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This extension is designed to create categorized directories of data, each category may have own data structure.

Data type fields designed as Joomla! plug-ins, so they could be developed adittionally or reworked to meet your needs

As for now there are developed such fields types: text, textarea (with simple texts version control), checkbox, dictionary (database driven select/checkbox/radiobutton field) with parent-child dictionary connection, radiobutton, select, color, date, file (with files version control), image, images gallery, location(with google map), price (with currency dictionary), video

Child categories inherit parent categories fields set
Fields collected into tabs
Firstly, you need to configure your fields tabs, fields list - both is global and can be used for any category. Also, there you can configure with which view is used this field. There are table, list, search, admin list and detailed views defined.

Then, you need to configure your categories structure, attach needed fields to each category.
You are able now to change front-end product category templates for the list, table and one product layouts.
Also, there is exists front-end advert management, everyone can see and manage their own records.

This is so well thought through, yet so simple. It is so flexible that I cannot imagine what you wouldnt be able to manage in a repository.
Ease of use
Very easy, very simple
It's intuitive, but some fields seem not to function, or I missed it.Documentation might help out.
I used this to: A software app repository, containing downloads for different versions of devices, and different versions of OS.

Works as a charm.

Making fields obligatry doesn't seem to wrk, neither do 'placeholders' (Defaults??)
Missing a "(hyper)link" field type

Jest całkiem OK

Posted on 19 March 2017
Spokojnie może zastąpić Sobi.
Ease of use
Nie jest trudniejsze od Sobi.
Ciężko się nieraz skontaktować z autorem ale reaguje na sugestie i zgłoszenia.
Raczej skromna ale też nie bardzo potrzebna.
I used this to: U?ywam tego w czym? w rodzaju bazy danych i dobrze si? sprawdza, kiedy? u?ywa?em SOBI ale tu mog? u?y? darmowo to co w Sobi trzeba kupi?.

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Grigoriy Palchikovskiy
Last updated:
May 24 2017
Date added:
Mar 29 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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