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Vik Rent Car ComponentModule

Robust and powerful vehicles rental system. Designed for Cars, Campers, Vans, Trailers, Scooters, Motorcycles, Limousine, Boats and other vehicles hiring services. Build your car rental website in just a few steps.

Vik Rent Car most important features:

Vehicles Categories (Van, Station Wagon, City Car, etc.)
Vehicles Information (images, details, description)
Vehicles Features (4 Doors, Air Conditioning, Manual, Automatic, etc.)
Vehicles Options Management (GPS, Ski Rack, Baby seat, etc.)
Options Pricing (daily price or fixed price to be added to the rental cost)
Pickup and Drop off Locations
Pickup and Drop off Location Fees or Discounts
Vehicles Availability Calendar
Vehicles Availability Search Module (front end)
Tax rates
Types of Price (insurance, kilometers etc. Daily Price, Weekly etc.)
Seasonal Prices (Charges or Discounts to be applied to the standard rental fares)
Special Prices for altering the prices in some days of the year (seasons, holidays, weekends)
Hourly Prices for rentals shorter than 24 hours
Extra Hours of Rental Fees
Online Orders with custom methods of payment
Vehicles Availability Calendar Management from the Admin Panel
Payment Framework that supports custom payment gateways
Paypal Payment Gateway
Moneybookers Payment Gateway AIM Payment Gateway
Other Methods of payment with ssl support (Bank Transfer, Offline Credit Card...)
Payment of the entire amount or order deposit
Customizable Html Order eMail
Invoice and/or Contract in PDF format can be sent by eMail (the PDF is customizable with a template file)
Search Statistics
Bookings Export in CSV format for software like Excel or OpenOffice
Bookings Export in ICS format for calendars like iCalendar, Hotmail, Outlook, Google Calendar etc.
Multi language Support (Joomfish and FaLang Content elements included)
Orders Overview
Custom Order Fields
Front-End Availability Calendar for Each Vehicle
Google Maps for Locations with markers placed in the given Latitude and Longitude
jQuery UI Datepicker Calendar for the dates selection

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Reviews: 1
I recently took over the maintenance of a clients website that had Vik Rent Car already installed. Finding my way around the programme was really simple except that my client wanted some customisation done. I had no clue but contacted the support team and they were absolutely amazing. I was completely blown away at the support they offered, going so far as to take the file I needed to change, making the changes for me and sending it back. Really over and above the usual support. 20/10 to you guys
Reviews: 1
I usually dont review extensions but this one. WOW.. I am really grateful that i did choose this as the system for my client. I did have a hard time to learn this but this was done, this is one of the best i have used.

Also, after a bunch of email form me to the support i was really surpised. They helped me all the way to get this to work, they even logged in on the backend to help.

Thanks s overy much.

And the extension, yes, this is a really really great extension!
Reviews: 3
Having just gone live with an online booking service for a client I am pleased to state that I took a chance on VikRentCar and the E4J team.
I prefer to customise as much as possible and the VikRentCar component and module pack made it relatively easy to do.
When I had a problem, and sought out some assistance from the E4J team, they could not have been more helpful if they tried. Outstanding service and support that I can't possibly praise enough without appearing insincere.
If you're looking for a rental/hire car plugin for your Joomla install - this is it. And if you don't use Joomla but need a rental car booking service - then install Joomla and this!
Reviews: 1
We have been using VikRentCAr Extension for about 1.5 years and have found it to be very solid. We recently had a problem which the support team dealt with amazingly FAST! VERY, VERY impressed!
Reviews: 2
I have bought this extension with installation support, everything was done in one day, everything works perfectly. I had few questions/bugs while learning program, they were always very helpful and fixed every issue. Believe me, very difficult to find such perfect service!!!!! Definitely great extension and best service!!!!!!
Reviews: 6
I usually hold back with any reviews here on JED.
But in this case I have to say, this component works as a charm. All the advertised bells and whistles work right away and the only problem i had was with some configuration of sh404sef to recognize the SEF URL's on my site.
The main component was easy to configure, but i was pulling my hairs out with the main reservation problem. But lucky me I found a very good support and after a few mails up and down (on a Sunday!!!!!) and a few small tweaks on the code everything runs as it should.
So, if you are looking for a rent-a-car script... don't look further. This component is worth every cent.
Thanks E4J. You surely made my day :)
Reviews: 1
Ok the component is very good... But the support not so much.. I asked for help creating a new payment method for my bank, using a redirection... The response was.. Sorry but we dont have time to help you or to create it for you. I didnt ask for it for free.. So if you cant help me who can?
Owner's reply

