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King Content is a comprehensive Joomla CCK solution for you to create feature rich content site. It helps to build any kind of content site: news/magazine, blog, catalog, portfolio,... easily, professional with many powerful and flexible features.
Content is King, build your awesome content site today with King Content CCK, easier and faster than ever!!!

Fully compatible with Joomla 3.9 and PHP7
100% Free for any purpose of use, you can include King Content to your own commercial templates, products,...
✔ Migration tools to migrate from Joomla Content ➤ King Content, K2 ➤ King Content
✔ Responsive design
✔ Smart template manager, responsive with Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 2, mobile ready, overridable and easily to create new beautiful one.
✔ User friendly interface
✔ High performance, Running Fast, Fully optimized, Your site will run faster than ever - Tested with big content site has 100K articles(each article has 45 core fields + 11 extra fields), total 04 field groups, 78 fields(45 core fields + 33 extra fields), 1.25M field values and 500K comments
✔ Nested category
✔ Joomla ACL support, you can control who can submit, manage the article at the front-end based on user group
✔ Article can be assigned to one or many categories
✔ Each article has it own images, gallery (build-in feature)
✔ Unlimited field group, one field group can be assigned to many categories and is inherited by sub-categories by default
✔ Unlimited extra fields
✔ Powerful field manager, build-in 10 field types: captcha, checkboxes, date time, dropdown list, freetext, link, multi select, radio, text, textarea(editor), easily to create new one and can be installed more via plugin manager.
✔ Field validation, predefined values, default value, auto complete, tag search
✔ Access level, ACL Permission can be configured in each field(Submit, Edit, Edit own, Search), you can do any kind of restriction you want based on each field with this kind of permission
✔ Build-in comment system
✔ Ajax rating
✔ Tags support
✔ Related articles
✔ Automatic image resize with flexible config options
✔ Language manager
✔ Backend Top List statistic
✔ Front-end submission
✔ Support Joomla breadcrumbs
✔ Strongly SEO support, meta data can be overridden, SEF alias can be configured, microdata support
✔ Submission Chart
✔ Advanced backend restriction to restrict access a part of back-end manager to each user group
✔ Extendable via plugins
✔ Tons of settings in global config to make the system suite you needs
✔ And much more...

What can i say, PERFECT for content site, i love the idea of multi-category per article, it saves us from duplicating the articles.
Ease of use
Very easy and straightforward
I used this to: Magazine site.
I can not imagine how many effort they spend to develop this great extension, and it's FREE, unbelievable. Thank for JoomUltra for another excellent extension!

Pretty Good

Posted on 31 March 2016
Everything is good just what I like, and free!
Ease of use
Although it's very lovely, it's missing a documentation on how to template.
Unfortunately, NO documentation for how it works and how to create and override templates. Hope to see a how-to video soon.
I used this to: Download site for a particular game content
Owner's reply: You can override the template directly in component, we have template manager in the component.
Or by Joomla way, copy template you want to override to: templates\[template_folder]\html\com_jucontent\
And use our forum to get help if you have any question.

Love this extension

Posted on 09 January 2016
It has all functions i need for the magazine site
Ease of use
Very easy
I used this to: Magazine, news site

K2 now has a friend

Posted on 28 September 2015
Many powerful and flexible features
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Fast and efficient
I used this to: News/Magazine website
It's awesome, we can build any kind of content site with flexible custom fields.
Ease of use
Straightforward, very easy to use
Fast answer with some questions about template
I used this to: Our news site, blog and catelog

Awesome CCK extension

Posted on 04 June 2015
Very flexible, many field types to choose from, it allows to add article to many categories and custom image size is very useful feature
Ease of use
Much like core content with extra fields and other useful features, so it's straightforward to use, i just spend few hours to learn
Have not used yet, the extension is easy to use.
King Content is easy to use, with short description in tooltip of each option, i can understand what it does.
I used this to: News portal site.
It's awesome extension and it's free.
Kudos for King Content, keep the good job.
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King Content

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May 10 2019
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May 19 2015
GPLv2 or later
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