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By CMExtension
Short URL
CM Short URL is a Joomla! component for shortening URL, it also provides option to add Google Analytics tracking parameters to URL before shortening and option to log visits of shortened URLs. If your Joomla! ecommerce site has a long URL like this http://www.yourstore.com/shop/categories/sale-off/christmas-sale Why don't make it shorter like this before sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or foru...
Short URL for Content Short URL for Content

Short URL for Content

By Helios Ciancio
Short URL
Would you like to create shortened urls without using third party services? This plugin uses the component redirect to create shorten URLs to make them easier to share....
Profile URL Profile URL
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Profile URL

By Mike Feng
Short URL
ProfileURL allows your users to customize their own personal links/vanity URLs to various content specific to them on your website. It can be profiles, groups, pages, events, namecards, galleries, contests, various dashboards, etc Using a plugin system, you can integrate ANY extension with ProfileURL! Each plugin allows you to add an optional prefix to the URLs, allow your users to create permali...
CW Redirect CW Redirect
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CW Redirect

By Cory Webb
Short URL
CW Redirect enables you to create a simple redirect by creating a Joomla menu item. Redirect the user from yoursite.com/menu-item-alias to any link you choose. This component makes it easier than ever to redirect users from a URL on your site to any URL on the internet. Simply create a CW Redirect menu item, and CW Redirect turns that menu item into a 301 redirect to whatever URL you choose....