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Article-Generator Article-Generator
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By MCTrading
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Article-Generator is a SEO extension for Joomla, which automatically generates new articles with own keywords by pulling text from any feed-source you want, to help with SEO. It gives you the ability to set many different configurations for each feed-source. It keeps you’re site fresh and gives you’re visitors something to read and you have nothing to do. All is done by an cronjob - every 5 mi...
obGrabber obGrabber
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By foobla
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Are you looking for an Ultimate Tool to grab ANYTHING from outside and store it in ANY 3rd party Joomla! Extensions? obGrabber implements this mission out of box. ObGrabber is one of the best article generator Joomla extensions to grab / fetch anything from outside and store it in any 3rd party Joomla! Extensions, auto post from RSS feed to content article and Joomla RSS Aggregator extension. T...
qlwiki qlwiki


By Mareike Riegel
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Add qlwiki tag into article text. Via url parameter you can connect to a public wiki (e. g. wikipedia) or local wiki. E. g.: [qlwiki url=http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joomla] - of course with { instead of [. If you use a local, private wiki (with private user access), enter the url in qlwiki tag or simply use the default settings of plugin in backend. Every default setting can be overridden in...