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CW-fotorama is a Joomla® module which brings the jQuery fotorama plugin to Joomla. Fotorama is a nice, simple and robust responsive image slider. This module includes all features of fotorama and enables you to utilize them in your Joomla project with just a few clicks.

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It's special party piece is the option, to use the new Joomla custom fields as an image source. With CW-fotorama you can transform the Joomla "image list" field into a beautiful slideshow gallery with just a few clicks. For this you need to install the CW-fotorama XT plugin. The plugin also extends CW-fotorama by an image manager, to select and organize single images and add captions.

CW-hire CW-hire
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CW-hire is a set of Joomla® extensions to offer jobs on a web site. The main component consists of a job listing, a search filter, a detail view for jobs and an application form for each job. Visitors can search the list, read all the details about a job and send their application including attachments via email. Their are also two modules available: cw-hire latest and cw-hire search. cw-hire l...
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CW-imenu is a Joomla module that you can use to add a simple, elegant image menu in your website. It's main purpose is, to have some thumbnails with a title that are linked to any content within or outside your website. Main features: Link to existing menu entries or any given url. Optional caption text Optional 2nd mouse-over image Change image and show caption on mouse over. Works completely...


Last updated:
Oct 22 2017
Date added:
Jul 10 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System