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ChatBro is a real time live chat for your website. It increases user engagement of your Joomla site by enabling users to chat with each other in a live group chat. Chat can be configured to synchronize live chat conversation with Telegram or VK. Synchronization with Telegram or VK allows you and other people to chat with your website visitors using Telegram or VK mobile app chat. It is very convenient to have the ability to chat with your visitors in stead and stall without need to open chat in browser using just Telegram app. Also you'll be notified about new chat messages in Telegram. Add chat functionality to your website in few minutes. Can be used for Live Support. Visit for details.

Live Chat Features

  • Live chat conversation is indexed by search robots
  • Live chat reveals photo and video
  • Live chat loads asynchronously - no influence exerted on your website
  • Live chat is mobile ready
  • Live chat user authentication via your website, VK or Telegram
  • Moderation by the chat owner
  • Live chat conversation synchronizes with VK or Telegram chat
  • Live chat constructor for easy configuration
  • Popup live chat on all or some of your website pages
  • Embed live chat into desired place of your page using Joomla chat module
  • Answer chat from any device using Telegram app
  • Configure live chat appearance using chat constructor
  • Chat message spoofing protection
  • Live chat users authentication with Facebook, Google, VK, Telegram or your website
  • Live group chat for multi users conversations
  • Live group chat between website users
  • Emoji in live chat messages
  • Indexable chat message history
  • Chat user moderation
  • Ban chat users
  • Admin can delete chat messages or entire chat history
  • Flexible permission control for different chat admin tasks
  • Draggable and resizable popup chat box
  • Embedded static chat box in any place of your page
  • Anonymous or unregistered users can be allowed to participate in the chat
  • Engage users of chat by sharing pictures, videos, and URLs from across the web
  • Users can upload and share files with other chat users
  • Chat be easily translated to any language by adding corresponding translation file
  • Single Sign-on feature. If a user is logged-in to your website, then chat automatically logs him/her in
  • Easy integration with Telegram
  • Use chat constructor to setup synchronization with Telegram
  • Support both Telegram group and Telegram channel synchronization
  • Suitable for Live Support

Conference chatting is better than Live Support chat with operators
Unlike private Live Support chats with consultants, the multi-user chat between all users and the administration appears to be more trustworthy. People communicate and see the admins' reaction and realize that the site service is functional and adequate.

There is nothing to stop one from private chatting with a client in Live Support style any more.

Increases search traffic and average time spent on the website
The chat history consist of unique text on your subject. Search engines index it and provide target traffic. Should you be the first one to submit unique content to the search engine, and the content matches a rare user query, you will hold the first position on this query.

Easy installation

After installing the plugin just name your conversation and choose messenger to syncronize with. It could be VK or Telegram.

Ik heb deze module een week kunnen gebruiken, vind de werking echt super.
Ease of use
Ik moest me even verdiepen in de werking van bots maar met de documentatie op de website van chatbro kwam ik er wel uit.
Er staat veel documentatie op de website van chatbro, Raadpleeg de faq voor suport.
Helaas is de website offline gegaan, de plugin is onbruikbaar geworden. Heeft iemand een ander idee om telegram (gratis) te integreren?
I used this to: Ik gebruik de chatbro module voor mijn website en voor mijn phpbb forum.
11 из 10 ))
- регистрация из Joomla!
- сервер не грузит (т.к. на внешнем хостинге)
- ставится в любом месте
- подключается к Telegram, Vk.
Ease of use
установить может обычный пользователь
(настройки - в компаненте + на сайте чата).
Через HTML - ставится в любом месте материала и позиции.
Без понятия - у меня проблем с чатом не было.
Но судя по чату производителей в Vk - поддержку оказывают, жалоб нет.
Про скорость - не знаю
Куча документации.
I used this to: 1 ?????
- code should be inserted in tmpl
- admin should register
- all msg sync with
this extension is rather "Chat - Hosted"
Ease of use
Works immediatly!
(PS: L10n incomplete)
I used this to: customer dialogue
Chat is an embed JS from Loads tracking JS from
Send all msg to
Plugin config not working with adblocker
Ease of use
Plugin config not working with adblocker enabled
I used this to: A fully local installed/hosted chatroom

ChatBro - website user chat

Last updated:
May 11 2018
Date added:
Jul 26 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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