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Smart Forms is a modern form builder, you can create from simple contact form to advance inquiry forms or calculator that require arithmetic operations or show fields only one a condition is meet.


Responsive Forms: You forms look great in a desktop, tablet or mobile.

Tons of fields: Smart forms of course have the basic fields that everyone has, like input boxes or dropdowns but it also come packed with fields that you won't find anywhere like signature, survey or rating fields to name a few.

Advanced calculations support: Do you want to do more than a simple form? Like a calculator that does several arithmetical operations. Or a form with dynamic fields or dynamic validations? Then this is the plugin for you =).

Edit entries: You can view and edit each entry form the smart forms dashboard.

Query Api available: After the form is submitted do you want to do something else with that information? That is also possible using the Smart Forms Query Api.

Advanced Emailing Support: Do you want to send more than one email after the form is submitted? Or you want to send a different type of email depending on how the form was filled? Stuffs like these are also posible with the plugin.

Change Log
= Smart Forms 1.2.21 =
* Fixed form builder issue with clone button.
= Smart Forms 1.2.20 =
* Fixed scroll of the email editor scroll in the form builder.
* Added ability to delete rows in the entries screen (pro)
* Fixed issue of exporter not exporting everything when the data was paginated

  • Added ability to delete entries(pro) = Smart Forms 1.2.19 =
  • Form builder modification. Making style editor a free feature, sorry this was supposed to be free from the beginning.
  • Forms fix, fixed issue with the email to field, in the form builder under the email editor = Smart Forms 1.2.18 =
  • Forms improvement, created style designer = Smart Forms 1.2.17 = *Forms fix, fixed issue with calculated fields and check/radio boxes. = Smart Forms 1.2.16 =
  • Forms improvements in form builder, added the option to configure dynamic to emails.

= Smart Forms 1.2.15 =
* Forms improvements in form builder, adding a Default Contry property to the countries field.

= Smart Forms 1.2.13 =
* Forms improvements in form builder, added more validation to make it easier to configure an email
* Form field fix, email validation corrected.
* Added tutorial screen in smart forms to make it easier to find it.
= Smart Forms 1.2.11 =
* Emailer fix, fixing an issue with email not overwriting the from name
= Smart Forms 1.2.11 =
* Forms fix in form builder, fixed issue with form field
* Forms fix, fixed issue with title field

= Smart Forms 1.2.10 =
* Forms improvements in form builder, added minimun and maximun in the numeric field
* Forms improvements in form builder, added a configuration to define the invalid value text
= Smart Forms 1.2.9 =
* Forms Improvements in form builder, added a new property to the text area so you can disable it
= Smart Forms 1.2.8 =
* Forms Improvements disabled the checkbox edition in the form builder.
= Smart Forms 1.2.7 =
*Improved forms/Form builder, added validations to checkbox and dropdown
*Fixed forms/form builder, fixed issue of checkbox triming width
= Smart Forms 1.2.6 =
* Fixed forms form builder issue where imaes in the form radio button was not displayed
* Fixed forms editor, the formula screen was not displayed correctly
* Fixed forms form builder, the image of the formula was not getting displayed
= Smart Forms 1.2.5 =
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed issue with forms captcha
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed minor issue with forms submission
= Smart Forms 1.2.4 =
* Fixed forms generator, Fixed issue with redirecting not working with donations.
= Smart Forms 1.2.3 =
* Improving forms editor, Improved formula window

= Smart Forms 1.2.2 =
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed an issue with the form formulas
= Smart Forms 1.2.1 =
* Fixed forms editor, Added main class to widget
= Smart Forms 1.2 =
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed issue with form formulas
= Smart Forms 0.9 =
* Fixed forms editor, Added the ability to clone an existing form, so you don't have to do everything again if you want to create similar forms.
* Adding new feature, Added a wishlist/support page

= Smart Forms 1.1 =
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed issue with the text area form element
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed problem with the form form builder
* Improving forms editor, Added the option to select if you want to use horizontal radio or checkboxes

= Smart Forms 0.8.5 =
* Improving forms editor, Improving selection of options in the checkbox, radio buttons and select boxes

= Smart Forms 0.8 =
* Improving forms entry, Adding css export of submitted forms to entries screen
= Smart Forms 0.7 =
* Fixed forms editor, Fixing issue with the form submission
* Improving forms editor, Adding the posibility to redirect to another page after the form was submitted
* Improving forms editor, Adding the posibility to customize the submission successfull message
* Fixed forms editor, Fixing a css issue with the form text boxes.
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed issues with forms
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed issue en the forms entries screen

= Smart forms 0.6 =
* Improving forms editor, Added new forms elements (email,phone, address, captcha,number)
* Fixed forms editor, Fixing issues with form email
* Fixed forms editor, Fixing issue with forms formulas
* Improving form, Added a wait cursor when the form is being submitted
= Smart forms 0.5.5 =
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed issue with form title element
* Improving form editor, Added Name form element
= Smart forms 0.5 =
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed issues with form width
* Added calculated fields to certain forms
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed issues in form builder
* Improving form editor, Added a new form element, date picker
= Smart forms 0.3 =
* Improving forms editor, Added advanced customization for forms email.
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed bugs in the form builder
* Fixed forms editor, Fixed bug in the form checkbox
* Fixed forms editor, Added the option to purchase the Smart Forms full version
= Smart forms 0.1 =
* First release of smart forms.
= Smart Forms 0.1.1 =
* Fixed forms editor, Fixing issues with the form entries screen
* Allow the grid of the form entries to expand based on entries
* Fixed forms editor, Fixing responsive forms

= Smart Forms 0.1.2 =
* Fixed form issue with required fields and form submission.
== Upgrade Notice ==

= Smart Forms 0.6 =
I fixed an issue with formulas in ie8, please after updating recreate your formulas (entering and exiting the formula screen) if you have any.

Good product

Posted on 01 August 2019
Does what i needed, almost all the fields can be configured with formulas.
Ease of use
There is a drag and drop builder which is pretty easy to use, i just had to drag the fields that i needed.
I used this to: Creating forms in my site. i have created a contact form and payment form.
It offers a lot of options to create contact (or other forms). Free version store data that can not be deleted and it is not GDPR ready.
Ease of use
Very easy to set up and create form. Also support various conditional fields etc. Great product.
Documentation is for paid version with lot of functions missing from free version. There should be list of limitations in free version
I used this to: Use it for personal web page since I did not want to use captcha and use some other conditional fields with this form. I noticed there is bug if I change field ID, form won't work anymore. Also I had to find a way to prevent free version from writing data into a database.

Good Plugin

Posted on 07 March 2018
Do exactly what i needed
Ease of use
Easy to use

Easy to use

Posted on 02 March 2018
works like a charm
Ease of use
Easy to use

Smart Forms

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