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An extendable Joomla! component for integrating Google Maps Locations. Location entries, location profile pages, location search, geolocation distance search, Google Maps module, customization options, etc… More than just maps: A reliable extension for building your own plattform or community based on Google Maps.

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Main Features / Backend Features:

  • Simple location management by filterable backend tables
  • Different field types for various locations
  • Custom fields support
  • Integration of the Joomla Media Manager, linking locations with images
  • Validate addresses via the backend (geocoding of the address)
  • Address validation for more than 250 countries
  • Multilingual (actual en-GB and de-DE, more languages can be easily implemented via language files or language overrides)
  • Categories for locations (integrated Joomla Category component)
  • Google Maps v3 integration (API key connection possible) Integrated Google JavaScript API, Geolocation API, Geocoding API and Distance Matrix API
  • Custom CSS, mobile ready and responsive
  • Support all major web browsers

Frontend Features:

  • Location directory with detailed information and profile pages
  • Profile pages linked to the map (markers and info boxes)
  • Search and filter locations
  • Distance display (miles or kilometers)
  • AJAX „load more“
Profile pages for individual map locations
  • Profile details
  • Highlight options and custom category labels
  • DD Improved Hits Counter (one view per IP-address per day)
  • Customize URL alias
  • Linked to the map

and much more...

Addon Module:

Build your platform which meets to your needs. The component can be extended by various modules. (e.g. place locations on a map separate from the location register or place a search field on your website that is directly linked to the component.)

GMaps Locations Search Filter
  • Geolocalisation function
  • Google search suggestions
  • Location category filter
  • Full-text search
GMaps Module
  • Map in Popup (full size PopUp)
  • Customizable markers, cluster markers and info box (PopUp by click on map)
  • Adjustable map size, position and zoom level

Further modules on request!

Addon Plugins:

The function of the component can be also extended by various plugins, which can provide huge functions. (e.g. connect Joomla user profiles to the map or place a activity stream at that pages to build your own maps community.)

Features for 3rd Party extensions - Ect C Connector
  • Connect any extension like (comcontent, comk2, com_seblod etc..) or any custom extensin which follows the Joomla routing system.
  • Note: This requires the DD GMaps Locations Component and a DDGMapsLocationsextc System Plugin for the extension to connect. Ext C Plugins can be available at our github account for some 3rd party extensions we have already connected or if not available, a plugin for your extension can be mostly provided on paid request.
  • Note: 3rd Party connect is BETA and experimental, we can just provide the plugins (Suggested for developers), support on paid request.

Further plugins on request!

Errors and technical modification subject to change.

It has been developed with ♡ for Joomla Extension-/ Templatedevelopers. So it is just based on the nativ Joomla MVC Pattern. And it comes just with a minimal bootstrap design (but not required) to make it easy to extend, customizeable and itegrateable for your projects. The Software is licensenced under the GPLv2 only Permissions, so feel free for Commercial Use, Modification, Distribution as well as Private Use.

For more informations, visit our project homepage.
HR IT-Solutions

Working well
Ease of use
It is very easy to set up maps and markers. And integrate it into your website.
Fast and easy to understand.
Great Extension. HRIT-Solutions was recommended to us because we needed some additional functionality and contacted the developer.
Ease of use
The developer really put a lot of effort into the Eas of use.
We were impressed with their nice support and the overall service.
Customer service is really top notch!?
Very helpful!
I used this to: For our own location directory. We had already tested some other Exetnsions without the result we wished. But now we are absolutely happy with the result as well as with the great support we have received from HRIT-Solutions team.
Thank You! Keep up the good work!

Great Map

Posted on 18 September 2017
Works flawlessly
Ease of use
Easy to install and set up
I used this to: My restaurant website
More than expected, because the developer also integrated new functions based on our wishes. Rarely experienced this. Works fine.
Ease of use
Self explaining, so what else to write?
Support is... awesome. You got answer within some hours, so no waiting times over several days I experienced with other developers.
Basicly most of this is self explaining, so no documentation is really neccessary. But at the end some users will ask for this and some FAQ.
I used this to: my own website which is about voluntary enironmental education for kids and teens. I am working actually on integrating the extension with additional functions the developer is developing... just for our website. So the developer also integrated user suggested functions.Brilliant
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DD GMaps Locations

HR IT-Solutions
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Sep 30 2018
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Apr 14 2017
GPLv2 or later
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