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bo:VideoJS is available as a Joomla! 2.5/3.x plugin and module. Both, module and plugin, provides a responsive HTML5 Video Player. The plugin and module based on VideoJS ( There are many options, the handling is easy and intuitive.

Feedback in form of error descriptions or suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Good for single video

Posted on 19 December 2012
Works perfect while single video is added to the page. If I add more than two video players to the same page, then none of them work and just keeps rotating.

nice module

Posted on 11 November 2012
This is a very nice module and the first responsive video player i have found so far! The installation is simple and the module is easy to use. the design is perfectly simple. however, this fullscreen mode ist not working, so i can only give 2 stars.
Owner's reply: Thank you for your review.

Please note that the module isn't responsive, only the plugin based on Video.js v3.2.0 (and further versions) is it.

Best regards
Alfred Bösch


Posted on 31 October 2012
Just went through commercial offering and commerical offering and the most sleek html5 video module is this one and its available to anyone. Thank you for you amazing good faith offering.
Although I would like to see Joomla (in the future, after 2.5) allow HTML5 directly into articles by default - as a core feature, this is an outstanding extension for those that really need it now. Our web design and mobile app company almost exclusively use HTML5 now for vid/audio and the extension is great and user-friendly. Easy to understand. Thank you!

Best Available

Posted on 16 April 2012
I've been using this player on sites for over a year now. Have yet to find anything that comes close.

Great plug-in

Posted on 23 February 2012
Fantastic plugin to insert your own videos into an article!! I tried a number of other extensions to insert and play videos in articles but this one works flawlessly. No back links, player has a simple and clean interface, easy to install and it just works very well. Kudos to the developer.
Haven't tried installing it yet, but in the Safari web browser on my iPad 2, running iOS5, the demo page of videos all work perfectly! Can't wait to try it on my sites.
I've tried many video player extensions, and this one really stands out. It's very easy to install and use, it doesn't have any kind of watermark, it seems to work perfectly in all browsers, and it's free. What more can you ask for?

Great Tool!

Posted on 28 October 2011
Super fast to deploy and configure! Had my client's site streaming videos to ipad users in one day!


Posted on 10 September 2011
I checked out can't really use it stand alone since it is not that easy to customize (e.g. hide share or language)...your module is perfect stand alone. It is simple and worked right away. In my case I needed a stand alone player for a lawyer office with nothing but the video. Your player is perfect!!! Thank you very much...


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bo:PasswordGenerator provides a simple javascript based password generator. It provides 4 options to generate a password string. Feedback in form of error descriptions or suggestions for improvement are always welcome....


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Jun 15 2016
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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