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Gary´s Cookbook Component

Gary´s Cookbook is a Joomla Recipe Componet with voting, comment and print Support. Include Languages: english, german other languages are in the Languageforum to Download Documentation in the moment only in German

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Reviews: 4
The idea is awesome, the execution is at least poor. In version 4.2.0 the component have serious compatibility problems with K2 maybe because they use K2 code, if you install first Gary, k2 can't install their menus, and you cant edit Garys recipes as result, you have to disable the k2 extension to edit a recipe, the code is undocumented and messy, is you are going to override in the template you are going to have hard work.
In the forum you get a mess of German and English post, and your post can be there for 3 weeks and no one answer.

If you are going to use this component and you need to override be sure that you have the skills and don't use k2 in the same installation
Reviews: 2
Nice and simple extension. It works out of the box. Logo can be set own or turned off. The link to component settings in component menu would be nice.
For me it this extension very useful.
I use it on Joomla! 3.2
Reviews: 3
I have to disagree with the below reviews as i find this to be an excellent component. It works out of the box (some language adjustments had to be made, which by the way can be made within the component)
There is a link at the bottom of the component (only 1) and that is easy enough to remove if you so wish.
Reviews: 13
Great component, works out of the box. Support is second to none too. To those that complain about the links to Gary - it's not rocket science, make a donation to the developer, he definitely deserves it!
Reviews: 9
...garyscookbook text, links and image appears all over the component. Code is very unprofessional.
Otherwise it would be a great component.
Reviews: 6
While this component works well in most cases, it is just not suitable for most site due to "Gary's Cookbook" appearing all over the place. On the opening initial page, "Gary's Cookbook and garyscookbook appear in six places - only two of which are easily removed.

I know the developer worked hard on his extension but goodness, why put "Gary's Cookbook" in so many places.

If you place it on your site, people will be asking who is Gary and not see that it is your cookbook.
Reviews: 1
Joomla! apart from being great CMS is a powerful MVC framework, but it seems that GCB's developers haven't heard about it.
You won't find any template nor theme in the component, not even single line of HTML code (everything echoed with php functions).
Layout based on tables, GCB's footer all over and features that doesn't work.
Besides that, well done.
Reviews: 1
I have been working on a site which is intended as a directory of UK & Eire butchers (finest butcher), it occurred to me that a repository of recipes might add further interest to the site. I tentatively dabbled with a few other packages which required quite some alteration to suit my needs, I then found this extension. It’s like the advert for that well know wood preservative in the UK ‘It does what it says on the …’! Well in fact this is a very under stated component, it actually does a great deal more that I expected. That you very much for creating such a comprehensive extension, I can even suggest what the support is like as I didn’t need any assistance whatsoever. But if it’s like the component, it’ll be second to none.
Reviews: 30
For a free component, I expected something simple but this is a full-fledged Joomla component and it's very nice!

I think there's a shortage of social-type applications in the JED, especially things that are more "feminine" in nature. So this is a real find. Perfect for an online lady's club.

VERY EASY to add new recipes from the front end!

I was amazed at all the field options, which allow for comprehensive field searching if you want to use them. Such as Cost per Portion, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dietary (low calorie), and many more. So there's a lot of potential, beyond the ordinary paperback cookbook, if you want to tap that potential.

I think someone who was writing a cookbook would find this script very useful for organizing and sorting.

The interface is simple in design, so it fits right into my site without any fuss.

To customize the cookbook for your site, be sure to find the language file (en-GB.com_garyscookbook.ini) and change Gary's Cookbook to whatever you want. You may need to download eXtplorer from the JED in order to do that. It's the usual problem of file permissions (caused by the Joomla installer somehow?), and eXtplorer file manager is a real lifesaver. I use it all the time on my Joomla site: can't live without it.
Reviews: 2
Very Very nice component. My home language is Afrikaans and I amended the language file with great success. Good work guys.
Reviews: 2
Excellent! Has small imperfections, but it is highly recommended for multiple uses. Side frontent excellent, fast and intuitive. For me ... Five stars!
Reviews: 2
Easy to use...easy for users to add recipes and even easier to administer. As for the last comment about "Gary's cookbook" being everywhere, all you have to do is change the language files. You can remove the footer with a small donation, per the helper.php file.
Reviews: 1
I down loaded this component to see nothing but Gary's Cook Book plastered every where, i have no problem advertising for some one but come on top of pages and the bottom of pages every page. did not even bother to see what the program could do to much of his product but I'm sure its good if you don't care that every page says gary's cook book and says nothing about your website. i would remove this review if i could remove gary's cook book from every page but hey no responce from them so no good review
Reviews: 1
Garys Cookbook is one of the best componets I have ever worked with.
It works fine and support were given in German as well as in English.
The developers ask for wishes and ideas to carry on the development and they are fast with the implementation of improvements.
As I said Garys Cookbook is a very powerful and good working Joomla! 1.5 component (and modul).
Reviews: 6
I don't agree with the previous review. I'm afraid I have not spent a massive amount of time on the cookbook being busy on other things - but it is customisable and it is not a gaudy hobby webpage component.
My own version "Rachael's Kitchen" shows it can be customised. It just takes a little effort.
What I would like to see is a plugin for sh404SEF and one for Xmap!
Reviews: 1
This would be a great component, if "Gary's" Cookbook didn't appear all over the place. Even if it were just named Cookbook, it wouldn't be so bad. We are going to put our own recipes in the Cookbook, not Gary's!! Please author, allow for editing...thanks for a great component.
Reviews: 2
I know how much effort it takes to create an addon for Joomla and I know what it's like to want to make sure you get credit for that hard work. However, the developer of this component has simply made it too difficult to integrate this otherwise very useful component into a professional site of any kind.

Though it is feature rich, there is no way to disable a large (and gaudy) link and logo back to the author's site.

Ironically, this is useless advertising, as people looking for recipes are rarely looking for Joomla components - meaning, my audience is not the same as the developers audience, and so all that is accomplished is a component that is effectively useless for anything more than a shoddy hobby site.

Hopefully future versions will have the linkback credit able to be blended or hidden on the front end.
Reviews: 1
This is a good extension but I see too much "Gary's Cookbook" everywhere. If that could easily be removed I would keep it... Right now I am looking for something with less advertising.
Reviews: 3
Could not get it to work. 3.0.2 or 3.0.3, for 1.5. This can be a real great component and lots of fun. I could not get it to work. Backend Admin issues. Both appeared to install except for language modules. The help or website is not in english, so it's hard to find out how to fix the problems. It appears that most stem from variable in the php files under the administration/component/garyscookbook files.
Reviews: 1
This is a Good Extension , for Cookery, but have some problem in admin module , when try to see Admin comment error : DB function failed with error number 1146

And scrolling mod is not working properly in firefox

otherwise its a good component, need little modification