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This Joomla! Comparison Chart makes it easy to build comparison charts both for e-Commerce and e-Learning. The comparison component allows adding descriptions of products’ features in the form of comparison charts which help arrange a simple and convenient purchasing process. We recommend using the chart component to help users easily comprehend the difference between any object, item, or product without having to analyze long descriptions.

This Joomla! comparison extension makes the process of chart building very easy! It will encourage you to focus on content rather than adjusting chart columns and rows. No designer skills are needed to put together pieces of information in the form of visually appealing charts with this fully-fledged chart component and 3 default chart templates.

What you might want to do with the Comparison Chart component:

 *Adjust font size, color, and type as well as the color of columns and rows of the chart
 *Make use of the hiding effect to collapse/expand chart columns and rows
 *Submit information retrieved from a CSV-file
  *Add optional chart component description below and above charts
  *Choose between any of the 3 default templates for the chart or create custom ones.
  *Insert pictures, links, or other information right into the comparison chart tables with the help of HTML tags
  *Let users contribute to your charts. They might want to select items to compare and create a new chart
  *Highlight best/worst chart component items related to selected parameters

For more information about the Comparison Chart component features, please check the chart extension description page



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Comparison Chart

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Aug 20 2021
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Feb 11 2010
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