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Less Compiler Plugin

A system plugin to automatically compile templates .less files on page load - for easier template development.

+ compiles template.less file and all imported files to template.css
+ uses caching to track changes and better performance
+ option to force compilation on each reload
+ option to compress .css output
+ option to preserve comments
+ less and css path configurable
+ client-side compiler for better debugging, thanks to
+ compatible with J! 2.5 + 3.x
+ supports Twitter Bootstrap 2.x and 3.x (thanks to @robwent)
+ Option to parse only frontent, backend or both
+ Paths for frontend and backend template configurable
+ fr-FR translation contributed by
+ ru-RU translation contributed by Pazys
+ Uses Joomla! One-Click-Updater

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Reviews: 19
This is brilliant little plugin and I tested it and it does work - saves me loads of time.
Reviews: 6
While it's not yet in the core, this extension is absolutly essential to work with less files.
While customising your template, you need this. This plugin catch the less file you point in the configuration, from your template less folder, and compile it to a css file in your template css folder.

Thanks to the authors to shared their work !
Reviews: 7
Simple to use, and it works.

So, good I forked it! ;)
Reviews: 13
Wondered about these JavaScript LESS compiler includers forcing guests to activate JS. Started to plan my own plugin based on PHP but foundh this extension for Joomla! 3 early enoug.
Reviews: 1
This is a necessity when making templates with LESS in 3. Great plugin and easy to use.