TF Update TF Update

TF Update

By Tech Fry
Articles Display
With this Joomla module, you can automatically update modified date, published date or created date of Joomla articles, based on set frequency. This is useful for displaying Joomla articles automatically in chronological order. You can also mark articles as featured or not featured automatically....
Embed From Content to Websites Embed From Content to Websites

Embed From Content to Websites

By vag
Articles Sharing
Do you need to offer an EMBED option on your articles in order to be embed at other websites? That is your plugin. It enables an EMBED button where your website's visitors are able to embed your article - including Text and Images - at their websites and blogs....
OK Content Cards Panel OK Content Cards Panel

OK Content Cards Panel

By Alexander Green
Articles Display
This module displays the articles from one or more categories as the nice cards in vertical or horizontal mode. You can sort articles by date, hits, random or article order. It's fully customizable, has friendly interface and lot of options. Based on Joomla! Articles - Category module this module inherited all its features plus new features like: Vertical or Horizontal orientation Image source,...
Custom Tables Custom Tables

Custom Tables

By Joomla Boat
Tables & Lists
Custom Tables for Joomla. Create Tables, Fields. Use Layouts with Twig like language. Create forms with Content Construction functionality (depends on field type). Front-end tables with search functionality....
AwoCoupon AwoCoupon
Paid download


By Seyi Awofadeju
e-Commerce Integrations
AwoCoupon is your intelligent coupon and gift certificate solution plus it has EASY all over it! Easy to install, easy to use, easy to manage coupons and gift certificates... Compatible Shopping Carts Virtuemart (1.1.x to latest) Hikashop (1.5.x to latest) EShop (1.3.9 to latest) RedShop (1.1.x to latest) Professional Coupons Any type of coupons you can think of is possible! Percentage off,...
System - FavGDPR System - FavGDPR
Paid download

System - FavGDPR

By FavThemes
User Management
A collection of user friendly tools aimed to help your platform align with the most important GDPR rules....
Gif Player Gif Player

Gif Player

By Mostafa Shahiri
Authoring & Content
The Gif Player is a simple Joomla plugin for playing and stopping the GIF images. To use this plugin, you should provide two image files per each GIF image: 1) Main GIF image 2) Another image file with the same name of the main GIF file The second image is used for displaying the image before playing after stopping the GIF files and it is necessary to work this plugin. You should place the secon...
Store Pickup For Virtuemart Store Pickup For Virtuemart
Paid download

Store Pickup For Virtuemart

By AndyApp.Net
VirtueMart extensions
Store Pickup is a great Virtuemart extension for picking the ordered products from any store location. Many retailers want to allow Customers to purchase online before coming to a store and receive purchased products. If there is a chain of stores available, undoubtedly Customers will choose the nearest one as well as an appropriate time to arrive. Our extension will help your customers can select...
Alipay Payment Gateway For VirtueMart Alipay Payment Gateway For VirtueMart
Paid download

Alipay Payment Gateway For VirtueMart

By WebKul
VirtueMart extensions
Joomla VirtueMart Alipay Payment Gateway - Joomla VirtueMart Alipay payment gateway is a VirtueMart payment addon. This extension provides payment using "Alipay" which is a Chinese online payment solution established by Alibaba group. It can be used by all VirtueMart store owners to provide a simple and secure payment gateway to their buyers. The payment gateway includes sandbox and production mod...
JMG Google Maps DSGVO JMG Google Maps DSGVO
Paid download

JMG Google Maps DSGVO

By JooMega
Extensions Tools
JMG Google Maps DSGVO adds opt-in functionality to existing Google Maps components. The plugin detects the use of Google Maps on your website, informs about privacy and asks for the user's consent....
Slide Carrusel Slide Carrusel

Slide Carrusel

By Sergio Miguel
Sergo - Slide Carousel. Module for Joomla 3, slide to show interactive images and animated text, has all the capabilities of Bootstrap 3, completely responsive. Slide Carousel. Module to show images in joomla 3, works with the 3.x bootstrap libraries. Configuration: Use the parameters of the module Transition interval, control the time between each slide. Raising or lowering the transition spee...
ConveyThis ConveyThis


By ConveyThis Team
Automatic translations
Description ConveyThis Translate is the fastest and easiest way to translate your Joomla website into over 100 languages instantly! The installation process is really intuitive and will take no more than 2 minutes. You don't need any background in web development to start working with the extension and make your entire website multilingual. ConveyThis Translate automatically detects the conten...
Bible Verse Reftagger Bible Verse Reftagger

Bible Verse Reftagger

By Ed Hathaway
Bible Verse Reftagger v2.0.0 Convert Bible references into links with hover-preview Include references like 1 John 4:19 or Eph 2:8-9 on your site. Bible Verse Reftagger automatically tags them, creating tooltips that appear when a reader hovers over them. Adding Bible Verse Reftagger to your Joomla! website is easy. You have two Joomla! extensions to choose from. The Module or the Plugin. The ch...
CMSE Files CMSE Files

CMSE Files

Easily attach files to articles for download. This is a custom field plugin that will enable attachment of any file type as defined in the settings. It does NOT allow file upload! It merely reads from a defined directory where the files are located. However the files are placed in that directory is the concern of the user. Either FTP or the Joomla media manager. Features Download count File inf...
Simplify Registration Form, Remove Fields Simplify Registration Form, Remove Fields
Paid download

Simplify Registration Form, Remove Fields

By UkrSolution
User Management
✔ Remove unnecessary fields from Registration Form ✔ Allow users to login with Email instead of Username ✔ Get more registrations Remove not necessary fields from Registration Form Studies shows that each additional field on registration form decreases chance of user registration by 10% That’s why successful companies like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook tend to have small registration forms...
Product Label For VirtueMart Product Label For VirtueMart
Paid download

Product Label For VirtueMart

By WebKul
VirtueMart extensions
Joomla VirtueMart Product Label - Joomla VirtueMart Product Label is a component that gives a facility to a store owner to create different product labels for different promotional activities. These labels highlight the content of promotion which basically catches the eyes of the buyers, therefore, the session time of a buyer on your store increases and thus it will increase the probability of sa...
Easy Vimeo Videos Easy Vimeo Videos
Paid download

Easy Vimeo Videos

By JoomBoost
Multimedia Display
Easy Vimeo Videos Joomla module helps you to add Vimeo Videos to your Joomla! website easily and customize it. Main Features Many Vimeo Sources to select from (single video, user videos, channel videos, album videos and group videos) Support 4 layouts (default, vertical, grid and carousel) Ability to set items columns in desktop, tablet and phone (for carousel layout only) Choose the total of v...
Easy Youtube Videos Easy Youtube Videos
Paid download

Easy Youtube Videos

By JoomBoost
Multimedia Display
This Joomla Module let you add Youtube videos, channels and playlists easily inside your Joomla website. Main Features Many Youtube Sources to select (standard list, keywords, user videos, channel videos and playlist videos) Support 4 layouts (Default, Vertical, Grid and Carousel) Ability to set items columns in Desktop, Tablet and phone (for carousel layout) Choose the total of videos to displ...