JoomDOC is Document Management System (DMS) that enables efficiently upload, create, edit and organize documents so your users can browse and download or work with them easily. The system makes it easier to organize documents, offers remote access to information and their maximum availability and access settings for documents only to authorized users.

  • Unlimited Category Tree
  • New! AJAX based tree browsing
  • Tags and metadata
  • Download Counter and Logs
  • Integrated Joomla Document Search
  • Joomla Plugin for Easy WYSIWYG Editor Integration
  • SEO Improvement - Nicer URLs with full ARTIO JoomSEF support
  • JoomFish and 3rd Party Components Integration
  • Commercial version available with versioning, document fulltext search and online WebDAV editing

Completely new JoomDOC 3 is now available for Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5.

Cuando logras ordenar los archivos (se bloquea la web) funciona bastante bien con PDF
Ease of use
Mal, no es nada facil por que bloquea la web cuando añades o creas carpetas.
Malo muy malo. No dan asistencia escudandose en que estamos en confinamineto por COVID. Siguen ofreciendo paquetes de asistencia de pago...
Pobre, muy pobre para versiones antiguas, el soporte se queda para versiones de php inferiores a 7.0.2.
No es nada clara
I used this to: Escaneado de una hemeroteca con mas de 20.000 PDF, no he conseguido subir mas de 3 y ordenarlos, se bloquea la web
I'm now tweaking around for a couple of days and it's not functioning. I want three options for a document list after login
Ease of use
Really hard to use out of the box. Particularly because any support documents are not available. The forums are not very populated
I recieved support to go from joomdoc 3 to 4, but now the technical staff is on holiday
The lack of documentation is shocking, the latest 'tutorial' dates from 2012. Also there are just 3 or 4 similar video's on Youtube
I used this to: Setting up a simple download site, so logged in registered users can access documents. They can chose from 3 options and then choose docs they want to download. Definitely not worth 49 euro's

Paid Vesion Joomdoc

Posted on 02 May 2016
I purchased the paid version because of the content search funtionality. Unfortnately it isn't working. Opening a backend folder crashed
Ease of use
After installing the extension I heard, I had to install extra programms on te server of the hosting provider. For me that is not an option
There was support of Artio, but they couldn't resolve my problems
There is documentation, but the documentation on how to install the extra programms (pdf2txt and cadcod) is very poor.
I used this to: I don't use it so it is a waste of money. (€49). The purpose was to provide a download manager for medical documents..
JoomDOC is the only documents handling component capable of WebDAV. Other than that, it offers basic functions and also reveals its poor programming and lack of documentation and support. If documents handling is a core functionality of your website (along online editing) my strong advice would be using joomDOC just for webdav and use other components for the handling part. We bought two enterprise licenses and struggled to have webdav working. On the top of that, there're lots of incompatibility between joomdoc and other joomla components. Ver. 4 of the joomdoc has been recently revised after found not working with joomla v.3.3.0 and v.2.5.20. In conclusion, we managed to have joomdoc ent working but the amount of work required for the task was discouraging us as the product, at its current maturity level, is not reliable at all.

Overall good

Posted on 16 December 2013
In my opinion, overall it is good enough. Quite easy to install, quite easy to manage from the back end. Really good navigation module. Simple translation file.

The amount of clicks which needs to be done, to actually add document to directory could be less. Also, would be great to make it a bit more user friendly for admins. Took me a while to understand how it works. And possibility to have Captcha check or time countdown before downloading would be a good future development.

But as I said, overall, really good.
Migrated from J1.5 / Joomdoc 2 to J2.5 / Joomdoc 4.

While the migration was buggy, and I had to go and fix manually in the mysql tables - overall once the migration completed it works okay.

Version 4.0 is much better than previous 3.x

Very Bugy and slow

Posted on 26 November 2012
This extension is not ready. I did not buy this to become a QA staff. The service is poor. I wasted 3 days testing it and I have lost my money because they do not want to return it.
The component looks nice in first view, but is complicated to handle with a two step procedere. First upload the file and second make a document of it. I noticed this after buying the credits-free version and asked for refund and deleting it. On this I got no answer due to several very friendly requests.
i just buy this component, and the install of the last version 3.4.1 (joomdoc entreprise) is full of bug and one very important that give the acess to all your documents even if you use Joomla ACL.

So very expensive 149 euro...

Full of bugs

Posted on 13 April 2012
I bought this extension (Joomdoc 3) to use as a document manager for my users.

It's so full of bugs I'm not even sure where to start...

It's maybe ok if your not doing anything "fancy" like file versioning, changing document root, or hit refresh documents (soon or a later you'll be unable to hit refresh anyways) etc.

There are better free alternatives.

On the positive side:

Nice document icons

Negative side:

Too many to list

It should be redone from scratch.
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