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p8pbb comments p8pbb comments
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p8pbb comments

By AlterBrains
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Comment on Joomla! articles in phpBB forums. Auto-creating of phpBB topics for each Joomla! article with including/excluding certain sections or categories. Supports phpBB BBCodes and smilies. Completely AJAX-driven system. Works with MyBlog. Features: Auto-creating of phpBB topics from Joomla! articles with preserving of main HTML tags and images. Selecting which sections/categories to use/ski...
LastPhpBB3 LastPhpBB3


By Kazancev Andrey
Forum add-ons. Autonomous
LastPhpBB3 is a module for CMS Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. It displays list of recent posts or topics from forum on the site Features: *Sorting (by date of first or last message) *Displays themes from selected forum *Allows to exclude selected forums *Allows to select only new themes *Limit the number of outputed themes *Custom date and time format *Displays a fragment of messages *The ability to use di...
IPS Community Suite Recent Topics IPS Community Suite Recent Topics
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IPS Community Suite Recent Topics

By The Krotek
Forum add-ons. Autonomous
Fully customizable module, which displays recent topics from your IPS Community Suite (IP Board) based forum in Joomla. Works perfectly with all versions of IPS CS 4 and has a lot of options to play with. ★ FEATURES ★ Displays list of recently updated or created forum topics. Follows default forum layout, keeping all colors and functionality. Three different layouts: standard, native and co...