Site Management, Analytics

Do you want to be able to easily identify which Joomla users on your site are inactive and be able to block them? Do you want to keep a record of every time someone logs in or logs out of your website and from which IP address? This simple component and plug-in allows you to do all this on any Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3.0 website, regardless of whether you are using mySQL or MS SQL Server as your database type.

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BF Auction Plus BF Auction Plus
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BF Auction Plus

By Tamlyn Software
So you'd like to run your own auction on your Joomla site? Well BF Auction Plus makes this easy. You can even run reverse auctions. Got an issue, question or suggestion? Our publically available support tickets allows anyone to post which will be responded to promptly by our developers. Features include - Registered Joomla users can add their own auction items - Image uploading with automatic t...
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By Tamlyn Software
SEO & Metadata
There is no single SEO trick that is going to make your site rank well on Google, good SEO is a combination of lots of little bits and pieces that go together to make your site appeal to both search engines and your potential customers. This is why we have created BF SEO, a tool that will help you with getting all the basics right on your Joomla website. The built in SEO capabilities of Joomla 3...
BF Survey BF Survey
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BF Survey

By Tamlyn Software
This Joomla Survey Extension will allow you to create professional looking surveys in your own Joomla environment. Unlike some online survey solutions, with BF Survey you retain full control over your data, and can customise to suit whatever your needs are. It can be as simle as creating a survey category, adding quesitons, then add your menu item. Or if you have more complex needs, you can use th...
Authorlink Package Authorlink Package

Authorlink Package

By Tamlyn Software
SEO & Metadata
Want to link Joomla authors to their Google+ profile so that their avatar appears in search listings? This package of plugins adds an author field to the user's profile, and will turn author links in Joomla articles into ?rel=author links that Google loves, which will help with your SEO. It also inserts metadata to identify this as a person who is an author of this article....
Maximage Background Slider Maximage Background Slider
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Maximage Background Slider

By Tamlyn Software
Page Background
Maximage Background Slider is a fullscreen background slideshow module for Joomla that uses jQuery Cycle plugin for it's slideshow functionality. We've tried to keep this module as simple as possible, you are not going to be overwhelmed with options like some of the slider extensions out there. All you need to do is select your images (up to 10) and set the auto play speed. Your images will be au...
Slick Slider Slick Slider
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Slick Slider

By Tamlyn Software
Ken Wheeler and the massive Slick community have built a great image carousel for Javascript, which we are now excited to bring to Joomla with our Slick Slider Module (mod_slick). This carousel module is responsive by default, and what's even better is that it has touch capabilities for easier scrolling on mobile devices. We've tried to keep this module as simple as possible, you are not going to...

BF User Log Plus

Tamlyn Software
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System