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OS Services Booking Component

OS Services Booking - a Appointment & Schedule component is used for online service scheduling and appointment management, it's created for Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x.
This extension has a lot of great features to make your services booking system helpful with the customers.
★ Unlimited Categories, Venues, Services(Appointment types) and Employees (Staff)
★ Easiy to manage Categories, Venues, Services(Appointment types) and Employees (Staff)
★ Services (Appointments): 2 time slots support: Standard (Normal) and Custom
★ Easiy to manage Orders list
★ Payment plugins manage and a lot of payment gateways available: Offline, Paypal, Paypal Pro(Credit card),, Worldpay, Sagepay and Eway payment gateways support.
★ Flexible coupon feature
★ Easy to manage Email and SMS templates
★ Custom fields feature with additional cost for each extra field
★ Several Report types
★ Powerful configuration
★ Smart layout with Javascript and Ajax integration
★ Easy to make Services (Appointment) the booking request
★ Allow to repeat booking request by days, weeks and months
★ Flexible booking layouts
★ Employee's (Staff) layout - Manage orders history
★ Customer's layout - Manage working list

★ Reponsive layout with Bootstrap
★ PDF invoices
★ GCalendar integration
★ ClickAtell SMS integration
★ Multiple languages with Falang
★ Sef Urls
★ Support different language packages: English (Default), Czech(Česká), French (Français), Spanish (Español), Portuguese (Português), Russian (Русский), German (Deutsch), Turkish (Türkçe)
★ reCaptcha integration

Version 2.3.1 (22nd August 2014)
+ Add:
- Search module
+ Improve:
- Option to turn off Javascript popups
- Option to turn off Cart box
- New parameters Date from/to for layout: Default layout
- Option to turn off Joomla Registration form in Check-out page
- Translation tool

Version 2.2.2 (22nd June 2014)
+ Add: - Venues layout
- Employees layout
- New feature on Top-left Calendar
- Flexible Custom Time slots improvement

Version 2.2 (14 April 2014)
+ Add: - Layout Configuration

Version 2.1 (06th September 2013)
+ Added: - Sef urls
- Manage "not working time" for services in specific day
# Bugs fixed:
- ClickAtell SMS issue fixed

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Reviews: 1
Great component on which one can rely! Many features and easy to set up according to the needs!
But the best part of all is the incredible support we have even though we have purchased it 6 months ago!
I definitely recommend it to anyone who simply wants to do the job!!!
Reviews: 1
Excellent component, does the job as expected. The support is great from the developers, they have no issue assisting with any queries. Great job all round.
Reviews: 1
I was not only looking for great service booking software, but customization AND complimentary modules. Well - I got it all! OS Service Booking is an amazing product and they customized it for a very reasonable price. I have since added this companies event booking, membership and eshop. Support has been very timely. Very good find.
Reviews: 1
I have tried several extensions for our company (a dog training school) but no other is even close. There are others that are good when it comes to the product itself but when you combine it with the support, then there is actually nothing the is even close. I am so satisfied that "excellent" is an understatement. The OS-team is doing a fantastic job! Hats off! :)
Reviews: 1
I am happy with the component. Easy to install and set up.
My additional request was answered/fixed within 10min. Great support
Reviews: 1
I've been using this component and find it superior to the other booking components for Joomla. There were some issues with getting it up and running but the instructions are very easy to understand and the developer responds to every single email.

Besides all of the great features that allow me to automate my business to save time, the developer is SO HELPFUL and SO RESPONSIVE.

I'm happy with this purchase
Reviews: 1
Excellent Component, Excellent Customer Service!

They can customize the component to your specifications.
Reviews: 1
I choose this extension for a medical study services booking and it was fine.
When something wasn't clear for me support team helped me through the support forum.
Then I asked for a customization and the team support have been very fast and kind to develop for me what I needed.
I recommend this extension and above all the team.
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I am very pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of this extension, very good, easy to setup and good support!
Guys really here have the best support I've had!

out of hand time reaction, involved with the solution, more than expectations!!! 120%

once again thank you greatly for your support Dam!
Reviews: 1
I'm very excited about the support given. As a newbie to world of Joomla Extensions software programs they made my life easier. The product worked as promised and when I needed help the support staff tackled it right away. I recommend you give these folks a look at first before you buy anywhere else if they offer what you need no need looking anywhere else. Having great support to me matters most.
Reviews: 4
I have bought this extension and had some minor problems with it. The support that was given was however great. All my issues were solved very fast! I would highly recommend this component!
Reviews: 1
Great component with a lot of options, fantastic and fast support. What do you need more?
Reviews: 1
We had a small issue with this component but after sending a ticket to the support team they solved it for us very fast.

I have no problem recomending this to others.
Reviews: 1
not only is this plugin absolutely revolutionary with respect to joomla plugins in the realm of booking services online - the customer service is definitely unmatched. I offered to pay Dang for his time, multiple times, but he constantly refuses claiming "you dont have to pay me, this is my service to you". he stands by his plugin, and so do i.

get this. you cant go wrong.
Reviews: 2
I purchased OS services 2 days ago having looked at the features & reading the good reviews. A feature that I missed was the option of inserting employee photos. I submitted a ticket and shortly thereafter got a response from Dam that they will enable the functionality. It now works perfectly. Thanks Dam! Excellent product & great service!
Reviews: 1
This is a first class tool indeed! After installing easily I had a few extra installation wishes which the supporter did easily as well!
I never had better quality for so little money! Thank you, Dam!
Reviews: 4
The best value for money I have ever got on JED! It is the best booking component, and the support is amazing! Thanks Dam
Reviews: 1
The component is very adaptable and easy to use. The support was perfect. Fast and friendly. I need the component for a school (altar boy). Works perfect. Thank Dam.
Reviews: 1
Starting from component functionality and features up to support everything is great. This guy is showing that his clients do matter unlike some... other extension developers (meh).

It has very useful and free-of charge paymentgateway plugins and the component it self does it's job in almost any application you think of.

I am using for Snowboard/Ski teacher reserving page and it's been an asset. Would have been nice to have multiple hour select and then add to cart but you cand do it still, individually!

Support is almost instant and safe!

Good job!
Reviews: 1
The only reason why I take the time to register here and write a review is because I feel I owe it to the developer. He has produced a booking system which is able to manage complex and very specific booking situations. With the great help of Dam I could get it to handle our charter business exactly the way I wanted to. The engine is great out of the box, but what makes this software so valuable is the support behind it. For most people with standard service offers this might not even be an issue, because there is a comprehensive documentation provided - written for dummies like me.
As this package is only a bit over 1 year old, I feel OS Service Booking has a good chance to become the top Booking System for Joomla. Keep up the good work!
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