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CSVI is an import and export component for the Joomla Content Management System. CSVI enables you can import and export data into and from different Joomla components. Every component features its own import and export types to allow control over every part of the component.

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Using a system that works based on a set of pre-defined fields you can match your fields with the CSVI fields to ensure a correct import. This way you can import all kinds of files from different kinds of sources, for example from your supplier.

Using the same set of pre-defined fields you can set your own export fields to export for an accounting package, order list, order picking list and many other uses.

CSVI Pro features include:
- Advanced replacement rules
- Import from local computer, text field, from server, URL, FTP server, Database
- Export to local computer, Save on server, Save on FTP server, Email file, Database
- Watermark images
- ICEcat product specifications
- A range of export filters
- A range of import filters
- Cron job support to automate import and export jobs
- Front-end import/export
- CSV, XLS and XML files are supported
- Custom Table export to build your own queries

CSVI Pro supports the following components:
- VirtueMart 3
- HikaShop
- Akeeba Subscriptions 4
- AwoCoupon Pro
- Custom Filters
- FastSeller
- Form2Content
- Product Builder
- CSVI Custom
- Joomla Contacts
- Joomla Content
- Joomla Categories
- Joomla Custom Fields
- Joomla Users
- Joomla Menus
- Joomla Modules
- Joomla Tags
- K2
- RSForms! Pro Submission Export
- J2Store

The extention is better than any of the other ones I have used to export and import data. I have during the past invested in a few.
Ease of use
First steps seem a bit overwhelming, tons of options but once you get a hang of using their example templates you are on a roll.
Above and beyond anything you would expect. Roland is very patient.
There is a lot of it and it is necessary but it's of the best quality I have ever seen.
Value for money
It's the most expensive of all the other extentions but I feel more confident using this, I don't mind paying a little more for that feeling
I used this to: I am using this to migrate data from a huge old Joomla website with a CCK to a clean version.
I use it for import Articles in Hikashop and export orders. The Extension works great.
Ease of use
The extension is easy to use, there are good instructions
The Greatest support ever!!!
Even if functions were not even available, Rolandd and Tharuna always found a solution.
Very good documantations with Pictures.
Value for money
Excellent, especially with regard to the support

Best tool ever

Posted on 23 August 2018
very flexilbe and powerful tool, does exactly what it promisses.
Ease of use
It's pretty straight forward. We used it for importing XML in Viruemart, customfieldsforall and stockablecustomfields can be quite difficult
100% score is just not enough. Tharuna is there in case of any questions, no only doing what you ask but she thinks with you! great support!
Very, very wel documented. An example! All scenarios are described and explained. On top of it there is a forum where you can find everyting
Value for money
Best value for money ever. We almost feel ashamed. ;)
I used this to: Importing XML product information to Virtuemart and export Orderinformation to our ERP.
Works well for import and export of K2 Items in my use.
Ease of use
Fairly easy to use with more advanced functionality available.
Support was great. I started off as a total jerk to them as I have had terrible support in the past and they were very patient with me.
Well laid out. Only missing a few answers I was looking for.
Value for money
Good value for the money.
I used this to: K2 Import and export of items.


Posted on 03 February 2018
It works very good
Ease of use
Easy to configure and then... automatic!
Support is really awesome!
Good documentation with examples.
Value for money
It is cheap for the value
I used this to: I use CSVI mainly to automatic import products in a online store but it is very useful importing and exporting users, articles, menus...
I'm using CSVI pro for all my imports / exports in many sites, including e-shops and it never failed me.
Ease of use
It's as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Ideal for both beginners and pros!
The people over at CSVI are simply exceptional. Even when I mess up or forget to do something the right way, they respond within an hour!
Value for money
No question about it! The money I'm giving for my support subscription are nothing compared to the support I get and the jobs I get done.
I used this to: Any and all imports/exports on simple web sites and e-shops. I've installed it to more than 20 of my customers and its absolutely life saving!
This extension is critical for the efficient operation of our online store, having over 12.000 skus! We couldn't manage without CSVI!
Ease of use
Very easy to use once you develop a system of delimeters for your .csv file that won't confuse the import.
Excellent support. Very prompt responses through the forum, and problems are always solved!
Value for money
We couldn't manage our store efficiently without CSVI. Very glad it exists!
I used this to: Online eCommerce Joomla/Virtuemart store with over 12,000 skus and 6 price levels, which need constant updating for new pricing and QOH values.
Creating templates for any import or export configuration is awesome! All Functions as described by the developer work. It's fast as well!
Ease of use
It is easy once you have spent time familiarizing yourself with it and testing imports/exports.
Forum replies within 24 hrs; helpful, respectful and relevant. No problems understanding from my point of view.
There is much on the site, a pdf manual of all tutorials and faqs would be nice. I had some trouble understanding the settings at first.
Value for money
100% worth every penny!
I used this to: Rebuilding a large ecommerce site after removing a CCK. I needed the data from fields in the CCK imported back in to the articles. Also needed to add images to the Joomla intro image and full image fields as they were not populated previously. This made the task easy.

Execelent extension

Posted on 17 October 2017
A lot of options to import
Ease of use
Due the many options it's hard at the first time, but when you get to know it it's great!
Very fast and good support!
A lot of documentation, but when need to know more the support is great
Value for money
Word every penny. If you had to import more than 1000 products manually.... timesaver!
I used this to: Importing product from manufactors into a Virtuemart Webshop
Fantastic extension for exporting and importing all the data of Virtuemart and not only.
Ease of use
Very easy to use it, they have a documentaion page and a forum.
The support is very very excellent. I had a problem and they prepared for me 2 patches in few hours.
The best support I ever had.
Full optional.
Value for money
100%. An extension to buy and to renew lifetime.
I used this to: Exporting and updating Virtuemart prices and quantity.
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