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Smart Countdown 3 is a highly customizable yet easy to setup FX animatied responsive countdown / count up module for Joomla 3.0

Its main feature (and what makes it different from some of the existing countdowns for Joomla!) is that it handles browser suspend/resume events correctly. There is a wide scope of scenarios when browsers stop (pause) the scripts and timers: from putting a desktop in suspend state to switching mobile Safari tabs or even scrolling the screen on iOS devices while the module is displayed on the page. In all cases, after the browser resumes, Smart Countdown 3 calculates the time the scripts were suspended and adjusts the values of its counter automatically (no need to reload the page).

Smart Coundown 3 uses jQuery animation for digits transitions thus providing good cross-browser support.

Smart countdown includes translations for English (backend and frontend), Spanish, German, French, Italian and Russian (frontend only) and is well prepared for multilingual environments. It is aware of singular/plural forms of time unit labels it displays (Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds) for the majority of languages, including special cases – French zeros (that are singular) and Russian (third label form for values ending with 2 to 4 but not with 11 to 14), and can be extended with user-defined “plural suffices” methods for the languages that need their specific logic.

Other features:
• Years, months and weeks can be displayed in counter intervals, along with traditional days, hours, minutes and seconds
• Digits animation - virtually unlimited number of effects and styles using basic animation profiles (included) and installable profiles add-ons
• More than one countdown on the same page with individual settings
• Support for events import plugins
• AJAX used for event queries, Smart Countdown 3 will behave correctly even if its template position is cached on your site
• Various module layouts
• Responsive behavior - the module automatically scales its elements and changes its layout adapting to the template position width
• Independent font sizes for event text, counter digits and time unit labels (“Days”, “Hours”, etc.)
• RTL languages support in all counter layouts
• Custom CSS styles for all counter elements
• Option to display a "Time has arrived!" kind of message on countdown 0
• Automatic redirection (may be disabled in options) to a menu item or an URL on countdown 0 or mouse click


Posted on 16 July 2021
functionality is very goofd. it is amazing. well deserved 5 stars.
Ease of use
it is very easy to use. i love it so much, it is amazing. well deserved five stars
well deserved 5 stars. support is amazing, i love everything about it.
i am suprised, it is so good. it helps me.
well deserved five stars.
documentation is perfect, well done. i love documentation so much, it is very good that is why i gave five stars for documentation
I used this to: i use it for everything, it helps me a lot. i will use it morre and more and more. it is amazing, well deserved five stars, well done.
Ease of use
very easy
not needed
all explained
I used this to: Countdown to the next event
Does just what it says it will
Ease of use
very simple to use
great - couldn't get the time correct because my global config had an time incorrect time zone
clear and concise
I used this to: 4 clients websites with a countdown to an anniversary celebration
Excellent and Smooth
Ease of use
Fast and easy
I used this to: my website
Excellent. Cannot compliment this more. Did what it said with minimal issues.
Ease of use
Simple. Lots of different settings to make your inputs easier. Fully customizable.
None better. Alex was a true professional. Was timely in responding to suggested improvements and was always courteous. Great guy.
Sufficient for what you need to get this installed and running. Best thing is the extension is relatively straightforward.
I used this to: A countdown for new photos being published.

If you want a simple countdown that does what it says, which you can edit and add various different types of customizations and formats, this countdown is for you.

Well done Alex. Thank-you for your timely responses. Keep it up!
This is by far the easiest review to write. The Developer worked with me and gave me fast results and even applied something I suggest to make the system work better for me and for others in the future.

I never thought I would find a countdown to give me the results I need but This did and works great when using Jevent.

Thank you Alex!
This extension is wonderful. Easy to install, easy to configure.

I had an issue with it, an obscure conflict with my template I believe and the developer jumped on it and released a fix immediately.

Thanks a million!
Normally I am not writing reviews but for this module I have to make an exception. I had some XML errors after installing and I want to thank again to Alex for his great support in shortest time. Now everything works fine, fantastic module. Thanks again Alex!

how many days

Posted on 03 January 2014
awesome and easy, simple fit to our site look. just ticked over the clock for our little league opening day countdown on homepage, the kids love it and get excited.


Posted on 29 December 2013
Great extension, was easy to configure and works perfect!
Smart Countdown Recurring Events
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Smart Countdown Recurring Events

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Smart Countdown Bridge for JEvents
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Smart Countdown Bridge for JEvents

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This plugin requires that JEvents component is installed and configured. At least one instance of JEvents Latest module must be enabled. Adds automatic events import from JEvents Latest module to Smart Countdown 3 or later. Main features: - automatic countdown events change based on JEvents dates, times and event duration - select JEvents Latest module instance to pull events from - JEvents modu...
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Login Assistant

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Login Assistant is a simple and extremely lightweight login/redirection component for Joomla that makes logging in to your site as easy as just following a link, but still secure because both username and password (may be left blank) encoded into this link are also encrypted. Login Assistant can login users silently if set so in component options, and both user and password are encoded in a link....
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Smart Countdown

Alex Polonski
Last updated:
Dec 30 2018
3 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m

Uses Joomla! Update System


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