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DM A/B Test DM A/B Test
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DM A/B Test

By Quirky Fox Labs / DM Digital
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DM A/B Test is a straight-simple Joomla component & module that allows webmasters to perform easy A/B module or article content testing on their site. Just create the test, write the 2 content versions to test, set the target checkpoint URLs and publish the module/plugin: DM A/B Test will split the 2 content versions among your visitors and keep track of their passage on the checkpoint URLs (for e...
Merka Merka


By Karel Mertens
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Add info before and or after each article. Info is only visible between set dates. My first plugin....
All In One Responsive Tab All In One Responsive Tab
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All In One Responsive Tab

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Show contents in Responsive Tab On the desktop(large screen), it will work as tab and in Mobiles(Small Screen) it will be converted to Accordion. Show content from your Articles or Article categories, Modules or custom data. Lightweight & easy to configure....