version would have possibillity to change background on one page, like a slideshow, it would be absolutely extraordinary, I would rate it 6 star :)
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