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Abivia's SuperTable Plugin is designed to make your tabular data pop! SuperTable takes regular tabular data and turns it into a powerful and dynamic display in seconds.

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Latest Update

  • Major upgrade includes automatic row height adjustment, better responsive layout, RTL support, and more.

SuperTable Features

  • System plugin lets you put a SuperTable anywhere on your site.
  • Built-in CSS style library with presets and custom override to your own CSS file.
  • Each table can have its own class to support multiple styles on the same page.
  • See our web site for a tutorial and full feature documentation.

SuperTable is a plugin, not a module. It doesn't have a fancy user interface, but you can create regular tables in your WYSIWYG editor and use SuperTable markup to create great results. This also means you can put a table in an article, in a module, anywhere.

good module

Posted on 25 April 2018

nice function

Ease of use

very ease to use




Great Plugin!

Posted on 02 September 2014

Been searching for this for a while. Now that I found it, I will definitely not let go.

Thanks for a great FREE plugin that really works.


Posted on 14 November 2013

Plugin works, as expected and active tables look really cool, but you will have to work on it a little bit. It's great, that plugin generates no backlink in frontend.

Works as expected

Posted on 12 November 2013

Works as expected. for me, it is enough to make an extension an excellent one.

by the way.. I guess I will invest a few bucks and switch to the PRO. Need a tool to customize columns.

Also responsive. the solution I was looking for. Great to have a simple free solution: no need to buy the pro without try the basic functionality.

Brilliant plugin!

Posted on 10 July 2013

This is a great plugin. The tables I added to my client's site look really good and professional! The flexibility of the plugin allowed me to customize the tables to our particular needs and with a little bit of tweaking in the CSS, they look fantastic and matching the style of the website. I had a bit of an issue with the tables not displaying well at first, but this was due to a problem within my html tables. Thank you so much to the developers for this great extension!

This is a really good pluging , support is the great!! highly recomended!!!

Love these tables, and my site looks great too!!

one of the best

Posted on 21 November 2012

i took me a whole day to find this...plugin...thanks you guyz..i love this one..thanks


Posted on 12 November 2012

This is great! I too suffer from a serious lack of code knowledge but setting this Super Table up was as easy as 1 2 3... And the result is amazing. Well detailed documentation and so simple to use i haven't had to ask for support. Nice one!

great plugin

Posted on 11 October 2012

The best option for creating beautiful tables on the site.But there is a question to the developers, after updating to the latest version 1.6.0 have a problem with the display RSS. When you disable the plugin everything is OK. If enabled, RSS is not working.

Owner's reply: There have been a few reports of weird behaviour from the core in SuperTable 1.6. Please try 1.7.1 and if you still have trouble, post on our forums. The more information we have the better!


Posted on 30 September 2012

It took about 10 minutes from the point I went on their website to download the extension to creating a fully functioning table. Best part is I'm really bad at web design so this is absolutely the best for non-developers and developers alike. There are a few things I could see that would make this extension better but am impressed anyhow. Thank you developer!!

Owner's reply: Thank you for your kind words. We're always open to new ideas, suggestions, improvements, bug reports, the works. It's only through feedback that we know where to place our development efforts.

We'd love to hear your suggestions. You can use our contact form at abivia.net, post on our forums, or even send a Tweet!


Free | Social Display | Abivia Inc.
30 reviews
For support please visit our forums. Version 1.6.6 fixes several issues with version 1.6.5. Version 1.6.5 fixes a parse bug thanks to changes at Twitter and adds updater support for J2.5 and 3.x. Version 1.6.4 handles recent (spring 2014) changes with new Twitter profiles and tags. No Twitter key is required. Abivia's Multi-Twitter module lets you construct complex twitter searches, filter and edit the results, and display them the way you want. Multi-Twitter can perform multiple searches then merge the results into a single feed. Other Twitter modules simply help you build a search query. Multi-Twitter doesn't. We let you use Twitter search syntax and add value by handling the search results in an intelligent manner. Full release history and parameter documentation is available on the extension page.
Abivia SuperTable Pro

Abivia SuperTable Pro

Paid download | Tables & Lists | Abivia Inc.
6 reviews
Abivia's SuperTable Plugin is designed to make your database data pop! Latest update: * Major upgrade includes local and remote file data sources in CSV, JSON, and XML formats, automatic row height adjustment, better responsive layout, RTL support, and more. SuperTable Pro features: * System plugin lets you put a SuperTable anywhere on your site. * Built-in CSS style library with presets and custom override to your own CSS file. * Each table can have its own class or HTML id to support multiple styles on the same page. * Get data from any database supported by Joomla, local or remote. * Connects to both Joomla and non-Joomla databases. * Reads CSV, JSON, and XML files locally or via URL. * Offers powerful data formatting options. * Merge custom data (e.g. row or column headers) with database results to create hybrid tables. * Define named database connections and queries in plugin parameters to prevent accidental exposure of sensitive information.

Abivia SuperTable

Abivia Inc.
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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