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YU Alias system plugin automaticly sets alias as title in any Joomla extension (article, menu item, any 3rd party...) by converting ex-yu both latin and cyrillic accented characters into their unaccented ASCII equivalents:
š,đ,č,ć,ž,dž,ш,ђ,ч,ћ,ж -> s,dj,c,c,z,dz,s,dj,c,c,z

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Urls such asшта-ће-учинити-људи-кад-су-жедни

is transformed into more readable web form

Same goes for latin accended characters.

YU Alias system plugin automatski postavlja alias iz naslova **za bilo koju Jooma ekstenziju** (članak, meni stavku, bilo koju 3rd party ekstenyiju...) konvertujući akcentovane ex-yu latinične ili ćirilične karaktere u njihove neakcentovane ASCII ekvivalente: š,đ,č,ć,ž,dž,ш,ђ,ч,ћ,ж -> s,dj,c,c,z,dz,s,dj,c,c,z REZULTAT: Url-ovi kao na primerшта-ће-учинити-људи-кад-су-жедни se transformise u mnogo čitljiviju web formu Svi koji koriste ex-yu jezičke znake znaju šta ovo znači u formiranju adresa i koliko problema može da zada... Same goes for latin accended characters. *emphasized text*


Good functionality but not all cyrillic sybmols are processing, f.e. "я", "щ", so plugin generates sometimes incorrect aliases.

Ease of use

Very simple

Owner's reply: Yes, agreed for some cyrilic symbols (Russian at first). That's why it's called "YU", it reffers to ex-YU countries all using accented latin and cyrilic and all are symilar to each other. I presume next update will have it. Maybe even making your own custom set of characters and replacements. Thanks for your review!
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AC YU Alias

Last updated:
Sep 07 2015
Date added:
Sep 03 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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