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**Centrora Security **is a new plugin that modified from OSE Firewall Security. A Joomla Firewall Security to protect your Joomla Sites from attacks and hacking. The built-in Malware and Security Scanner helps you identify any security risks, malicious codes, spam, virus, SQL injection, and security vulnerabilities.

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Improvements and New Features in Version 7

There have been some massive improvements in new version 7.0.0. The software now will be utilising high speed dedicated servers for the virus scanning and Backup. The classic backup will be discontinued from this version and is completely replaced by a more efficient and faster method - Git Backup. This tool performs about 2 times faster than the previous version and also provides an added benefit of 10 GB of cloud space to store your backups. The efficiency of scanners like MD5 Hash scanner, Core Directory scanner , Vulnerability scanner and Dynamic Virus scanner have been improved as well and they come with a revamped Used interface(UI). Additional details about the changes in the version are as follows:

1. Firewall Scanner Version 7
A new and advance firewall is released in this version. The goal of this firewall is to provide the faster scanning for requests and at the same time reducing down the database usage. The firewall version 7 includes features such as: better firewall performance; firewall logs statistics (shown in the form of graphs); Improved email alerts about attacks as well as daily/weekly firewall status report; easy to use start-up wizard; automatic background update of the firewall signature/rules [for premium users only].

2. Improved GitBackup
The gitBackup Function now uses mysql command line services to utilise the high speed database backup and rollback. The stability and speed of the backup and the rollback have been increased enormously (as compared to the previous version). It also supports large databases backups. Incorporated GitLab to allow users to enjoy more Cloud Backup space (from 2GB provided by BitBucket in the old version to 10 GB provided by GitLab).

3. Improved Firewall patterns and Virus Signature Update
APIs to update patterns and signature have been improved to make it more efficient and more fault-tolerant, so that users can always have an updated version of firewall patterns and virus signatures.

4. MD5 Hash Scanner , Core Directory Scanner , Vulnerability Scanner and File Permission Scanner
The scanners have been improved to be more efficient. Bugs and UI issues reported by clients have been fixed and included in this version. In addition, the UI has been re-built to have the better presentation of results.

5. Dynamic Virus Scanner
Bug fixes for both the manual virus scanning and scheduled virus scanning are included.

6. Firewall Scanner Version 6
The old Firewall Version 6 is still retained to offer a smooth transition for existing users. Bugs have been fixed.

7. Removal of classic Backup
The classic backup method will be discontinued from this versions and will be replaced by GitBackup.

- New features in v6.0.0 -
* Git Backup: Maximizing the power of Git version control system to backup your website so you keep track of any changes and roll back at any restore point
- Freshly refurbished UI brings both new themes and better user experience.
- New MD5 Hash Scanner, Core Directories Scanner and Modified Files Scanner are incorporated, resulting in enhanced processing capacity and efficiency.
- Anti Malware is replaced by a new Dynamic Scanner, which embraces extended virus signature and is at least 50% faster.
- New Vulnerability Scanner and File Permission Scanner are included to help identify system loopholes.
- Backup now becomes more user-friendly, with easier procedures for up- and downloads.

Previous Reviews:
Please note this is a new version of OSE Anti-Hacker, for more reviews, please see this page:

Customer Support:
If you need help in using Centrora Security™ plugin, save time by starting your support request online and we'll connect you to a security analyst or even the senior security consultant. Click here for help.

Security Firewall:
AntiSpam: utilizing blacklisting IPs from Stop Forum Spam.
AntiVirus: virus scanning that scans through your site for malware and variants that are known security threats, heuristics of backdoors, trojans, suspicious code and other security issues.
IP Mangement: manage ip by allow, block and track IP that access to your site
Security Check: malicious user agent blocks hundreds of bad bots while ensuring open-access for normal traffic.
Security Check: detect directory traversal that consists in exploiting insufficient security validation/sanitization of user-supplied input file names.
Security Check: javascript injection for any traffic including automated bots that constitutes security threats of injecting malicious javascript into your files.
Security Check: direct file inclusion for any traffic including automated bots that constitutes security threats of including files on a server through the web browser.
Security Check: remote file inclusion for any traffic including automated bots that constitutes security threats of exploiting "dynamic file include" mechanisms in web applications.
Security Check: database SQL injection for any traffic traffic including automated bots that constitutes security threats of attacking data driven applications, in which malicious SQL statements are inserted into an entry field for execution.
Security Check: DoS Attacks where automated bots constituting flooding attacks to your website.
Report security threats to defined owner or security analysts

System Requirements

PHP 5.1.0 or above
MySQL 5.0 or above
PHP Data Objects enabled (it is activated by default as of PHP 5.1.0, please contact your hosting to enable it if it is disabled. Reference:


6 months ago I managed many Premium Centrora accounts & was extremely impressed with this product. The free module is not comparable.

