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Joomla Estate Agency (JEA) is a free real estate component for Joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.x. The goal of this extension is to be easy to use for end users and easy to customize for developers.

With JEA, you can manage properties in backend or frontend interface. You can add multiple images and manage features for each property. There is powerful search capabilities based on component features.

JEA is designed to be flexible and extensible :
Layouts can be easily overridden in your template and JEA can be extended with plugins.

-ACL management
-Rentals and sales management
-Backend and frontend management
-Automatic picture resizing
-Easy gallery management for each property
-AJAX search filter
-Contact form for each properties
-Geolocalized search
-Native translations : French, English and Spanish
-Native SEF
-Slider module
-Featured module
-Search module
-DPE plugin (Energy efficiency)
-Social plugin
-Joomfish plugin
-Plugin entries to extend the JEA core

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Reviews: 2
took six months using it and it is very stable and reliable, at first I had some problems but everything was left supported fixed.
Reviews: 3
I have this component on various websites and works well, I would like it to be more aesthetic .. Thanks.
Reviews: 7
Ok this is a free extension but it is very bad indeed.
Version for joomla 2.5
1. The support forum is dead.
2. DPE module cannot be changed for countries.
3. The bedrooms in list all properties show as room numbers and not bedrooms as the image shows.
4.Zip code in search only allows full code and not small areas ie a UK based code starting with NR10 will not show results as you have to put the entire code in - NR10 5SQ
5.The advanced budget bar slider dose not work as shows both ends as 0
6.The department is absolutely rubbish and has to be removed as it makes peoples search more complicated.
7.The layout of the search is wrong as why would search by title or reference number be at the top?
There are soooo many more I could mention , but just be very careful if you get this module as you will need some PHP skills to fix all the problems that exist and believe me there are loads!!!
Be careful!!!
Reviews: 3
I have installed the new JEA version and it has solved all my concerns. It is really a great job done by Sylvain and his team !!!!! Highly recommendable !!!!
Reviews: 24
We have a tight budget, nevertheless we searched for payed extensions and found nothing really satisfactory for the price they asked.

Then we stumbled over JEA and, although is is in beta stage for Joomla 3.x we gave it a try.

After some trial and error (docu lacks a bit) we got around quite quickly. The site will be up and we are happy to see, that there is still some quality and free programming going on with J 3.x!

A warm thank you to the developer(s) we appreciate your dedication and work!

I still did not found a way to spend something to JEA, pleas let me know how to!

Reviews: 11
This is a good extension with a very good search. It is very easy to add the properties. Only downside is that it took me 4 days to work out how to change the currency symbol. It seems hidden, placed in tools, then you have to click on options (the cog at the top). Better documentation would make this extension easier to use, but overall I am very happy with it.
Reviews: 1
I would be very ready to recommend the extension. The very and only component for all-in-one Real Estate anybody can use. I have one problem though, if anyone knows how to make the images responsive.
Reviews: 1
I am awaiting to upgrade to Joomla 3 with JEA because I want a responsive and scalable website.
Reviews: 4
com_jea is great, free extension, it's opensource and very flexible. However it would be great to get some support.
The documentaion is spare and the open "discussion" nearly dead.
Reviews: 4
Tried several extensions and scripts, and found JEA that does just what i want. Easy configuration and easy to extend.
Support is encouragent to try and solve your problem.
Reviews: 4
Great and bug free extension, recommend to everyone.
[L] must be active too, there is full multilingual support.

Thanks to the developers!
Reviews: 1
Thanks, its lovely. This is the first real estate component I have checked. I was compelled to login and post a review after going through the component. Whatever this component is providing is great and admirable. Its lovely. At the top of it all its free and we can use it to base our own system over it.
Reviews: 2
I am working with this for a couple of years now.
Basic component is good but you need to know something of PHP. I was playing around with the new version and it looks great. So within a few weeks i will implement this new version on my site.
Reviews: 1
Congrats!! The best real state plugin... Keep up with this great project! Thanks!
Reviews: 1
There are plenty of features in this free product but documentation is virually non-existant, unless I am looking in the wrong place. Forum has only a few posts.
Reviews: 2
Not often you can find such a well thought and developed Joomla extension for free! I checked all the other free real estate extensions but none of them was out of the box and ready to go as this one. Support is a little slow but existent and will resolve your issues, even if it takes some time. Don't forget, it's for free!
A great thing is the easy customizability by editing the language files and if this is not enough, you will find all kinds of "extras" by digging through the support forum.
Definitely the best free real estate extension available at this point.
Reviews: 2
This is as far as I know, the best free real estate extension for joomla.

It comes with some plugins, but you can find more in the support website.

Also, it is highly customizable but editing its code, you will only need some basics php knowledge.

I want to thank the JEA developer team for its effort !
Reviews: 6
Three times I install and start from scratch - even deleting Joomla and starting over again.

Three times it installs without problem but no upload icon for the images - no images => no good!!!

Support on their forum has been non-existant since mid-June on this subject.

Overall not a good start :(
Reviews: 3
Good structure overall. JEA gives a easy way to build good real estate web sites.
Reviews: 1
I like this, but I've been ask several times how to edit thumbnail view editing. I'd like get thumbnails to scroll horisontal under main picture.
I am just a beginner with coding and that's why I need help.
Otherwise component is simple, ecxelent and quick to use.
One note... 2.0 needs 5.3 php to use jpg pictures.
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