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Joomla! content plugin to add YouTube videos inside an article.

YouTube (EU Privacy) is a Joomla! content plugin to add YouTube videos inside an article.

YouTube provides free video-hosting, this plugin allows to simple embed YouTube videos inside articles, in the extended privacy mode. There are options to define custom covers and playerparameters. By default it is setup for EU Privacy. This means the YouTube extended privacy mode ('youtube-nocookie' iframe url) and a special two-click solution to embed the frame not before clicking to your cover. Recommended for Member States of the European Union as well as for other parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. If you don't wish the EU Privacy mode, extended privacy can also be specified at plugin settings. The other settings can be setup for each video through our snipped parameters.

Please take note of the privacy policy of your country. We provide no liability for legal correctness!

For extended usage it is possible to define iframe parameter (width, heigth, class and framborder),
img parameter (width, heigth and class),
as well as any YouTube Player url parameters (autoplay, size, etc..

YouTube API Thumbnail Generator

You can also enable to store thumbnails from YouTube API directly at your server to be konfirm with privacy. For these option PHP Extension CURL is required. The Thumbnail API must be anabled and can only be defined at EU Privacy mode.

How to use

The simplest way,

insert this snipped into your article:


Replace XXXXXXXXXXX with your Video ID
(The video ID is the part between v= and & of the YouTube video URL)

Or with a custom cover image:


Replace images/yourimagefile.jpg width your cover image path
(The relative cover image path to your image file at your website)

Note: The attribute value pairs must always be as follows:
Colon is assignment operator as well as separator.

For extended usge,

you can define your insert snippet as follow:

An example with YouTube Player parameters:


An example with iframe and img parameters:


Parameters can also be combined. A Special usage has the cover image. You can also omit it from the plugin setting options to use a default cover from plugin setting options.

For more informations, visit our project homepage.
HR IT-Solutions

Very good, I suggest some features, even considering to buy a pro version: get youtube preview image; allow playlists, allow full screen.
Ease of use
Very easy
Kind and fast.
I used this to: Eu Privacy

Perfect solution

Posted on 27 August 2018
Embeds YouTube content quite perfect: routing to without any hazzle and preserving configurable settings.
Ease of use
Once understood how it's done, it's a no-brainer.
Great support! Had a question on a Saturday at breakfast, got an answer before getting a second coffee!
The description here was helpful with some tricky things.Could be better. May I contribute a documentation for this (I'm Technical Writer) ?
I used this to: embedding tutorial videos on technical and software topics in a community website
Just follow the instruction.
Ease of use
Works as described.
Ease of use
Easy to use
Great support! They helped me making the plugin responsive.
Simple, understandable and helpful.
I used this to: Embedding YouTube-Videos GDPR compliant on my homepage.
works perfectly as described
Ease of use
it's easy to configure and use in the website
simple but useful and clear
I used this to: to show videos on my website

Great player and support

Posted on 14 September 2017
It's functional and works perfectly as described. I am very positively surprised about the efforts to give support.
Ease of use
Very easy to use.
I submit multiple support request beyond the extension and the support reacts for free within minutes.
The documentation is also very easy to understand.
I used this to: Showing a video player on my website.
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DD YouTube (EU Privacy)

HR-IT-Solutions GmbH
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Oct 03 2020
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May 13 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4 Beta

Uses Joomla! Update System


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