Classified Ads

More than just a classifieds component. This extension allows you to create an online market place to allow your vendors/advertisers to sell their wares online without the expense of building and maintaining their own sites. Your vendors/advertisers can sell their items through your portal, they are paid directly and then deliver the items directly to their buyers or in the case of digital products can have them downloaded once their transactions have been completed.

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Versatile classifieds component, you can revise the list displays and the detail displays as you please without the need to make program changes. Go to our website to evaluate the demo, we will even make a demo admin available for you to see how easily the changes can be made.

The goal of this Classifieds Manager is to provide many configuration options to eliminate any custom programming that might be needed.

A complete Classified Ads/Market Place Manager with the following features:

  • upgraded to Joomla 3.0+ standards with drag and drop of images in front end

  • tutorial videos available to help installation, parameter setup and display layout.

  • versatile classifieds component to allow modification of list display and ad detail display. Webmaster now has control to position data fields anywhere they prefer. Hard coded/fixed locations of images/thumbnails, headline, description and every other field can now be placed at ones discretion. List columns can quickly be re-arranged, as well as the ad detail displays.

  • RSS feeds now available for all ads, ads of a specific category or ads of a specific ad owner

  • JomSocial and Community builder integration (free plug-in available).

  • comments for ads via jComments or Komento (free plug-in available)

  • Built in Google mapping, to the street address level. Allows getting directions for smartphone/tablet users on the go.

  • improved search algorithm

  • 2 payment features, PayPal and direct payment to administrator using smart phone card swipe technology.

  • Allows advertisers to create an ad with payments going directly to the advertiser.

  • Categories can be restricted for viewing and/or posting to certain groups or to a specific group, this allows for specific menus to only be seen by certain groups (such general public, registered users, dealers, wholesalers, etc.)

  • Individual fields can also be restricted to certain groups or a specific group to be viewed and/or posted.

  • Recurring/Subscription payment capability, defined globally or based on category.

  • Mulitple levels of sub-categories allowed.

  • Fees can be set at the field level (ie. charge for URL links, video links, etc.).

  • Embed YouTube videos within the ad.

  • Variable number of free and/or paid images per ad either globally or by category and/or sub-category.

  • with Featured Ads module installed can include featured items at top of lists and highlighted.

  • Up to 5 terms/durations and costs for each category and sub-c

not good, not bad

Posted on 24 December 2013
The component works, but it looks very dated and cluttered. Functionality is ok, but lacks

some standard features. Support is ok but slow, i used mainly the forum and i had to make

some patches myself. Documentation lacks

Excellent extension

Posted on 11 September 2013
Great classifieds manager. Nice to be able to easily change the listing and detail displays without needing to alter code. Questions are answered in a timely manner. I highly recommend this product and the developer.
A perfect component for my requirement and very good value for money. Excellent, speedy and friendly support from Emil.


Awesome Developer!

Posted on 13 January 2013
I have been using Classifieds Redux, Adsmanager, and a few other classifieds components for multiple joomla websites. I believe Adsmanager and Redux are the best out there for Joomla sites (I've tried many)

When I first started using Classifieds Redux, it had some minor hiccups, however the developer quickly fixed them and listens to recommendations. The software seems to be updated regularly with enhancements and improvements and rocks!

The developer is very active with always making this component better and better, so much so, that it's not my favorite Classifieds component for Joomla.

Although it looks and operates in a similar way as Adsmanager, it does things and has more features that Adsmanager doesn't have and the developer is always adding more and improving it on a more regular basis! The support is also awesome (rarely have to wait more than 24 hours for help).

Having savvy and dependable support is an absolute and the ability to customize this component to meet various site needs is awesome! Great job!

If anyone has a problem with this component, I feel that haven't learned how to use the component or simply didn't ask for support. The support and the current version of this component surpasses others by a mile that I've used!

Works but..

Posted on 30 December 2012
Component installs all right, but is quite basic for a classifieds script. Everything payment related is at a basic level, and i needed a lot of custom work to have a full functioning ads website. I think it's ok for a hobby project, but needs more to be on a commercial website.
I spent a lot of time emailing with the developer before I even purchased. He was very kind and helpful in answering all of my questions. There are quite a few options in the setup, and the component is very capable. If someone were to give this a negative review based on its ability, it is likely they did not spend any time reading the documentation. The web forum on the developer's site always has a quick response on a question, and I have been happy with the component. If you are looking for a classified ads component, this should fit the bill.

