Online-Radar Online-Radar


By coolboy
Members lists
The widget displays the number of users on the site. A user is considered online if it is at least on one page. Widget sends information about the user's surfing to service. The service provides statistics of visits pages, rating of pages, statistics of using browsers and using search system by users also a sequence of transitions visitor. The widget has settings the appearance and various layout...
Yagendoo Power Slideshow Yagendoo Power Slideshow
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Yagendoo Power Slideshow

By Yagendoo Media GmbH
With the "Power Slideshow" Joomla! module, you can present different elements, including your shop products, in a beautiful slideshow anywhere on your website. Therefore different output layouts are available for you. Display shop products, Joomla! articles, videos, or images. Created slides can be edited any time. Automatically generates a slideshow out of an image directory. Display as: Boxed...
OSG Courts Reservation OSG Courts Reservation
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OSG Courts Reservation

By Open Source Group GmbH
Booking & Reservations
OSG Courts Reservation for Joomla is an online reservation and booking software for sports facilities, training courts and other objects like rooms, tables, boats, bicylces and much more. You can also use it for setting up appointments. The special feature: You can allow several groups for one unit, for example for basketball courts or dog places....
JE Messenger JE Messenger

JE Messenger

By Harmis Technology
100% MVC structure follow. User can send mail to joomla user. It includes attachment. User gets mail internally and externally. We put Ajax search. User can search receiver user mail address using his/her username. User can move received mail to any folder from any folder. User can forward and reply received mail. Deleted mail from inbox, outbox & drafts user can get it from trash. Setting tab...
Skyline Menu - Mootools MegaMenu for Skyline Menu Skyline Menu - Mootools MegaMenu for Skyline Menu
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Skyline Menu - Mootools MegaMenu for Skyline Menu

Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Mootools Mega Menu is a plugin of Menu Pro that turns navigating large websites issue into a piece of cake. It is written in native mootools and works almost the same as Mootools Dropdown Menu so you don't have to worry about javascript conflict. Mootools Mega Menu not only has fewer accessibility problems but makes many menu items visible at once with no scrolling steps. Besides, the mega menu...
Power Tabs Power Tabs
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Power Tabs

By JoomlaXTC / Monev Software LLC
Modules Panel
The Power Tabs Component and Module takes your website to the next level with tab-based animated slideshows of any kind. Set one or more displays using any image or Joomla! Content, or create amazing custom displays with videos, HTML/CSS or even other Joomla modules and animate them with several configurable effects. This is a brief list of Power Tabs features: Slides: Unlimited Slideshows with...
Weather for Jomsocial Weather for Jomsocial
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Weather for Jomsocial

By TechGasp
JomSocial Extensions
There are many weather extensions in Joomla extensions directory but none like Jomsocial Weather. Why?, Jomsocial Weather was specially designed to integrate flawless with Jomsocial templates. It installs as a Jomsocial plugin and can be published inside the main user content or wall, top sidebar or bottom sidebar of the template. Also a main feature is the usage of google weather API to retrieve...
PosterIP for AdsManager PosterIP for AdsManager

PosterIP for AdsManager

By ITechnoDev, LLC
AdsManager extensions
PosterIP is a specific plugin for AdsManager that keep track of the IP address of the Ads poster, now you can save the IP of your users during their Ads posting. It's easy, fast and useful. Plugin Setings: ★ No need for any settings Compatibility: ★ Joomla 2.5.x ★ Joomla 3.x ★ AdsManager 2.7.x ★ AdsManager 2.8.x ★ AdsManager 2.9.x ★ AdsManager 3.x.x...
Leader Board Leader Board
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Leader Board

Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Give boost to your community enthusiasm to participate on your website by displaying the leading members with Leader Board module. Leader Board module displays top point earners of the current and last week/month in tabs. The module can be customizable with Avatar support. Below are the features of the module: Points system required: CjBlog or Alpha User Points Avatars integration: CjBlog, Jo...
J Article Pro J Article Pro
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J Article Pro

