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JHotelReservation ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

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Enable bookings online and automate the reservation process to increase the efficiency of your overall lodging facility management.Online reservations are well known to increase the revenue of your lodging facility. Our customers reported an increase in reservation volume by an average of 30%.

Easy to use, professional hotel reservation software, Joomla Hotel Reservation is offering management and reservation solutions for all types of hotels, motels, B&Bs, resorts, etc. Benefit the ideal alternative to manually tracking reservations, following up with your customers and payments. No longer is there a need to keep mounds of paper, lose customer details or lose track of payments.

This hotel reservation module was designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get on with running your business.

Key features:
• 4 easy configurable reservation steps, from booking dates to final confirmation.
• flexibility in managing reservations
• manage rooms, taxes, email templates
• simple, flexible way to setup room rates
• choose between 4 different styles for both the module and component
• dashboard reporting of reservations made
• clean & simple administration
• google maps integration
• user dashboard
• and many more…

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Reviews: 2
This is a really nice extension. I had no problems installing it. If you're a hotel trying to construct a booking system on your website, this is the way to go
Reviews: 1
Please bare with me on this review as it is a bit extensive. This extension looked solid from the beginning, it installed with no errors and I was able to go through the different settings with ease. Some of the features need a better explanation on the screen altough you'll find a decent explanation in the user manual. There's a good balance of complexity and features, some of the hotel reservation sofware tends to get a bit too complicated for the needs of a single hotel. I liked the fact it has some built in SEO functions, like a custom url, meta descriptions and tags, but there's always room for improving.

Here's a summary of my experience:
- professional way of setting rooms & offer prices.
- customizeable front end display.
- clean& organized display
- easy to manage reservations
- can be used with other Joomla templates
- enhanced reservation when choosing multiple rooms
- automated reservation emails
- good customer experience.
- developers can integrate their own payment gateway
- hotel has it's own link, you can pass this to your customers.
- possibility of branding.

- extension is not yet fully responsive, I did test it on IPad and it worked fine with some minor display issues.
- children price settings. I was informed this will be released soon.
- some parts of the user manual need to be better explained.

There is a good level of support, replies came within a 24 hour time frame. A ticketing system would be a nice to have but I guess this is up each company. I'm pleased with my overall experience with this extensions, functionality and support.
Will be using this for future projects.
Owner's reply

Hi Neil,

Thank you for your feedback, we're all ears.

We are currently working on releasing an responsive version. We estimate to have it ready in a month or sooner.

As of 5.3.0 we've released the price per child functionality.

We're continuously improving our documentation in order to be as clear as possible.

Reviews: 1
I am using this reservation extension for a complex website with PayPal option.
The component is very flexible in managing reservations.
No errors discovered, it works perfect for me!
Reviews: 1
Good Job.This extension worked well in my case.I was looking for a full-service hotel booking and it managed to do that with no additional fees.
Reviews: 2
Paid & installed ; good extension and very nice support !
Reviews: 2
I use it for my bed and breakfast up in Parry Sound, Ontario.
Very easy to use and intuitive. It has a nice style and nice features.
Thumb up for support team which provided quick answers.
Reviews: 2
Ok, it works. But that's it. Nothing more.
It's really missing a lot of basic funtionality that should not be missing in such an expensive extension.
You can't customize the fields a customer needs to fill in, you can't select if you want only registered users to be able to book. Prices are only calculated per night, not selectable to be calculated per day. And so much more missing functionality. You can get al this functionality if you pay for custom work, or you need to do a lot of PHP editing yourself.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.
Our system is built based on hotel industry requirements and the prices are calculated on a per night basis. This is a default.
The fields that a customer needs to fill in were also selected to meet the requirements of the lodging industry not an over day pet saloon.
For our clients to have a good understanding of our system, we provide a full demo site, including front-end and administration area. You have access to all the features of the extension to make a decision in full knowledge.
We want to help all our customers to adapt the system for all kind of businesses but sometimes this requires custom work.

Reviews: 2
A big thank you for this extension. It does what it says. This one matched our needs in terms of a online hotel. We tried others but JHotelReservation has features that are more specific for a hotel. The support is amazing, fast and always there. We used it for our hotel and it worked out just fine. We totally recommended this extension
Reviews: 1
Hello ,
I just bought the componnet but i dont know how to set up my bank acount for when costemer puy with visa card that i can get money to my account . i see there is some things with paypal but i dont know hot to set it up can some one help me please
thanks already
Owner's reply


Please contact us at and we'll help you setup your credit card processor.

Reviews: 1
After a short research on the market I decided to buy the extension. And it was a good decision. The component has a lot of features that pleased me. The extension is user friendly and you can manage easily the booking process through it.

I was also pleased by their friendly support. They answered in time and got me out of troubles.
Reviews: 1
First I saw the component on their demo site and I liked it. I bought it, installed very easily and start using it. All features were intuitive and easy to use.
Nice job until here. But when I wanted to set the price for a room based on different season it was a little complicated, but it was done with a little help from support team.
The support team were nice and they respond quickly to all my e-mails. I thank them for that.

I recommend this component and this company. I had a good experience with them.
Owner's reply

We are currently releasing a new, improved version, which among other features, facilitates setting room prices per seasons. Setting seasonal room prices is now more intuitive and easy to use.
Thank you for your feedback.

Reviews: 2
I bought this component for one on my clients and he was very pleased about the product and about collaboration. My client had some specific modifications to integrate the component into his site and the changes were done fast and accurate.

There were 2 things that I liked most on this company, which unfortunately cannot be found very easily:
1. They continuously add new functionality to the component
2. I've got updates for free that were very useful. They have added some reports functionality that was very handy and my client was very pleased. They covered a black spot of the application with that reports.

In general the communication was good and I've got a good impression working with them.