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Set Up Flexible Parallax Animations Sections in Just Seconds: Create amazing parallax animations sections on your website with total ease. Select an image, add overlay texts, modules (any module). Insert shaders, set the parallax's ratio, direction, style and many more options. Boost your website's look and feel with aikon Easy Parallax today.

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A Must-Have Joomla! extension.

We're sure you've seen this before and got excited, right? Well, now you are able to do this all by yourself. With this super-fast and super-easy module you can get awesome parallax sections with absolutely no need for even a single line of code. Pretty cool, huh?

Key Features:

• Add Custom Content

• Add Custom Modules

• Force Full Width / Height

• Auto Responsive

• Works with K2, Virtuemart, EasyBlog, COM_CONTENT and more

• Works with Helix, T3, Gantry, Artisteer, Yootheme, Wrap and more

• Support PHP7

• Stellar & Parallax Engines

• Shading Options

• Works Out of the Box

• Browser Smooth Scroll

• RTL Support

• Highly Customizable

Setting Up in Seconds, Super-Easy Admin Interface.

We work hard so that you can have an admin interface that is truly easy to use and configure. Inside, you'll find all the features you need for setting up great-looking designs, powerful functionality features and much much more.

Using our specially-designed interface, you can also add or change the features in your extension - wherever, whenever and however you want. It's not just easy. It's fun!

Find out more at:


Version 1.1


Version 1.2

Added many styling options
Fixed background image not showing on mobile

Version 1.3

Improved performance on mobile
added force full width feature
added dynamic height option

Version 1.4

Added mobile override for the image
Added mobile override for other behaviours
Added auto font resizing on mobile

Version 1.5

More control of image placement
Changing background image for mobile only is now possible
Added option of unloading in mobile
bugfixes from previous version

Version 1.6

Parallax engine can now be changed to Stellar.js
Horizontal centering of the background image itself is now possible.
Performance improved significantly
Bug fixes

Version 1.6.4

Fixed issue where the background image would sometimes display incorrectly on landscape mode in some iPad devices.

No support

Posted on 17 July 2018
Non Functioning
Ease of use
Does not work. I was told it was the template. The maker of the template checked, the maker of other extensions checked. Terrible product
There is no support whatsoever . I have been emailing for one year and have no decided to rebuild the site which will cost 20k
Doesn't help resolve anything
Value for money
Waste of this money
I used this to: A website.

With an exception

Posted on 04 July 2018
Everything works fine - with an EXCEPTION ! Still doesn't work on iPads in landscape mode.
Ease of use
Nice and friendly
Very good
Value for money

Exactly what is needed!

Posted on 11 April 2018
Works fine in all browsers. Particularly pleased with the work in Microsoft Edge. Compared to other plug-ins this great attention.
Ease of use
A logical and intuitive setting. It takes 10-15 minutes to setup
Developers are interested in ensuring that their program is of high quality.
Detailed and clear documentation. Practically it is not required. The plugin setup is very simple and takes 10-15 minutes
Value for money
Acceptable price
I used this to: For building a beautiful effect fo background image

Great Product !

Posted on 17 June 2017
This extension works fantastic and improves the appearance of every image-based website by an appealing design add-on
Ease of use
Input boxes are self-explanatory. Modules can be configured within one minute
Fantastic ! The support responses fast, is very friendly, professional and really cares for working out a solution.
Not needed. The extension is mainly self-explanatory
Value for money
Very good price-performance-ratio

Nice job!

Posted on 05 December 2016
Outstanding. Except, across the board, Internet Explorer does not support smooth scrolling parallax effect. So this is a limitation.
Ease of use
Also outstanding. Intuitive controls are very easy to configure. Fun to play around with.
Prompt and helpful. Shir got back to me almost immediately - on a Saturday!
Much better than average. And there isn't much need for it.
Value for money
Satisfied with value.
I used this to: Homepages

Great Add-On for Websites

Posted on 29 September 2016
Works out of the box. Just hoping for a future version where module can be placed in the parallax layer instead of just a background image.
Ease of use
Very easy to configure.
Fast and reliable support.
Didn't nee to use it.
Value for money
Just perfect.
I used this to: Improving aesthetic effects of our websites.
Owner's reply: You can insert a module on this version =]

Please contact our support if you couldn't figure it out from the docs.

Thanks for the great review!
Makes my websites look great!
Ease of use
Dead easy to install and use.
I had several issues with the extension that were happily solved by the team at Aikon.
Value for money
Cheaper if bought with the bundle of software.
Delivers all what it adverts !
Ease of use
Really easy with clear control panel
Had some trouble with some personal jquery script conflict. Support solved it right away !
Clear and very well done
Value for money
Go for it !
I used this to: Many web sites I'm running.

Nice product

Posted on 24 January 2016
Working without any problem
Ease of use
Easy to setup.
Very friendly
Value for money
I am very satisfied with it.

Great Module

Posted on 18 January 2016
Worked beautifully.
Ease of use
Vert easy to use
Email for help, got answer right way.
Very Good.
Value for money
Worth every penny.
I used this to: I use it for many websites. Love it.
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aikon Easy Parallax

aikon CMS
Last updated:
Aug 17 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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