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Extension for integrating reviews Cackle in Joomla. This plugin allows users to leave reviews from social profiles: FB, Twitter, G+, ВК, OK and many others.

  • Post to social networks.Increase traffic to your site by attracting new users through social networks (crossposting reviews)
  • Search indexing. All reviews are automatically indexed by search engines without additional configuration, in addition to the results of a Google search are the ratings as asterisks.
  • Follow-ups emails. A few days after purchase, the customer receives a letter with a request to review the product. Follow-up letters to increase the probability of revocation 10 times.
  • Verified Buyer. Reviews from real buyers marked with a special sign. Such reviews maximize trust and increase sales.
  • Yandex.Market. Automatic import of reviews from Yandex.Market will help you to get valuable and necessary content for your online store.

- Simple authorization through any social network: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ВКонтакте, Одноклассники, @Mail.Ru, Yandex, LinkedIn, Live Journal, Flickr, Dropbox, Foursquare, Instagram, Live, 500px, Stackoverflow, Tumblr, Yammer, Soundcloud, Yahoo, MyOpenID, WordPress, Blogger, Verisign.
- Anonymous authentication.
- Keeping authorization even after user close your browser.
- Crossposting to social network: FB, Twitter, ВКонтакте, Мой Мир.
- Search indexing.
- Re-reviews. Ability to leave a few reviews about the product by one user at a later time, for example a month or six months. Sometimes clients change their opinion over time.
- Single sign-on (SSO) with users on your site.
- Comments. Any review can be commented by author, administrator or any of your clients when the corresponding option is set.
- Pre-moderation.
- Email template.
- Design customization.
- SPAM protection.
- EMail notifications.
- Image / video loading.
- Adaptive design.
- Vote for reviews
- Powerful and Real-time moderation (sound & tray notifications, search, ban, black & white list, words filter, user notice, browser info and etc.).
- Additional review widgets: login widget, ratings widget for the catalog page, moderation widget.

The possibilities of this plugin
- Works with Joomla (2 and 3), VirtueMart, K2, Zoo.
- Adds a widget Cackle reviews.
- Reviews are indexed by search engines.
- Automatic synchronization (backup) Cackle reviews in Joomla database.
- Built-in reviews stars to the announcements of each product.
- Single sign-on integration: allows logged on Joomla users add reviews to the widget on their own behalf without re-authorization through social networks.

- Register on Cackle.
- Enter Api Keys to module settings



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Social Comments
Extension for integrating Real-time comments Cackle in Joomla. This plugin allows users to post comments from social profiles: FB, Twitter, G+, ВК, OK and many others. With Cackle increase traffic to your website by creating an active community of commenters, search indexing and display comments in the social networks. Benefits - Increase traffic to your site by attracting new users through so...

Cackle Reviews

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Oct 16 2015
5 years ago
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Mar 16 2015
GPLv2 or later
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