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Full Booking & Reservation Management system for renting all Real Estates, vehicles, items, or booking any type of services – making appointments, hiring staff, booking events... Available option for enabling FrontEnd logins, adding Adverts and managing Reservations!
** Reservations can be made by day, hour, minute, supported by different calendars, date-time layouts and day or date-time pickers! **
By turning off Reservation option, you can get a component for selling Adverts.

- Adverts separated in different Adver Types with own options, features and settings
- Automatic Booking and Reservation Management procedure (user log-in, booking, sending customizable e-mails, sending vouchers and payment calculations, confirming reservations, sending reminders…)
- Display full and detailed description of your product / service / real estate
- Search for adverts by various parameters
- See picture gallery for every advert separately, add YouTube movies
- Find location via Google maps
- Choose, customize, add or remove additional services you offer for each Advert Type
- Add and customize additional costs – automatically calculated into the finish price!
- Day, Hour and Minute reservations
- Month, Week, Day, Hour or Minute prices
- Automatic calculation of Advance Price
- Fully customizable prices using Date ranges (setting different prices for different periods, weekends, holidays, seasons...)
- Calendar which graphically shows current availability with a Legend showing all prices for specific Advert
- Managing users, reservations, adverts
- Making on-line booking by simply clicking on the calendar
- See all the costs and their detailed specification before making the reservation
- Account creation directly on booking screen
- Manage reservations by login to user profile: see the info, print out reservation pamphlet (voucher), send the advert link to a friend…
- Get the calculation for reservation, calculate advance and pay using Pay Pal or other means of payment
- Making automatic Price lists
- User Log-in from front-end – submitting Adverts from front-end, customizing profile, viewing adverts and reservations
- E-mail templates
- organizing your Site through Advert Types, Categories and Sub-categories
- Translations for 20 languages
- Easy custom translations keys
- Overriding main Koparent Settings for different Advert Types
- Calculating days or nights (also visible on calendar)
- export your details on adverts, reservations or users in XML format or CSV format
- many modules and plugins
- and more…

By subscribing, you get the access to all modules ( and plug-ins ( ), as well as customer support for the selected period. Also, you will gain access to all upgrades which we will develop in the meantime, and they will be free for subscribers (new modules, plug-ins, languages, features

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Reviews: 4
Sometimes things don't go as planned. Even with the best systems. That's where the people behind the system can make the difference.

The developer proved that he is up to the job in resolving issues and he even went far beyond my expectations to make sure I was happy with the extension.

The extension met my expectations, the developer exceeded my expectations.

Well done.
Reviews: 2
I bought a subscription to Koparent to set up a car sharing site. Whilst not exactly what I was looking for it has proved customisable to make it usable for the site. The support from Kristijan is excellent.
Reviews: 1
I'm quite happy with what this extension done, but it should have features such as assessment and review in future
Reviews: 13
After using this component for several months on several projects, and after contacted developer about few issues and suggestions, I think that I'm qualified enough to say this:
I've tried many other booking components, and this one beats most of them.

- versatility: It could be used for booking many type of bookable things: Apartments, Rooms, Hotels, Campsites, Cars, Boats, everything.
- it could be used as property listing system too
- Easy seasonal prices creating system.
- flexibility: possibility to create various type of custom fields and to group them
- building custom search: this is the only component (as I know) which gives you an option to set math operators when searching, for example for distances.
- Each custom field can be set to be shown in list, details or in advanced search, or in search module.
- It's relatively easy (for skilled programers) to customize it beyond available options in backend.
- It's being actively developed, with more and more features added in every new version
- Excellent user support
- Developers also listen user suggestions and adds em in every next version, if suggested features adds to overall component usability

- Image manager could be better. Needs option to select and upload more than one file at once.
- Booking calendar needs to have option to display booked start date and end date as triangle. This is a must for night bookings.
- Creating season prices needs to have option to set different price according to different number of persons
- Big Koparent images in admin area. This is just a small rant, rather than actuall cons. IMHO, it's OK to brand your component, but smaller icons with link in bottom could do same job as well ;)

I must say that I'll stick with Koparent, and I'm seeing bright future for this component
Reviews: 1
I recommend to all who are in tourism or sale. Excellent made ​​online booking. Very honest team , always prepair to help.
Owner's reply

Thank you all for your kind words of support. This is why we strive to build the best and reliable booking system as possible. Our subscribers are responsible for all new features and extensions that we build upon Koparent.

Once again thank you all for your support.

Reviews: 1
It's a very good component, almost fully configurable with an excellent support!

