Amaze your viewers who visit your photo gallery with special Mac Doc Effect. This effect is unique and your photos will stand out when the mouse is rolled over, and the photos superbly maximize themselves which is a treat to the eyes and gives a fantastic visualizing experience to viewers. With Joomla Photo Gallery (Mac Dock Effect), you can now emulate a set of photos in very attractive and customizable galleries.

=>Easy Installation
=>Smooth Gallery slideshow
=>Mac Dock Effect
=>Facility to upload n number of photos to an album
=>Option to create multiple albums
=>Display entire album list in thumbnail format with Ajax pagination
=>Click on an image and get the maximized view of the image with carousel effect
=>Option to set the number of images to be displayed in a particular row in the back-end
=>Option to set the number of rows per page to displayed in the back-end
=>Option to modify the height if the thumbnail image in the back-end
=>Facility to set the macdock effect direction and proximity in the admin
=>Ability to change the style of image (rounded corners, winged)

The Photo Gallery Component enables the users to create their own virtual gallery in just “minutes.” This Joomla gallery is integrated with Mac Dock Effect and smooth gallery, giving your photo gallery a classy look with slideshow effect. When the mouse or pointer is rolled over the photos, the photo which is in contact with the pointer gets blown up and brought to the fore whereas the rest of the photos go to the back.

The "Mac Effect" component embeds Smooth Gallery into it. This is a Joomla image slideshow which can either automatically show the next image (after a changeable amount of time) or the user can switch to the next and previous image.

The best feature is that the table structure of thumbnails are generated automatically which gives the user a hassle-free experience to view a particular image. By adding the Best Joomla Photo Gallery, one can create a dynamic photo album website with exquisite look.

Free version available with out any restrictions..

Wonderful Photo Effect

Posted on 23 March 2012
After reviewing and going through a host of modules dedicated for photo effects and photo gallery, Contus' Mac Effect was the one that pleased me. Believe the developer had loved when he was developing it as we can see the supreme quality in it. The effect is smooth and pleasing and attractive to the eyes.

However, as far as my taste goes, instead of the curved style, if it is sharp in the edges, it will be more attractive. Hope Contus comes up with another version where they sharpen the edges rather than keep it curvy.

Warm Regards,


Wow Effect

Posted on 18 January 2012
Wow fantastic Mac effect. Looking very professional. Component works very nicely and i strongly recommend this gallery to everyone looking for stylish photo gallery. One suggestion is that import photos from facebook/flickr is missing and if it is added it will give you more plus.
The effect and upload is GREAT! But buyer beware. Once entered, your albums are locked in the order you load them, and the date loaded appears under each album and cannot be removed or changes. I am not the first to ask for the flexibility to change or remove the date and to reorder the display of albums. The response is that this would COST as an individual customization (which would then not flow over into a future update)! It would be fine, if you upload your images the same day that your event takes place. Hardly the case for most folks. I figured this would make the product useful to many. Can't believe I wasted the money. Not going to pay more.
Owner's reply: Dear User(3sites)

We have clearly specified in our features list of what features we offer with the package and also we are offering free download of trial package for our customers to check/use every feature as specified in our package.

Since the product is open source thus you can modify/change the code according to your needs. If you want us to work on your needs, it will be subject to billing.

We wonder why you have given one-star review to "album order" and "date" points since what you are asking for are actually enhancements and not issues relating to the functioning of existing features.

Also, we enhance our product as and when required, and we have taken your feedback in a positive note. We'll check the feasibility to implement this feature in our product.

You need this

Posted on 29 November 2011
First off I have been looking at photo gallery components since June (last 6 months) I have tried the free ones the paid ones and the rare ones. I have had to go to my bank and get money back multiple times because of misleading and false features listed.

All I want is a component that...

-Installs with out me having to code or do anything other than click my mouse button.

- be able to create multiple albums without having to code or designate a primary image folder. Just want to click new type the name of the album and start uploading

- be able batch upload. You would not believe how many of these stupid photo gallery components out there only let you upload one photo at a time unless you know how to code, want to FTP, or zip a folder to upload.

This component hits all of these marks. EVERYONE ONE OF THEM!!!!!!

Seriously in under 2 minutes literally I had 3 albums created and 54 pictures uploaded to my site spread out across 3 albums. This is a well thought out component and does what it says it does.

The only thing that could make this better and propel this developer well beyond the competition out there is if they made front end controls that would allow you to batch upload and create albums. That would make this the "PERFECT" gallery.

To all coders take note this is how you design a component.

Awesome effect

Posted on 31 October 2011
I love this effect and it works perfect in my website. Very good component.
very good component but it would have been better if there is a detailed documentation on how to insert the photos in article etc..

Good Support

Posted on 18 October 2011
I was wondering how it will work on my three column website, but it work great because of the nice coding and the support received was excellent.. but too much of marketing on other extensions they have :)

Mac effect Made simple

Posted on 11 October 2011
Used in my site Album .. pictures display are attractive now.. Stylish and easy installed product for me


Posted on 05 October 2011
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Contus MAC effect

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