By Md. Shaon Bahadur
Articles Display
J Article Pro allow you to display joomla article from different section and category as slider tab with social icon. Highly customizable module with jquery effect. Custom css allow to customize the look and feel of the slider tab. Major browser supported, Tested with FF,Opera,Chrom, Safari and IE. Category Selection Width Height Background Color Font Color Hover Color Title, Read more, Navigatio...
SJ Ajax Tabs for HikaShop SJ Ajax Tabs for HikaShop
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SJ Ajax Tabs for HikaShop

By SmartAddons
HikaShop extensions
SJ Ajax Tabs for HikaShop is now available with Joomla 2.5.x and 3.x. With powerful features supported by HikaShop component, SJ Ajax Tabs will play an essential role in catching attention of visitors when accessing your website. With 4 tabs position, you can pick up the preferred one to show your items. Categories is shown up as tabs placed in Top, Right, Bottom, Left position. In addition, you...
DM Social Stream DM Social Stream
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DM Social Stream

By Quirky Fox Labs / DM Digital
Social Display
DM Social Stream allows you to display your social streams all together creating an amazing wall with all your favorites contents! Features - It can display posts from Facebook, Twitter and Google+; - It avoids duplicate posts, so if you share the same link in different social networks, it will regroup all of them under an unique post; - It comes bundled with 2 preset Styles....
JKit JKit


By Xavier Pallicer
Content Construction
JKit is a multi-language CCK for Joomla. Better site organization, easy translations, content editing and image uploading. Functional content self-managing. JKit is a powerful extension we have developed to manage multi-langauge websites. JKit allows you to create better organized projects. As JKit items can have a direct translation, there's no need to create one article or module per language....
J-lite Carousel J-lite Carousel
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J-lite Carousel

By phpgods
J-lites Carousel can display your images into a carousel. It is compatible with joomla 3 and higher version. You can easily manage the slide in the module options. You can customize Carousel Size, Rotation Direction, Slider Speed etc. FEATURES : ✔ Responsive design.. ✔ Endless Sliding. ✔ Styled tooltips. ✔ More parameters. ✔ Accurate 3D perspective ✔ Better motion and effects....
J-lite Fancy Testimonial J-lite Fancy Testimonial
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J-lite Fancy Testimonial

By phpgods
Testimonials & Suggestions
Joomlaites Fancy Testimonial is customizable , responsive and supported by all latest browsers.Fancy Testimonials is compatable with Joomla 3.x .This extension is completely editable via module back-end display and shows testimonial by rows and two list columns on module. Key Features ✔ Fully Responsive ✔ Support Joomla 3.x ✔ Very easy to configure parameter. ✔ Beautiful design with 5 st...
HikaShop for JU Directory HikaShop for JU Directory
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HikaShop for JU Directory

By JoomUltra
Extensions Specific Non-sorted
HikaShop integrate with JU Directory Category of JU Directory can be integrated with one or many HikaShop products, so when user purchase one of these products, they can submit listing in this category. You can configure how many days user can submit listing since the purchase date, so HikaShop can work like a subscription system. The days can be configured in invidual category, and can be inher...
Menu extended Search for vRestaurant Menu extended Search for vRestaurant
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Menu extended Search for vRestaurant

By WDMtech
Food & Beverage
Menu extended Search module is based on vRestaurant component. You need vRestaurant to make it work. It allows you to search the Menu on the basis of a specific keyword with Ajax based Auto Complete Feature. You can also search Menu of a particular Cuisine and can apply various deep Filters like Veg/Non Veg and Price etc. Features & Benefits Ability to choose to show / hide Keyword Search. Abi...
Smart Search for AcyMailing Smart Search for AcyMailing

Smart Search for AcyMailing

By Acyba
Search Results
This plugin enables you to search within your AcyMailing newsletters with the Joomla Smart Search menu....