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Audio player module with a playlist and the ability to place as many copies on each page. Fast loading does not create a load on the server. Compressed JS code. Adjust the color scheme to the look of your website. Use images for each track. Publish your albums or create your own playlists. Convenient, functional and does not take place - perhaps the best solution for your site!

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Upload the mp3 file to your server via FTP or any file Manager and enter the path to it in a specific field. You can also specify the path to third-party servers where files are public and have an mp3 extension. Upload up to a hundred tracks in one playlist.


  • Track images.
  • Change the order of tracks by dragging.
  • AutoPlay audio.
  • Select player template.
  • Select playlist template.
  • Customize the color scheme.
  • Notifications in the browser (requires SSL / HTTPS).
  • Track name on the browser tab.
  • Does not require flash player.
  • Works in most browsers.
  • Adaptable to all devices
  • Does not display copyright and author links.


  • If you already have AM HTML 5 AUDIO Lite version. Remove it and then install AMHTML5AUDIO PRO.
  • For some Joomla templates, you may need to adjust CSS styles.Download up to a hundred tracks in one playlist.

Модуль аудио плеера с плейлистом и возможностью размещать сколько угодно экземпляров на каждой странице. Быстрая загрузка не создает нагрузки на сервер. Сжатый код JS. Настраивайте цветовую схему под внешний вид вашего сайта. Используйте изображения для каждого трека. Публикуйте ваши альбомы или создавайте собственные плейлисты. Удобный, функциональный и не занимающий место - пожалуй лучшее решение для вашего сайта!

Загрузите mp3-файл на ваш сервер через FTP или любой файловый менеджер и введите путь к нему в определенном поле. Вы также можете указать путь к сторонним серверам, где файлы являются общедоступными и имеют mp3-расширение. Загружайте до ста треков в один плейлист.


  • Изображения треков.
  • Изменение порядка треков перетаскиванием.
  • Автозапуск аудио.
  • Выбор шаблона плеера.
  • Выбор шаблона плейлиста.
  • Настройка цветовой схемы.
  • Уведомления в браузере (требуется SSL / HTTPS).
  • Название трека на вкладке браузера.
  • Не требует flash player.
  • Работает в большинстве браузерах.
  • Адаптивен ко всем устройствам
  • Не отображает копирайт и авторские ссылки.


  • Если у вас уже установлена версия AMHTML5AUDIO Lite. Удалите её, а потом установите AMHTML5AUDIO PRO.
  • Для некоторых шаблонов Joomla возможно потребуется коррекция стилей CSS.
AM Quick Sale

AM Quick Sale

Paid download | e-Commerce | ArenaM
3 4 Alpha
1 review
AM Quick Sale It is a package consisting of a component and a plugin. In the bundle, they allow you to add to any content button selling files via PayPal. Your customers will be able to receive files immediately after payment. Also implemented a free download and donation. The main advantage of Quick Sale is the ability to sell files not only to one seller, but also to his friends and family. Everyone with sufficient rights can upload and sell files making a profit in his PayPal account. Also, one user can have many different PayPal accounts. All PayPal credentials (API Username, API Password and API Signature) are stored in encrypted form and are not available to other users even SuperUser. All your files are stored in a separate folder and are not available to other users. AM Quick Sale - fast payment and instant download of files after payment. Capability: - PayPal Express Checkout. - Free download files / Donation. - Instant download. - Many different credentials of the sellers. - PayPal Data encryption. - File name encryption. - PayPal Sandbox and Live for each product. - Fixed and percent tax. - Logging for debugging. Tested PHP 7.2, Joomla 3.8.8 and Joomla 4 Supported file types: - Audio: mp3, wav, wma, aac, ape, flac, ogg, etc. - Video: mp4, avi, mov, flv, mkv, mpg, mpeg, rmvb, etc. - Document: pdf, word, ppt, excel, etc. - Other: zip, rar, 7zip, psd, ai, etc. Currencies: "Australian Dollar" ="AUD" "Brazilian Real" ="BRL" "Canadian Dollar " ="CAD" "Czech Koruna" ="CZK" "Danish Krone" ="DKK" "Euro" ="EUR" "Hong Kong Dollar" ="HKD" "Hungarian Forint" ="HUF" "Israeli New Sheqel" ="ILS" "Japanese Yen" ="JPY" "Malaysian Ringgit" ="MYR" "Mexican Peso" ="MXN" "Norwegian Krone" ="NOK" "New Zealand Dollar"="NZD" "Philippine Peso" ="PHP" "Polish Zloty" ="PLN" "Pound Sterling" ="GBP" "Russian Ruble" ="RUB" "Singapore Dollar" ="SGD" "Swedish Krona" ="SEK" "Swiss Franc" ="CHF" "Taiwan New Dollar" ="TWD" "Thai Baht" ="THB" "Turkish Lira" = "TRY" "U.S. Dollar" ="USD"
c p
AM HTML5Player

AM HTML5Player

Paid download | Multimedia Players | ArenaM
3 4 Alpha
0 reviews
AMHTML5AUDIO This is an audio player module with a playlist. The player has two types of display. Fixed at the bottom of the browser window and always remains in the visible part when scrolling the page. And standard, it is displayed in the position where it was located. The playlist is hidden and is called when the player button is pressed. Has a full-screen view that is convenient when used on different devices. In the settings, you can also specify autostart audio when the page is loaded. Is able to display notifications in the browser when changing the track with its own image and track name (requires SSL / HTTPS). The track name in the browser tab. The module is extremely simple to use and does not require special knowledge. Download the mp3 file to your server via FTP or any file manager and enter the path to it in a specific field. You can also specify the path to the third-party servers where the files are publicly available and have mp3 extensions. Autoplay options Selecting the position of the player Selecting the position of the playlist Notifications in the browser (requires SSL / HTTPS) The track name in the browser tab No copyright, and author links Language: English, Russian

Am Html5 Audio Pro Player

Last updated:
Jun 12 2018
Date added:
May 20 2018
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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