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Mod HTML allows you to add any Joomla HTML snippet or JavaScript code to your Joomla Website via a module. There are unlimited uses of Mod HTML since of course there are not limits on what you HTML you can add to your Joomla modules.

Amongst other things you can use the module to achieve the following results:
- mod HTML allows you to add any Joomla html or javascript to your modules without having to change any settings in Joomla. Therefore you don't have to disable your editor to insert an HTML snippet in Joomla. Just create a mod html module, and insert your Joomla HTML or Javascript into this module.
- You can copy the module in the Module Manager, for quick clones of an advertisement or banner ad. Also since a large number of advertisements, affiliates, or third party modules come as small HTML snippets, mod html allows you to insert this Joomla HTML into your website without having to mess around with your template.
- Another great usage of mod html is to insert Google AdSense into your website. Just copy and paste from your google adsense account page. Just take the adsense codes and add the HTML to Joomla via the MOD HTML module
- Besides adding Joomla HTML, you can use the MOD HTML to add any script to your Joomla website via a module.

Add custom Joomla HTML with specific scripts and CSS

  • We've released now functionality with MOD HTML to allow you to add any custom scripts or custom CSS to the head of your Joomla website. This means that if you need custom Joomla HTML, requires specific scripts or requires specific CSS, you can just specific the scripts or CSS to add.
  • Example, if you are creating a Joomla HTML module, which requires a specific script to work, you can simply add the reference to the script to add, and it ensure that the script or Joomla HTML you add works well
  • Same goes for CSS. When you are styling your Joomla HTML module, you might need to use specific CSS. Using the mod HTML module to add HTML to Joomla, you can reference the CSS file you want to use and you can use it directly.
  • Use it to add FontAwesome css icons. By specifying the CSS to add, you can use the Joomla HTML module to add FontAwesome icons via the MOD HTML module. Of course, since it supports any HTML, you can create links, forms, or anything else within the module.
It seems as though the site has my dynamic IP down as one that was behaving maliciously, so I was unable to download this time. However, I have used this in the past and it was great for its intended purpose.
Owner's reply: Please contact us through and we will send you the file manually.

Unfortunately, we get a lot of SPAM / malicious bots and we had to implement strict protections to protect our sites. If your ISP is hacker / spammer friendly, you might have been caught in the crossfire.
Downloaded it, installed it and used it. It worked flawlessly. I've used it to insert code for DoubleClick for Publishers, Google Affiliates and will soon be using it for some custom modules. Kudos to the developer.


Posted on 26 October 2012
When I first started coding Joomla, this plugin really saved my butt... I don't know what I would've done without it!!

As I've grown as a developer, I find myself barely using it anymore as I prefer to code in conditional statements right into the Joomla template itself, but I still keep this extension on hand just in case something ever comes up; I install it into all of my website by default. :)

Thank you for creating and sharing this plugin. It's definitely a must-have!


Posted on 15 September 2012
This module does exactly what it states!! Very good! Highly recommended.
I needed an extension to allow me to write my html site seal code into a module so that it showed in the correct position on every page. No messing with html in pages or templates (which is likely to lead to site crashes in my case). This extension allowed me to paste the site seal code directly and save it in the module position I wanted. The site seal was instantly visible on every single page in just the right place and I am absolutely delighted with it. What a fantastic extension - can't recommend it highly enough - many thanks to the developer.
the worlds biggest time saver when it comes to making your own modules and using 3rd party code.

it works just perfect!

Posted on 01 April 2012
Thanks! it is just perfect for the 2.5

Good work! own you a Beer!!!
I can just say wow.......... Every thing is so easy with it... Just put your code in and there you go !!! Way to go team...

Very confused!

Posted on 26 March 2012
While this was always a very useful module, it does not seem to be available for newer supported versions of Joomla. The promo for this mod states it is available for V.2.5.x however no where on their web site is a version other than for V.1.5? Their forum is locked and has no discussion at all beyond the old version so it appears they are no longer supporting this extension.

I wish they would remove the icon from the download area on this site that seems to indicate it is compatible. It does say it installs...however missing is any window into which you can enter content. And absent a forum for help it is no longer something I will use.
Owner's reply: There are actually multiple versions of the module including a version for Joomla 2.5 - you can find it under Downloads > Joomla 2.5 modules. If you have any issues, kindly do get in touch with us via the Contact Us form.

The forums have unfortunately been targeted with SPAM and until we upgrade and resolve this issue they are currently locked. We are actively working to resolve this issue.

We will also work on improving the content to make sure that in the future people do not get confused about this.

It Works!

Posted on 22 February 2012
I was struggling to include HTML for a weather app on my Joomla 2.5 site. Even when I disabled all editors and pasted the code in as HTML, Joomla seemed to delete some of the code and the module wouldn't display the weather. Creating the module with Mod HTML solved that problem.

It downloaded and installed quickly and flawlessly and worked on the first try.

Wish I had discovered this yesterday - I spent hours trying to make this work.

Well done!
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Jul 17 2008
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