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Chameleon changes the way your site looks and acts under different conditions. It's like a multi-site extension, except your site can respond to much more than just domains…

- use different template for mobile/tablet devices.
- create sophisticated web personalization: change branding/menus on your site for visitors coming from an affiliate or from a different country (GeoIP).
- restrict access to certain resources on your site for visitors matching certain criteria

You simply set up "conditions" to be detected, plus the "actions" to be performed when the conditions are met. Chameleon does the rest!

Chameleon detects:

★ Browser (IE v6, FF, iPhone, iPad, tablet, mobile etc; using Categorizr for smart detection)
★ Browser language
★ Date, time, time of day
★ Page type (article, category, front page etc)
★ Virtuemart page types, products, cart contents, categories, coupons & shopper groups
★ Flexicontent page types, categories & specific items
★ Hikashop page types, categories & specific items
★ K2 page types, categories, authors & more
★ User id and group, logged-in & logged-out users
★ Article id, section, category & tags (J3.x)
★ Component
★ Site domain/sub-domain
★ Page URL & referrer
★ Random probability
★ GeoIP detection of the guest’s city/country
★ All "children" of a given menu or menu item
★ Anything else you can detect with a snippet of PHP.

After it detects any of these, Chameleon can perform any of these dynamic "actions" on the current page:

★ set the template/style
★ add the current user to any group, on-the-fly
★ unpublish/rename menu items
★ unpublish plugins
★ switch the "default" Joomla page (site home page)
★ switch which menu item will be highlighted as "Active"
★ internal or external redirection
★ dynamic find-&-replace text/HTML on the page
★ set metadata, page title, and add JS/CSS
★ set page language
★ dynamically switch VirtueMart shopper group (& pricing structure), set currency, toggle catalog mode & price display
★ run PHP code

More examples:

★ Use a different template and change some menu items depending on which "group" the user is in
★ Switch off comments plugin for a certain content category
★ Use a different template just for IE users
★ Use a different template if your site is embedded in FaceBook
★ Do A/B testing of 2 different templates, chosen randomly. Use different Google Analytics on each template, then compare the performance.
★ Use different templates for &
★ Set up different pricing structures using VirtueMart shopper groups, then switch shopper groups based on domain name, language, time of day or country of origin
★ Timed styles, templates, menu items, and more


Recent highlights include:

v2.69 (Sep '19)
- confirmed Joomla 3.9 compatibility
- improved compatibility with Virtuemart
- ensured GPL licenses in every file

v2.65 (Nov '17)
- confirmed Joomla 3.8 compatibility
- improved compatibility with Falang

v2.64 (Jan '17)
- confirmed Joomla 3.7 compatibility
- added detection of VM shopper groups

v2.63 (Oct '16)
- added IPv6 support for GeoIP detection

v2.61 (Aug '16)
- multiple compatibility improvements including J3.6.2 – see release notes

v2.59 (Jun '16)
- new: ability to add/remove current user to user groups
- new: VM actions: set currency, toggle catalog mode, toggle price display

v2.49 (Jul '15)
- detect and/or unpublish menu items by "note"
- even more flexible find & replace using global & session variables

v2.44 (Sep '14)
- new: Find & Replace action
- new: substitutions for use in page redirections
- new: detect subcategories

v2.38-2.43 (Aug '14)
- Support for Falang (+ more)
- article & category tag detection
- IE9 and IE10 detection
- choose redirect code (301, 302, 303, 307) for precise SEO control

It's very complicated to use. It's very complicated to use. It's very complicated to use.
Ease of use
It's very complicated to use. It's very complicated to use. It's very complicated to use.
I can't submit a support or ask for a refund as I get a 503 message.
Value for money
I can't submit a support or ask for a refund as I get a 503 message.
I used this to: I can't submit a support or ask for a refund as I get a 503 message.
Easy install and configuration. Does what it's supposed to do.
Ease of use
Once you get a hang of it, it all makes sense and is easy to use.
Great support. I mailed the developer with a problem/question and got more than the necessary help. He goes above and beyond to help.
All needed documentation is online.
Value for money
Cheaper than other multi-site extensions and worth the price.
I used this to: I use it to operate to domains with one Joomla installation. Different content, templates etc. Works like a charm.
I'm about to deal with the other functionalities and exploit everything the software can do.
It's extremely fully featured, and I assume that the things that I'd like to see aren't actually possible. Awesome.
Ease of use
Once you've figured it out, which you'll do quickly, it's very straightfoward.
Great. Had an issue and the dev contacted me straight away and I was up and running in minutes.
It's good. It's sufficient. It could probably do with some more examples, but it's got everything you need.
Value for money
In the end I went for this because it's cheaper than another multisite plugin... So I'd say it's perfectly priced!
I used this to: A client has a multi-country site where only some pages are different per country. I use this to switch out menu items and handle redirects on a per-domain/country basis.

just Great

Posted on 12 June 2017
Ease of use
Value for money
I used this to: everything is just great, the extension is super functional and support is also good and quick, Stephen is a geneous, thank him very much!

Amazing product

Posted on 02 June 2016
We use the GeoIP feature together with VirtueMart
Ease of use
Simple if - then rules
This guy should get a prize for customer support (developer level)
Value for money
Very good


Posted on 15 April 2016
Does exactly what i wanted it to do and much much more.
Ease of use
Ok so you need to study the manual and know a bit about what your doing, however, support was awesome for this reason i have given it 100
Immediate responses and action, as well as many options discussed to get the correct flow
Value for money
one of the most useful extensions I have bought well worth the money
I used this to: Managing a global network of sites to ensure the customer is directed to their country of origin website
I haven't tried out all of the many powerful abilities of this extension, but it does what we need it to perfectly.
Ease of use
It was very easy for me to install and set-up.
The support was amazing. I asked a pre-purchase question and the response was very detailed and helpful.
I was provided with custom documentation to help set it up exactly for my needs. Very impressed.
Value for money
This extension saved me so much time. I'm completely comfortable with the price given how well it works and the amazing support.
I used this to: Changing the phone number on the website when a visitor arrives via a Google Adwords link.


Posted on 16 October 2015
It's an amazing piece of software, letting you do things you can't even imagine.
Ease of use
Pretty straight forward
Incredible support, Stephen went well over and above with what you normally expect from a developer, taking hours to look into and resolve
Value for money
I used this to: Geo ip redirecting
It allowed me to do modifications that were not possible for me before.
Ease of use
It's made so that you find easy the functions you need to setup.
That's what I'm most impresed by! Just excellent!
Great explained
Value for money
The price is even small for what you can accomplish with it.
I used this to: Various modifications on how the product's prices are displaied on the site. I'm using VirtueMart 3.X.

A must have!

Posted on 15 June 2015
Absolute best way to control templates and menu items, great to add code to pages or search and replace code, all based on rules you define.
Ease of use
Very Easy, it's just common sense.
Excellent! Stephen goes above and beyond to help. At some point he just created a new version to fix a minor issue - within 12 hours!
Could be better but good enough to still rate 100!
Value for money
Excellent! Better than most components were you have to renew after 3/6/12 months.
I used this to: I use it to assign templates, publish and remove menus, add customized code to pages and find and replace code all based on complex rules, that include permission based (ACL) rules, browsers, devices, date/time, languages, domain names, referrers, joomla components and more...


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