We are sorry you think our support is not so good but I wouldn't call that "support" as you were asking for custom work and you will understand that if our programmers are busy we can't tell you anything but to wait until we can help you. Also, there's a good documentation online that shows how to develop a custom payment gateway, I understand that if you are not a php programmer it is not easy for you but e4j is not the only one who can help you. A lot of our clients have been able to develop custom payment gateways for their banks by themselves. You just asked us during a busy time and we are sorry we couldn't help you right at the moment but support shouldn't be meant as custom work.

Reviews: 2
Very easy extension! very straight forward, I installed and started using with no major problems. Two little usage issues and support team responded promptly and effectively.
Reviews: 2
This is one great component for your rental bussiness. We have been looking for a component like this for ages and this is the perfect solution. It was easy to setup with the online tutorials and we also wanted to customise a few things and the support we got from E4J was awesome! Their answers were quick, efficient and they helped us with exactly what we wanted. Great work guys! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
I read the reviews here before I purchased the component. I was comparing them to a couple of other solutions, including more expensive solutions from website companies. I had already owned a car rental and was using another solution costing around 2000 EUR.

It is safe to say that I am very pleased. The component is easy to understand and set up and the functionality is pretty good for such a low cost option. There was one feature that I was missing and I asked them about it, they told me it will be made ready in the next upgrade.

But here comes the best part. The service is amazing. I have had a few questions and the answer has been there in my mailbox within a couple of hours. They are friendly and helpful and have solved all my issues.

Now I am running a perfect car rental website... and couldn't be more satisfied !
Reviews: 4
The component needs some tweaks if you need something more specific. It is great for a standard rent a car shop. The support however is simply outstanding! I am writing this review at 22:54 on a Sunday evening and I got a reply from the support 5 minutes ago (response time was something like 15 minutes) Now this is simply GREAT! Thank you guys! You do a great job! My money was well spent and I can recommend you by all means!
Reviews: 2
The extensions seems to be very good designed and programmed. No conflicts with any other extensions. And the support is perfect - very fast and right to the point of the problem. So it is worth every cent spent.
It works great with Joomla 3 and you do not have to have a car rental - bikes work as well ;-)
Reviews: 1
Great Component. Installed without a hitch, configuration is super easy, using the rental system was even easier. For me, what made buying this component really worth the excellent support! E4j support team are the best..quick to reply and just nails any issue (if any) spot-on!

Would recommend this component to anyone who would like a implement an online car rental biz without the headaches.

Thanks guys! keep up the excellent work!
Reviews: 3
Never boring for help )) everytime support, tahnk you so much...
Reviews: 1
Provides an impressive number of features, with great support. Very easy to set up and run. Still missing a couple of "like to have" features but updates are reasonably frequent
Reviews: 1
It is very important to sale a good product. The vik rent car extension is a great product. it satisfies all my needs. The poeple behind Vik make the difference. I was not known with Joomla but the gus helped me and installed the template on web. Thank you for excellent support.
Reviews: 1
I must admit that I am not a programmer or developer, I am a consultant on online marketing and I have recommended this component to a number of clients. The result is fantastic. Great tool that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to configure. But the most important is the quick and excellent support. Very efficient, the guys at support went beyond any of my expectations even when I needed to make some code changes to adapt the tool to one customer. Great job , surly the best Car Rental tool I ever tried and I would keep recommending it to people.
Reviews: 1
Many options, very easy for install and work with. Excellent support, answers in no time for any question.
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla and these guys went out of there way to help me out. Great support that went beyond expectations. No problem to work with them again and very happy with the Extension. The site now looks great and all good here! Recommended!
Reviews: 1
I am personally satisfied with this extension. When my client asked me a Rent a Car web site that would make online reservations I felt myself in a trouble. But after a simple search I found Vik Rent Car and, for my surprise, it did all I expected and more. My client is also very happy with the results he is getting. It is easy to intall and use. The support really works and I got the answers in a matter of minutes. So, if you are in the business of car rental, I highly recommend Vik Rent Car
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