Great Classified Solution

Posted on 16 October 2012
I have tried many classified solutions for Joomla over the last few years and after spending two years trying to get another component to even work with absolutely no help from the developer (JoomListings). I decided to upgrade to a new extension and after viewing the available components Classified Redux stood out. I purchased it and had a fully working site up in a day. I now am converting visitors to paid users.

Support is really fantastic, the developer is very quick to respond to any problems that may occur.

This extension will work great for a Joomla novice or a seasoned Joomla expert.

I highly recommend this extension.
Great classifieds management system, many features that others lack and terrific support. We have been using Emil's product for over a year now, it replaced an old version of Joom listings. Improvements are constantly made available. Any questions are always answered in a timely fashion.

Could be better

Posted on 19 August 2012
I am currently testing several classifeld components to create a new website. This software has good point but they are things to rework: very old template, payment options are limited, renew system is not enough elaborate,.... Good me a base for a website, but will require lot of custom dev
Owner's reply: Terrible review from an unknown individual. I checked my records and couldn't find anyone that purchased my product with this user's id. If they did then I don't believe they have contacted me regarding problems. I am more than happy to resolve any issues, but can't if they don't come forward.
There is constant upgrades/added features being added!

Works as Described, So many bells/whistles.

Great Module! Great Support!

Worth the $$!
Featured ADs for ADsManager
Paid download

Featured ADs for ADsManager

By Emil I Bohach
AdsManager extensions
This module adds a scrolling/non-scrolling 'Featured Items' section to your website for your Classified ADs component. If a user wishes to be included in the Featured AD section they can automatically post a payment via Paypal for the term of their choosing (15 days/$5, 30 days/$10, 60 days/$15, Etc.). The terms and amounts can be set in the Admin back end. The features of this module are: You c...


By Emil I Bohach
Admin Navigation
Creates a link, in the admin status area, to your web sites Control Panel, not to be confused with your Joomla control panel, for quick access. 4 steps to implement. Set the position of the module to status. Set the URL of your web hosts control panel (the default shows how most Control Panels can be accessed). Determine which users can view/access the links. Publish a...
Bad Bot and IP Blocker
Paid download

Bad Bot and IP Blocker

By Emil I Bohach
Site Access
A firewall plugin to allow only good robots/crawlers/spiders and browsers. Self builds a blacklist of rejected IP's, no need to download or upgrade someone's blacklist. Proven results, one customer was getting over 3,000 hits daily, mostly from bad bots and crawlers, after 3 months they are now getting about 700 daily. Reduced the excess bandwidth and kept them from having to upgrade to a dedic...


By Emil I Bohach
Admin Performance
The module phpSyntaxCheck will place a link on your admin status bar to a PHP syntax checker to allow you to track down those annoying little typos. 4 steps to implement. Set the position of the module to status. Set the URL of a php syntax checker or just leave the pre-filled one. Determine allowed viewers/users of this link. Publish and save it. The phpSyntaxCheck link should now appear in t...


By Emil I Bohach
Admin Navigation
myLinks is a webmaster tool that combines myCPanelLink, phpMyAdmin and phpSyntaxCheck. This was setup specifically for Joomla 3.0 because they now enclose each module within a DIV section, needlessly adding newlines. By combining these 3 it eliminates this issue. You can selectively decide which ones you do or do not want to appear. This will function just the same with Joomla 2.5 This module w...
Classifieds Redux ads for jComments

Classifieds Redux ads for jComments

By Emil I Bohach
Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Simple plugin file to allow comments for ads using the jcomments component. For Joomla 2.5/3.0. This plugin file comclassifiedsredux.plugin.php must be copied to /your websiteroot/components/com_jcomments/plugins/ No other installation required. Upgraded for Joomla 3.3....
Classifieds Redux ads tab for Community Builder

Classifieds Redux ads tab for Community Builder

By Emil I Bohach
Community Builder extensions
This is a plugin for Community Builder that will add a tab to a registered users profile page with all of their Classifieds Redux ads. You need to have version 2.9.6 or greater, of Classifieds Redux, for this to work. To install it you must access the Community Builder plugins tab in the back end administrator area. From there you can install the plugin. Do not try to install it via the Classif...
Classifieds Redux ads for Komento

Classifieds Redux ads for Komento

By Emil I Bohach
Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Simple plugin file to allow comments for ads using the komento component. For Joomla 2.5/3.0. This plugin file comclassifiedsredux.plugin.php must be copied to /your websiteroot/components/comkomento/komentoplugins/ No other installation or modifications required....

Classifieds Redux

Emil I Bohach
Last updated:
Sep 06 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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