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The Virtuemart File Attachment Plugin creates a custom field in Virtuemart. It then allows you to associate your custom field to any Virtuemart Listing in the product detail page. Just as you would create an attribute for a listing (color, size, etc) you can do this with files- Word, Excel, PDF, Photoshop, Images (PNG, JPEG0, MP3, MPEG 4, and more.

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One of the great benefits of this plugin is that you can restrict access to the file. So, you can mark the file as Registered’, Special, etc and then only users with that access rights will be able to see the file in the Virtuemart product detail screen and then download it.

The plugin can be adapted any type of business and will give a competitive edge. You can use this plugin for a range of marketing activities. Attach product flyers/ brochures, business cards, printable coupons, work documents, adapt it to your website needs.

We have included additional styling options:

  • Show Field Title- hide or display the custom field name
  • Select A File directly from your Virtuemart listing as you are creating the entry
  • Change File Title- change the displayed name of the file
  • Choose File Icon- use one of our default icons or create your own for the file, or none at all…
  • Change Icon Position- place icon on left or right side of the file name or none at all.
  • Restrict User Access- control who has access to the file!!
Publishing Control for Virtuemart

Publishing Control for Virtuemart

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Virtuemart Publishing will allow you to automatically choose when a product/ service listing needs to be displayed for sale and when it needs to be removed. Automating the process of publishing and unpublishing VirtueMart listings is a natural advancement to working smarter. The “Publishing Controls” are listing specific; so it is very easy to make alterations and know you are affecting the correct listing. Automatic Publishing Control Covers: One Time Event: ** Set a start and end date for the listing-** this will cause the listing to automatically be displayed on the start date and removed the date you specify Just enter a start date- **the listing will automatically display on your date and will never be removed (unpublished) since you have not entered an end date. ** Just enter an end date- the listing will be displayed live on your website now and when the end date is reached it will automatically know it need to be removed. Reoccurring Events/ Cycles: ** Week Day Cycles- **set any start and end week day (Monday to Sunday) and the Virtuemart publishing function will automatically add and remove your listing for you. It will automatically do this for you every week until you decide to change the settings. **Calendar Period Cycles- **extend your reoccurring event cycle and have your listings automatically displayed during the same period every year; it is as easy as selecting the start and end, month and day. A great opportunity to sell and promote seasonal items. strong text

Custom Field for Files and Document Attachments for Virtuemart

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Feb 21 2015
Date added:
Jan 26 2015
GPLv2 or later
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