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Calculate! Health Calculate! Health
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Calculate! Health

By Zapus Consulting, LLC
Updated Version - Feb 2014 Bug fixes to improve template interactivity Description Calculate! Health is a set of 5 calculators in one module supporting several common and very useful health calculators for your website. It will help your site user with calculating the following: Completely revamped! Check out the new version of Calculate Health... a completely new look and more modern feel...
WomanCalendar WomanCalendar


By Joomrebirth
WomanCalendar is a component allowing women to define cycles fertilities and sex of the expected child. You must set : - Last Menstrual Date: Cycle Length Mentruation Length And click "go to calendar" to generate it !...
CjFit CjFit
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By corejoomla.com
CjFit is a community-driven fitness and wellness app for Joomla!. Fitbit integration with challenges, profiles, personal goals and more. Features: fitbit® Integration - CjFit lets you to integrate Fitbit API without needing a single line of code. We take care of doing complex background tasks, you just display your user's fitness data with a simple setup. - Install the app and enter Fitbit API...