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JEDchecker Component

Joomla extension to check components, modules or plugins for possible problems for submission to the JED

Checks for:
- missing index.html files
- defined('_JEXEC') or die statements in all php files
- proper license tag in installation .xml files
- displays information about each extension xml file such as ext. name, version, creation date
- reports the use of error_reporting(0)

developed by compojoom

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Reviews: 6
This tool is indispensable for all Joomla! developers. Easy to use but very effective.
Reviews: 1
The JED checker tool proves as a complete lifesaver for our team. We specifically check all of our extensions with it before uploading our listings in the JED.

It has saved us many times from getting our listings unpublished on JED as well as fixing the unpublished listings too.

It's one of the awesome contribution to the Joomla Family.
Reviews: 3
It spotted in seconds issues with my extension. Hours of work spared.
Reviews: 1
It is very excellent component.It save lot of time for me.
Reviews: 2
Really nice component that gives all main errors simply !!
Reviews: 1
Nice and helpful component! This saves my time!
Reviews: 5
This is exactly what I call a useful Joomla! community extension. It encourages Joomla! users to become developers for the community as well, and to fork, code and contribute to the Joomla! extensions and the core CMS itself.

I must have for any Joomla! developer, especially for "not full-time" developers!

I am looking forward to seeing more tools and checks to help following good coding practises. Keep on the good work guys!
Reviews: 2
I like to say this is time saver or you can say life saver for a developer.
Reviews: 6
This is a wonderful tool. Im so happy i came across it. I submitted an extesion to the JED about a month ago and have been waiting for it to approve.
Its almost at the top of the list and i found out i needed to run it past this tool.
Lucky i did because i was missing ONE file.
All that time i have been waiting would have been started all over again.

And to boot. the file i submitted is something everyone around here has been asking for, for about a year now.
Reviews: 4
Nice helper to be sure to don't forget something. Just checked my gallery extension with it on Joomla 3 and all is green.
Reviews: 6
Thank you Daniel for sharing this useful tool!

It's work really well and will save us hours for every extension that we upload in JED.

Thank you, again!
Reviews: 2
Thank you! It's the tool we (developers of Joomla add-ons) needed! One small annoyance - might be my problem only - I use to pack my components along with their own directory (plg_something/ for example). Of course, there, in the root of the package I not put any index.html file, but the component complaints about. I know, I simply ignore that, but that might be a misleading message.
Reviews: 2
Nothing to say. This extension does what it says and is very useful for checking new extensions.
Reviews: 1
I cant believe i didnt find this sooner. It is a must run before you submit to the JED. I had packaged my folders 1 deeper then needed and didnt have a root html...this saved me for getting to the back of an already long line for additional review. Thanks JED
Reviews: 9
I was myself thinking of developing such component but you came out with that. this is really useful. We are human and bound to make mistakes. This tool will definitely improve the JED listing process. Only 1 issue I had i.e though I had index.html in all my folders why I was getting Rule SE1 error; Missing index.html in this directory "/".
Reviews: 2
I gave it Good rating only since it had no frontend. I really liked it and it was so easy to install and use. Just install it and follow the instructions on the screen.

Keep up the great work and please keep it free.. To may extensions are payware these days..:)
Reviews: 13
This is what I was looking for. Testing gets easier now. Thanks man.