The ALL_WEBLINKS extension is made to fix some short comings in the default Joomla! component.

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With this extension you can show links in various layouts, Show all categories in one page, or specify which ones to show, display if a link is new, show the description as a tool-tip or below the links, Display the category description below the link, Hide the category title.

The extension comes in 2 flavours:
1. A plug-in
2. A module
With the PLUGIN and MODULE you should still use the weblinks component to manage your weblinks.

You can choose to use either one or both extensions

1.: Plugin[Development by my]:
You should use the plugin if you want to show weblinks in the content position.
The plugin V3 can also show the links in Tabs or Slider layout

HOW TO setup the [more links] option please read this WIKI:

2.: Module[further development by Carsten Schneider]:
You should use the module if you want to show weblinks in a module position.
The module can also collapse categories
Module also available foir Joomla V3 (thx to Carsten S)


OK. I wanted to show Joomla Weblinks (a whole category of links) part way through an article. I had to amend code to make plugin work.

Ease of use

Easy to use. I will attempt to post my fix to plugin on develop website link in next section


Fix: http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/allweblinks/forum/?_forum_action=ForumMessageBrowse&thread_id=25140&action=ForumBrowse&forum_id=14691


Basic but it is a simple plugin, so not much needed.

I used this to: Displaying category of weblinks. I can't believe there are so few plugins that build on Joomla Weblink components.

This is bad

Posted on 01 December 2015

Zip. I installed the plug-in, enabled it and my website was only a white screen. When I tried to disable the plugin, another white screen

Ease of use



Didn't even try


Didn't even try

I used this to: Not

Can't logon anymore

Posted on 16 February 2015
Ease of use

Very easy to use


By plg_content_allweblinksV5.0.0a.zip I get the V4.0.7 and not V5.0.0. And this doesnt work with J3x.

Ease of use

I used the module for some years and was now relaunching the site. I have to use the plugin now, but still easy, flexible and with all the features needed in the sidebar.

Owner's reply: Hi Carsten created a Joomla 3.x version for the Module please check it out

Awesome little app

Posted on 11 November 2013

I wish I had implemented on my own site (and shall later). I wanted something less generic for my volunteer site and this app takes care of it!

There are so few options in this category and how nice that the one that stands out is FREE!

Thanks developer!

Very good solution

Posted on 06 November 2013

Really what I was expected.

A very good idea to turn the weblink component into blog or colunn presentation.

Very simple to use and also usefull for a community who wants publish resources.

Good Job !

It's okay

Posted on 10 June 2013

Well, the output-markup is quite bad (what am I supposed to do with all those -elements without classes?) and there are very few css-classes for custom layout but it works out okay. It's a useful enhancement on the Joomla standard weblinks component.

Brings weblinks to life

Posted on 09 February 2013

If you want weblinks section on your site - try this extension. It greatly extend native Joomla weblinks component and gives many styles and options for presenting.

Works as expected

Posted on 15 November 2012

Works ok, but it obfuscates the links (href is an internal script), and the CSS can't easily be overwritten. Of course, Joomla's built-in tool is completely useless compared to this.

All Weblinks

John Bekker / Carsten Schneider
Date added:
Jun 25 2007
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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