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The most advanced facebook like box is here and this Facebook like box is completely free.

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The advanced Facebook Likebox widget is an efficient tool compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x versions.

This Widget can be customized as per individual preferences as the Facebook Likebox comes with an option to create a custom facebook likebox area on your website.

Advanced Custom Facebook Likebox Widget module is easy to use and offers some custom backgrounds for the Likebox. You can show your own customized background under your facebook likebox. Therefore, the features available in the advanced Facebook Likebox are hard to find in any other tool that facilitates custom area on your website.

Use our module (Advanced Facebook Like Box) and you will see that you able to do lots stuffs with facebook likebox which never been possible with other Modules.

Our Advanced Options will let you customize:

  • Facebook Like Box Page URL: Facebook Page URL. It works for only Facebook Page. Won't work if you put your Facebook Profile URL, Facebook Group URL or your Facebook Event URL.

  • Facebook Like Box Custom Width : Your Facebook Like Box Width. Integer value in pixel.

  • Facebook Like Box Custom Height : Your Facebook Like Box Height. Integer value in pixel.

  • Facebook Show Stream: Opt-in Facebook Show Stream.

  • Facebook Like Box Background Color.

  • Facebook "Show Header" Option : Opt-in Facebook Header Display.

  • Facebook Like Box "Padding" area.

  • Facebook Like Box "Radius" area.

  • Facebook Like Box "Border".

  • Facebook Like Box "Border Color"

And many more options we're deploying every day.

Facebook is widely acclaimed as one of the best online, social networking interfaces to ever grace the web.

With Facebook Like box you can easily build your business. Start marketing your product or your service directly on facebook. Facebook viewers will like your page directly from your website. Facebook is right now top choice to market a product and facebook fan followers can easily notice your new products. This type of the Facebook page is accompanied by numerous benefits. Many people frequently use Facebook, remaining logged in to check their status updates, news feeds, comments, etc.

Facebook has harnessed an unparalleled level of popularity. Millions of people actively engage in Facebook every day, by simply utilizing their computers, tablets, or mobile phones-all of which are optimized for Facebook use.

We have very active support who is available for any of your quick question about our developed modules.

We appreciate any kind of reviews from you. Use it and share with us your experience must :)

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1.0.0 - Stable Version Release - Advanced Custom Facebook Likebox Widget. Best Facebook Page Likebox to Display Facebook Page
1.0.1 - Facebook Script Update, Various Facebook Updates
1.0.2 - Added new feature from Facebook. Can put Facebook Width, Facebook Height, More customize options.
1.0.3 - Default XML values - example "Facebook URL, Facebook Default Width or Facebook, Height etcs'
1.0.4 - More Facebook Options Added.
1.0.5 - More Facebook Options Added.
1.0.5 - Bug Fix
1.0.7 - More Facebook Options Added.
1.0.8 - More Facebook Options Added.
1.0.9 - Facebook Page Likebox Discontinued alert added on XML file.
2.0.0 - Converted Facebook Page Like Box to Facebook Page Plugin as Facebook stopped supporting the old Facebook Page
2.0.1 - Added more Facebook Cool feature.
2.0.2 - Bug fix and feature like Facebook Message, Facebook Call to action Button


Works as intended. I like the ability to customize the look and feel

Ease of use

Installing and configuring was very easy


Documentation is OK. But there is no mentioning of the "sneaky" link to a commercial website on the bottomright of the module once published

Cool custom settings

Posted on 20 September 2014

I love its cool themes and the amazing settings that can change the appearance of it. This widget saved me from being stuck with a boring look and I just love it.


Posted on 26 July 2014

This awesome straight forward and very easy to access i think this is very creative.. i like it.


Posted on 15 June 2014

The yellow icon color just take my attention. I don’t want to use it as it have only one feedback but still I have somehow manage to install this free extension and this extension blow my mind away. This might be one of the best free extension I have ever used. Lots of customize option to play with. Recommended!!

Owner's reply: thanks~!

Very good module. They just should include a field to change the language. But the module still works fine.

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Advanced Custom Facebook Likebox Widget

Ved Malia
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Aug 20 2016
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Nov 19 2014
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