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This plugin allows you to support multiple Joomla payment applications while using AUTH SIM payment servie on has a limit of supporting only one payment application for AUTH SIM as you have to specify a success URL so that can return the user back to your application that initiated the payment process. If you have DT Register and another application using AUTH SIM, you need this plugin to be able to support a 2nd payment application being able to use AUTH SIM. You must have DT Register 2.8.10 or later for Joomla 2.5 and DT Register 3.0.6 or later for Joomla 3.x. -

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DT Donate DT Donate
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DT Donate

By DTH Development
DT Donate is a leading donation extension for Joomla with advanced features and powerful back-end. It is easy to setup and configures. The Joomla donation extension supports more than 40 popular payment gateways like: Paypal, Stripe,, 2Checkout and more. DT Donate 4.0 has quickstart package with JA Charity template included as a bonus to help you quickly replicate our demo site on y...
DT Register DT Register
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DT Register

By DTH Development
DT Register is the most powerful Joomla extension for event registration. The Joomla event booking extension provides all needed features to successfully promote, book, manage and monetize any types of events your organization may offer to your customers. DT Register supports powerful event management system, 20+ popular payment gateways, multiple themes and templates. It is easy to setup with al...
DT Register MailChimp Subscriber DT Register MailChimp Subscriber
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DT Register MailChimp Subscriber

By DTH Development
DT Register extensions
This plugin integrates the MailChimp newsletter system with the popular Joomla event registration solution, DT Register. When someone registers for an event, they will be added to the MailChimp subscribers list. This can be forced or optional. You select a list, then name the group(s) to add the subscriber to....
DT Register MyScript DT Register MyScript
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DT Register MyScript

By DTH Development
DT Register extensions
This plugin further allows you to customize DT Register by giving you the ability to insert your own php script that will run after each successful registration. This really opens up your capabilities of integrating with our 3rd party solutions like affiliate programs, newsletters, other databases, etc. You must have DT Register 2.8.12 or later for Joomla 2.5 and DT Register 3.0.8 or later for Joo...
DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber
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DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber

By DTH Development
DT Register extensions
DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber is a plugin that works together with the AcyMailing newsletter component and the DT Register event registration component. With this plugin installed and enabled, anytime a user registers for an event, you can configure ways to allows registrants to subscribe to AcyMailing subscriber lists. The latest version of DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber has been overha...
DT Register DocuSign Generator DT Register DocuSign Generator
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DT Register DocuSign Generator

By DTH Development
DT Register extensions
With this plugin enabled, documents can be automatically generated within your DocuSign account, based on data from a DT Register event registration and assigned to the logged in user. You must have DT Register 3.1.13 or later (Joomla 3.x) or DT Register 2.8.18 or later (Joomla 2.5) and also the DT DocuSign component....


DTH Development
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System