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CiviCRM User Synchronization for Joomla

By CB Team @ Joomlapolis
CiviCRM extensions
This plugin integrates the Joomla and/or Community Builder registration process with CiviCRM. Newly created Joomla website users (from Joomla or Community Builder frontend or backend) will be matched with existing CiviCRM contact(s) based on their email address. If no matching CiviCRM contact is found, a new one will be created and synchronized with the Joomla user. The plugin can also be configu...
CiviAuthenticate for CiviCRM CiviAuthenticate for CiviCRM

CiviAuthenticate for CiviCRM

By Brian Shaughnessy
CiviCRM extensions
CiviAuthenticate is a Joomla authentication plugin that can replace the core authentication plugin. It provides the following features: optionally restrict login access to users who have a membership in good standing (with options for defining what constitutes a current membership) redirect expired members to a menu item or CiviCRM contribution page when they attempt to login. if redirecting to...
CiviCRM for AcyMailing CiviCRM for AcyMailing
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CiviCRM for AcyMailing

By Acyba
CiviCRM extensions
This plugin enables you to insert events (one by one or by a selection on one or several categories) from CiviCRM in your AcyMailing Newsletters. You can also use this plugin to automatically include your upcoming events in an Auto-newsletter or a Newsletter. You can use this plugin to insert personal CiviCRM data in your AcyMailing Newsletters such as the user contact or address information. T...