Ease of use

This is confusing to set up. The latest version is much improved with its wizard.


As a previous premium reseller I received outstanding support. Slow response times though which is concerning with hacking issues.


I needed quiet and uninterrupted time to fully understand the documentation but practice helps.

I used this to: Joomla and WordPress CMSs

great for this newbie

Posted on 18 December 2017

works great for me

Ease of use

Can't say enough about ease of use.


Haven't had any need of support


Have not looked at documentation

I used this to: My site got hacked and once is enough.


Very functional and best Customer Support

Ease of use

Very Easy




very Helpful

I used this to: bloking spam IP's


It does what it is supposed to.

Ease of use

I figured it out quite fast without having to read the documentation.


Excellent! The support guy Sean was assisting me even during the weekend and answered all my questions.

Thank you very much!



The scanner works just great helping me find out the malware on the site. A good tool.
Need time to prove the efficiency of the firewal

Ease of use

The scanner panel is clear and easy to operate. But I think I need to learn about the firewall configuration.


The support guys are just great.


Some docs are not quite updated, I believe, and they need add more details.

I used this to: I found strange files on my website. I did the manual check but the site keeps being hacked. This tool helped me find all of them out. The site has been running well for a few days.


I have a site that gets hacked every week. This extension sometimes finds the hacked files.

Ease of use

Complicated. Hard to figure out what does what. Clearly written by an ESL student.

I used this to: Waiting to see if it will connect to my database. It never does. So the scans never happen. Waste of money.
Owner's reply: Hi Geoffrey

Thank you for your comments. If your website kept being hacked, it indicates not all malware were detected in the scan. Usually it is recommended to send the website login to our support team so we can scan it for you and find out all the malware in the system, so that we can update the signatures and it can help you and all other users to detect the malware in the future.

If the scanner doesn't work on your webiste, please feel free to send the website login to our support team, we will arrange our developers to check it within 24 hours Mon-Fri, and try to sort out the issue asap.

In terms of usability, we are in the progress of upgrading our website and the software to version 7, hopefully the new version will be more helpful to your website and business.

Thank you again for your comments, we will try our best to improve the quality of software so it works better and better.

Can't say enough!

Posted on 19 November 2016

I really like what Centrora can do. I've used a few security components in the past and I think that this one is the most completed.

Ease of use

Easy to use and very straightforward cpanel. The only thing that may be strange in the first sight is that you can't see Joomla's menu.


Unbelievable support! They are there when you need them. Better support than most paid extensions. Keep up the good work guys!


Not really needed, but there is a documentation about what a newbie would need to know.

I used this to: In order to test Centrora I installed it on a client's site. I had problems with two factor authentication because of a silly mistake in settings. Support gave me the solution in no time. I'm going to install it on all my client's sites and Suite Version on all my servers!!!


The functionality is very good. I'm an "old" OSE Security customer and the improvements they have made to the software are amazing.

Ease of use

Very easy to use. You hardly have to read the instructions, it all just makes sense.


You can't ask for more. Sean helped me so much with an installation problem, due to an old OSE version I had on my server - brilliant.


Haven't used the documentation much, but it looks good.

I used this to: Several webpages.

Highly Recommended

Posted on 07 June 2016

Fully functional, zero issues after solid use over 5 months on my servers. One site hosted elsewhere hangs on scan, likely hosting related.

Ease of use

Considering what it can do, I personally think it's extremely simple and straight forward.


Extremely helpful and responsive, even on weekends considering time zone difference. Performed work and kept me notified at start and finish


I actually haven't had the need to look up the documentation. Everything in the back-end is straight forward.

I used this to: I use the free version on all sites I work on, larger sites that are potentially higher risk, I am now implementing the Pro version. My email is constantly notifying me with alerts, allowing me to keep on top of the site's security.


Some of the scan can be slow, but the main feature for me is the blocking of attack attempts which it seems to do with gusto.

Ease of use

Fairly easy to install and although it takes a little time to get to know all the functions as they are quite a few, they are easy to learn,


Excellent. They have been fantastic in their speed of response and assistance.


Fairly good documentation, but i still either had to work a few things out or ask. Primarily because I am new to the security process.

I used this to: A client site was being regularly targeted, thanks to good SEO raising their profile. We are using Centrora to monitor activity & block unwanted access.

Free version seems good enough for the smaller sites, but we have gone for the Pro, and are delighted with the support.

Centrora Security

Centrora Security
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Apr 03 2018
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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