Report Card is a Joomla! testimonials component that offers a user-friendly admin layout where site administrators can easily edit, re-order, publish, and approve or disapprove customer testimonials. Report Card also offers site admins to allow user submissions via the front-end of the website if they so choose. Site users may add testimonials through a simple front-end form that is spam-protected by a captcha security image to only allow valid human-entered testimonials.

After a user adds a testimonial via the front-end form, site administrators have the option to be notified when a new submission is entered. All new submissions must be approved by site admin before displaying on the website and in the random testimonials module.

Some key features of Report Card include:

  • Categorized testimonials - apply testimonials to one or multiple categories
  • Display views for all categories, all testimonials or testimonials in a category
  • WYSIWYG editor support
  • Optional Captcha Validation on front-end Submissions
  • Front-end Testimonial Additions
  • Custom Settings including pagination, colors, intro-text, notifications and offline setting
  • Admin approval of front-end submissions
  • Admin notification when testimonial submitted via front-end
  • Offline/Online setting to enable or disable component and module
  • Testimonial Ordering
  • CSS Stylesheet editing via control panel
  • Checkout system to prevent over-writing of others testimonials
  • Keyword/Author and Publish/Unpublish filtering
  • Random Testimonials Module included in package

* Optional star rating system
* Optional captcha/reCaptcha spam protection plugin
* Auto approve link in approval emails (if applicable)
* Built in sh404sef support

* Optional testimonial image submission
* Rebuilt with Bootstrap and JUI
* New categories view with optional testimonials count
* Batch processing to easily move or copy testimonials to other categories

Frontend submission allows user to see images in site folder with no option to upload! No clue why?
Ease of use
Easy to use but with no support the few issues I have had I am just stuck with!
I chose the no support version but when I discovered it refuses to send alerts on submission I asked if I could upgrade but no reply!
What documentation? There is none unless we are supposed to consider some lame FAQ as documentation!
Value for money
I guess for the price of no support its OK but since it fails on some critical issues there is no value for me!
I used this to: Nothing, I uninstalled it and wrote off the purchase as my own fault for wasting time on something so cheap!
Works very well for my needs. Does what it promises. A must-have for most professional services websites.
Ease of use
Easy to setup and use. Expect you may need to fine tune the cosmetics a bit depending on your template. The random testimonial mod is great.
I had a small site issue (not Report Card's fault) which prevented Report Card from working fully and the support was amazing!!
There is documentation but also with the 6 months subscription you get access to the support forum where I found helpful information.
Value for money
Very good value for money.
I used this to: Professional services testimonials
I'm very surprised by the other comments to this feedback / testimonial component and module if I am 100% honest.

The install worked straight off which is always a good sign and the cost of the component didn't break the piggy bank, which is another fantastic point.

Where do I start.... The Ratings button in Chrome and Firefox does not show as a Star rating it looks more like poached egg rating, not very clear.

I thought for a commercial component we could at least have 3-4 variations of what we would like for a rating button.

It is kind of embarrassing to be honest. On your own website you have these lovely stars for ratings but the actual unit you buy does not come with them!!

I also think you have missed a few tricks. You have added "author" when this would of looked better as First Name and Last Name" and you have also not added a website link form, so the admin person of the site must add it manually.

Also why did you add "Allow Subscriptions" When this is obviously "Add Feedback or Add Testimonial" I think it has confused people... and to me it does not make sense.

I wish I could be more positive but It has taken me two hours to load all of my client testimonials into my website, when it could of been half that time if the component worked better.

It has potential, but needs work.
Owner's reply: Hi - thanks for the review. Just so you know, the rating system uses the system star image and can easily be changed at the template level. Regarding the 'author' and 'subscription' text - this can be changed in minutes by creating language overrides. We have support forums and we're happy to help - all you have to do is ask!

Great Stuff

Posted on 06 September 2012
After having had a look at a few possibilities, I decided to purchase Report Card as it met the requirements of the application i required it for. Easy installation, (although it did not have installation instructions and the double zip was a bit confusing since some extensions do require different installations methods and was not sure about this one because of that), works really well, lovely layout. Had a small problem and received extremely prompt support which sorted out the issue I was having. Would definitely recommend to other users.

I am impressed!

Posted on 29 December 2011
Great application and a great time saver. The support is outstanding! All of my questions were answered VERY FAST!. This is honestly one of the best support for a product that I've ever had to go through. Thank you!

Report Card

Posted on 17 March 2011
I was very happy to discover this module. We were looking for something to allow our users to provide feedback on the overall look n feel and functionality of our website. Report Card fit the bill to a tee. With slight easy modifications we turned it into a function called "Rate Our Site" and it proved to be invaluable in getting feedback and suggestions from our viewers. It is amazing how quickly a viewer can find a little bug unknown to us and now that they can so easily tell us about it, we getting things functioning much faster. I thank the developer for such a fine little module that plays such a big part of our site.

Fantastic Implementation!

Posted on 08 April 2010
While a few extra features are needed (According to the developers, they are coming too!), this is the best Testimonials extension I have used to date.

If your looking for an easy to use and implement system for testimonials or reviews, this is a great start!
I have been using Report Card for several months now on about 5 sites I have built. My customers love the look and feel of this extension. It is so easy to add new testimonials my most computer-illiterate customer can do it with ease.

Thanks for your hard work, I am looking forward to purchasing more of your products. Your support and service also far exceeds expectations. When I have questions it takes minutes to get the answers.


Great Testimonial Component

Posted on 13 October 2009
I've been on Joomla for several years, and this is my first extension review I've ever posted. The testimonial component works great, and the support was even better. I even had a few questions about custom work, and the developer was able to point me in the right direction so I could get things finished on my own. I highly recommend you give this component a try!
This is an excellent component and module for showing testimonials, and well priced too (only $14.99). I looked at the non-commercial alternatives before trying this however they seemed to lack features I needed. ReportCard on the other hand has Captcha incorporated (so helps protect against/ reduce spam), is native 1.5, has a module to show testimonials, is easy to install, easy to modify the look to suit your site, and the support I received was FANTASTIC (....I had minor problem with the calendar input not working on front end when submitting testimonials - I wrote to company about it and also suggested for future releases it could be removed altogether and instead automatically insert date with option for admin to manually input any date at backend if required - almost immediately (a day or so?) Vincent sent me a new version modified exactly to my good is that!). Very happy & impressed with product, and service & support was outstanding. Highly recommended.
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Report Card

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GPLv2 or later
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