All I have to say is: "Bravo guys"!
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a component to suite our needs for some time and then found Koparent. The component does exectly what we need it to do but what is the most amazing about this is the support of the team behind it. Every single time I raised a question or concern it was promptly contacted and the proble/concern was dealt with. From my experience each problem/concern was dealt with in a professional and timely manner. The team not once had a problem for customizing their already excellent component to fit our need. I will recommend this team to anyone who wants a component that works and a support team behind it that is willing to go the extra mile.
Reviews: 21
This component is one to watch on the bookings scene. I have just renewed my subscription and building my second site with this product. It works well out of the box and unlike others in its class it is not over engineeered, it is really simple to customise css, layouts, tabs, etc.

Above all, I've had great support and really do recommend this.
Reviews: 1
Components are used and have been testing for about twenty days. I am very satisfied with all options which are many, no matter what kind of advertising plan. . Besides the core components menu is even more essential support and cooperation with the author. In this case, I am very satisfied, all the little things that bother me are embedded in my requirements, but in addition were done and even some small finishing that we have been necessary. Also important thing component was constantly being improved and expanded. In any case, my great recommendation!
Reviews: 1
Great work!
After hours of searching and testing for suitable Real Estate component I have decided to try this one. My site needed few things other components did not provide ex: custom search filters (like drop-down boxes or radio buttons) which could also appear in search form, searching properties by year of built and so on.
I bought a subscription and after just one working day, with great help of Koparent Team (Thank you guys!!), EVERYTHING was set up as I requested.
To show my gratitude I decided to translate the whole component as they did not have it translated to my language yet. And then I was positively surprised and realized how many possibilities this component have. It is HUGE! It can manage almost everything from ticket reservation through Real Estate. I have used it also for my other site, where you can book and rent bilboard stand all over the country! If you are serching for a component to sell, rent or book things and places. Try it! It is worth every effort.

Dear Koparent Team, you deserve for a standing ovation! Thank you again!
Reviews: 1
I bought this component and I set it up, and works perfectly, I have used many booking systems that did not meet my needs, but this one is just great, easy to use, to css and setup, the DB is very understadable. The team is to be congratulated, nice work, keep going!!! Regards!!!
Reviews: 1
I recommend to all who wish to operate online reservation system. Well parameterized, precise work.
Reviews: 1
This component works as a charm for me! It is highly customizable and also the guys evolving it have all the good will to provide support for any kind of weird customization!!! Great work!
Reviews: 4
I have used other booking components for my website and I can say that without hesitation that this one is relatively decent. It has a bit of a learning curve but once you get past that it is a decent component. There are although few things that might be better and I look forward to see future developments of this components.
Reviews: 1
I recently purchased Koparent, and, apart from the very fair price I have to say that the application fully satisfies my expectations, very well structured in the operating logic and seamlessly integrated into joomla. Koparent is ideally suited for those who want to use their portal to place ads professional.
also excellent after-sales service, very attentive to suggestions and willing to solve any problems.
I would really recommend this component.
Reviews: 1
I used this Component over the other 4 leading components I consider for my Rental site. Koparent is the best in terms of ease of use, functionalities, and awesome support. Oh... the price is very reasonable, I would not care paying double for what I got and the support they are giving me. I am a Joomla user (the first CMS I learned) for about 3 years. I highly recommend Koparent. Thank you for this great tool.
Reviews: 1
I have recently downloaded Koparent for a Boat rental site I'm working on. I was torn between IceBooking and Rentalot, but this new component just got out and I am lucky that I have tested it on their Demo site because it has all the things that I need for my site. It was very easy to install, very customisable, and when I asked a question for an explanation of one feature, support answered in a mater of minutes. I would highly recommend this Extension!!
Reviews: 1
This component was best buy for me and I have bought many extensions for Joomla. Component itself is great but the support is even better. I have requested some modules and plugins and they have shipped 9 modules and plugins in last 20 days, most of them requested by me for no extra charge. This is definetly best buy for my booking system. Try it and you will not regret it that I can promise you.
Reviews: 1
I have researched all Joomla reservation systems and personaly think that koparent is the Best. It really covers all cases (different price rates, periods of time, unavailable dates, per day/night, per room/bed/person,
discounts, additional costs per reservation, etc...). The installation was easy and what suprised me was the support, they responded in a matter of minutes. I dont't think that all features are covered in the demo on
their site, because full extent of the component is when you start to use it then you are certain that your money was not wasted but invested. I suggest it 100%
Reviews: 1
This extension is easy to use and does everything I needed out-of-the-box. Then I discovered all kinds of options you can set up and was surprised what you can actually do with one Joomla component . This is full capable rental and advertising system inside of Joomla CMS !!! Thanks for the great tool !
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