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This JoomShoping plugin prevents adding the same product to the cart again and displaying a warning “This product is already added to your cart”. This feature might be useful for e-store that have lot of products with similar names. Everything is simple. No hacks, no settings. Just add or localise the warning message and let users to go on shopping.

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The No Duplicate Product in Cart for JoomShopping plugin can be used in e-commerce sites that have a bunch of products with similar names and you want to prevent increasing the quantity of the product, also it is useful for products that requires single sales without quantity (downloadable products, etc).

Open Graph for ZOO

Open Graph for ZOO

Paid download | Zoo extensions | NorrNext
2 reviews
Using this add-on you can implement Open Graph tags into ZOO content to make pages friendly to social networks, as a result when you post a link to the page in Facebook or Twitter, you’ll get rich object with image and other data. The package includes ZOO element and Joomla system plugin. You can configure default settings and set them up manually in element when edit ZOO article. Open Graph for ZOO includes ZOO element and Joomla system plugin and can be implemented into ZOO content as custom element. You can manually configure the following parameters (meta-data) of the element in content edit mode: - Article Title - Page Description - Author’s Twitter ID - Custom Image If some of the parameters are empty, the default settings will be applied from the system plugin. Features: - Set up Open Graph params via front-end when editing the article - Custom title and description for content item - Ability to assign a custom image to content item - Using default image if there is no custom image - Support of OpenGraph protocol for Twitter - Enter the Twitter account of website - Add Twitter account ID of content author - Easy implementation - Implementation of Facebook application ID - Ability to assign Facebook admins’ IDs to page - System requirements: - Joomla 3.0+ - ZOO 3.0+
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Google Maps Markers for ZOO

Google Maps Markers for ZOO

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1 review
This ZOO element adds great features of new Google Maps API inside of any ZOO content. Google Maps Markers for ZOO has wide settings and you can choose the type of the map, set up the control elements and add multiple markers. The element has a light-weight code and supports JSON. Google Maps Markers for ZOO element offers the usage of rich features of Google Maps API v3 and have rich settings, so you can easily configure the styles via back-end. Also you can use multiple markers via the same element and indicate important places on the map and manage them from the content edit mode. Google Maps Markers for ZOO is a lightweight element and supports responsive design, so it’s mobile friendly add-on which can be used to enrich your website made with ZOO 3.0+. Features: - Support of Google Maps v3 (latest version) - Map Types: Streetview, MapOverview - Add coordinates of a point through search mode on the map - Control: MapTypeControl, ScaleControl, ZoomControl, PanControl - JSON style support - Multiple markers per one element - Fully Mobile friendly view - Clean and light-weight code - Full control of Zoom mode and Scale element - Ability to include custom style - Cross-Browser support - Access levels for the element - Custom Title and description for markers - Easy configuration and customization - Static or Draggable mode - Mouse wheel control - External library size is just 32 Kb. Requirements: - Joomla 3.0+ - ZOO 3.0+

No Duplicate Product in Cart for JoomShopping

Last updated:
Mar 14 2017
Date added:
Mar 10 2017
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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