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Zap Calendar Lite is a free calendar system for Joomla and is based on over 10 years of development. It is a complete, native calendar system for Joomla sites. Features include:
- Extensive iCalendar support for exporting a single event or an entire calendar. Export events to Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar or any other iCalendar compliant calendar.
- AJAX support for displaying calendars by month, week, day and year
- RSS feed for upcoming events
- Multiple calendars supported with different layouts to choose from
- Multiple time zone support
- Automatic e-mailing of upcoming events
- Add-ons for displaying upcoming events, mini-month display, searching and category filtering
- Advanced event management for supporting multiple categories per event, repeating events, removing or editing an event within a repeating series, batch editing
- Front end adding and editing events
- Group events by location/venue
- Moon phase add-on (new in version 4.2)

... and much more!

Easy to install and configure. Has full and mini calendar options. Allows for different colors for categories if needed.
Ease of use
Very easy to use and understand
Have not needed any support so far.
Documentation is easy to understand and follow
I used this to: Currently I only use the mini calendar to display an Availability Calendar for a Vacation rental site. Shows Red when booked.
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Z Weather

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** New in version 10: Support for PHP 7, new forecast module, fix to observation display Zap Weather is a Joomla application that displays weather for U.S.A. cities and territories using data provided by the National Weather Service. Forecasts, current conditions and weather alerts are supported. Many display options are available, including single and multiple day forecasts and a choice of eithe...
Zap Calendar
Paid download

Zap Calendar

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Zap Calendar is an advanced, native Joomla calendar featuring AJAX, RSS and full iCalendar support. There are dozens of add-ons available for Zap Calendar, making it a full-featured calendaring system for Joomla websites. Extensive iCalendar Support - Zap Calendar was written from the ground up to fully support the iCalendar standard (iCalendar is the standard format for transferring calendar ev...
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Zap Audit

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Access & Security
Take back control of your Joomla! website. Zap Audit finds hacked files buried in the thousands of files and folders in your Joomla! file system as well as check for best practices. Zap Audit finds hacked files in your Joomla! site in seven ways: Unauthorized Files - Zap Audit looks for files that have been added to a Joomla! or Zap Audit folder but not in the original installation. CRC Check -...
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Paid download

Sign Me Up!

By Z
"Sign Me Up!" allows people to easily sign-up for items for an upcoming event. Who is bringing the dessert? Will we have plates? "Sign Me Up" answers these questions with this Zap Calendar Add-on. A "Sign Me Up" package includes this add-on with either the Basic, Standard, or Pro versions of Zap Calendar. E-Mail Notification - Users are sent a thank-you e-mail when they sign-up for an item. The...

Zap Calendar Lite

Last updated:
Aug 13 2018
4 years ago
Date added:
Dec 15 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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