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DT Register is the most powerful Joomla extension for event registration. The Joomla event booking extension provides all needed features to successfully promote, book, manage and monetize any types of events your organization may offer to your customers.

DT Register supports powerful event management system, 20+ popular payment gateways, multiple themes and templates. It is easy to setup with all core features built-in in the powerful admin panel: Location, event types, discounts, custom fields, event registration form, tax, email notification and more.

Main Features:

Event Management
Many tools are provided to help in managing attendees and events such as:
- Search and view registrant lists
- CSV Import and Exports of Attendees
- Automated customized emails (including reminders) at different stages of event cycle
- Automated SMS alerts at different stages to attendees, moderators and Joomla admins (thru DT SMS)
- Barcode support
- Attendance Check
- Event capacity alerts
- Track Paid Attendees status
- Archive Management
- Print options for confirmations pages during registration
- Category assignment including multiple categories and sub-categories
- event can be imported from jevent
- event export/import from google calendar

Payments gateways
DT Register provides integration with many payment providers including:

PayPal (Standard), PayPal Pro, WorldPay (Europe), Quickbooks Merchant Services (QBMS), TransFirst, Sage (N. America), PayFast (S. Africa), USA ePay, PSiGate, Saferpay, iDeal (Rabobank Lite), Korta (Europe), Moneris (Canada), ePDQ (United Kingdom), PrismPay (USA), Sofort (Europe), PayWay (Australia), PayFlow Pro by PayPal offline payment options.

You can also setup an event as a FREE event or handle payments later after the registration has been confirmed.

Other payment gateways are supported by purchasing separate paid plugins. Those include: (AIM, Accept Hosted, eCheck), Mollie, eWay, Converge, Ingenico, Paydollar, Payway, PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe.

Recurring Events
Create multiple instances of same event
- Recur events daily, weekly, monthly, and sets of dates.
- Each child event is an independent event with it's own registrants, registration form, tickets...
- Update parent event can update information of all children events.

Locations management
- Easy location creation and management from back-end.
- Get direction to a location/venue.

Multiple Event types and modules
- Support multiple event types: event for individual, event for group, event for registered user
- Modules: Calendar, upcoming events, categories, locations, mini calendar
- Content plugin, event registration link on the article.

Synchronize profile data
- Integrate with Joomla user profile and third party extensions: Community Builder, Jomsocial.
- Use data stored in user profile to pre-fill registration form automatically if registrants have an existing account.
- Create a Joomla account.

Discount options
There are multiple options which you can use to give discounts for your registrants to encourage them to register for your events.

  • Coupon codes: Fixed discount amount or by percent.
  • Early bird discount: Offer discount if registrants register before certain date.
  • Members discount: Offer discount if registrants are members on your site (members from different Joomla user groups can have different discount amounts).
  • Group registration rates: The more number of registrants, the lower price.
  • Bundle discount: Offer discount if registrants for multiple pre-determined events.
  • Late fee: Charge an additional fee if registrants register after the certain date.

Custom fee field
An unique, power feature of DTH register allows you to charge registrants different registration fee base on what they choose/enter on the registration form.
- Single selection (Radio / Single select). Example Adult : 100$, Student 90$, Children 30$.
- Multiple selections (Checkboxes/Multiple select). Example: Lunch(+100$), Wifi (+10$)
- Text fee field with fee formula.
- Multiply the value of diffrent custom fee fields to calculate the final fee.

Options to register for an event
Different options to register for an event
- Individual Registration allows you to register for one user.
- Group Registration allow you to register for several users in a group. With group registration rate setup, admin can give discount for group registration (the more members in group, the more discount).
- Shopping cart option allows you to register for different events within one checkout.
- Registrants can access to registration history page to view their registration history and edit information of registration records if needed.

Registration form
Custom, flexible registration form
- Choose to show/hide, require/not require any fields on the registration form.
- Choose which fields you want to use for each type of registration (individual registration form, group members form, group billing form).
- Create additional custom fields to collect any information you want from registrants.
- Each event can have its own, independent set of custom fields.
- Registration integration option allows registrants to register for a Joomla account while registering for an event.

Powerful custom fields
- Support 10 different types of custom fields: Birth Date, Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Multi-Select, Checkbox List, Radiolist, Datetime, Heading(Textual), Message.
- Conditional custom fields: Show hide a custom field base on selected value of another custom field.
- Custom fee fields: Total registration fee will be calculated based on what users choose/enter on registration form.
- Custom field quantity: Limit each option in a custom field (Radio, Checkbox, Select, Multiple select) to a certain number you want.
- Option to assign custom fields to individual event.

Front-end managements
You can customize your users’ experience with DT Register in many ways. There is a front end control panel allowing you to grant permissions to Joomla users the right to manage Events that are found in the back end control panel. With calendaring functions and mapping location features you empower registrants to integrate the registration experience with their personal needs.
- Calendar Integration for registrants to Google calendar.
- DT Register Calendar view and front end searching.
- Google Maps Integration for locating events.
- Allow permitted users to Create and Manage Events from the front end

Coupons & Tax support
- Create coupon codes to give discount for registrants.
- Two types of coupon discount supported: By percent or by fixed amount.
- Coupons can be imported/exported from/to CSV/Excel file.
- Tax rate can be added for each event to charge tax for registration.
- Ordering of fee calculation can be set

Deposit payment & Waiting List
- (Partial payment)Enable deposit payment for an event will allow registrants pay an upfront fee (determined by admin) while registering and pay the remaining fee later (online payment or manually at the event).
- Enable waiting list allows users to join the waiting list of an event when it is full. Later, if someone cancels the registration, admin can move these waiting lists users into registrants.

An optional add-on extension is available for creating and emailing customized invoices to registrants (DT Invoice).

Generate certificates
If you need to provide certificates of completion (even diplomas) to attendees there is an optional add on an extension that integrates DocuSign with DT Register (DT DocuSign).

Emails notification
- Notification emails sent to administrator when someone registers for an event or submit event from front-end.
- Confirmation emails sent to registrants when they register for an event or their registration is approved by admin (in case they use offline payment).
- Mass Mail to send emails to all registrants of a selected event.
- Batch Mail to send emails to selected registrant.
- Reminder emails sent to registrants (automatically by the system) to remind them X-days before the event started.
- Notification email sent to the administrator when registrants cancel his registration.
- Each event can have it own notification emails and email messages if required.

Manage registrants
- View registrants list, search for registrant base firstname, lastname, organization..., filter registrants from a selected event...
- Add/edit registration records, add more registrants into an existing group registration.
- Approve offline payment registration (after receiving payment from registrants).
- Export/Import registrants to/from Excel, CSV file.
- Sending mass mail to registrants of an event or to selected registrants.
- Resend email (in case registrants don't receive it for some reasons).

Multiple modules and plugins
- Up-coming events, mini-calendar, categories, locations, events map, search events module.
- Plugin to display events (a specific event or events from a certain category) on a Joomla article.
- Plugin to display registration form on a Joomla article.
- Search plugin allows searching for events via Joomla standard search.

Newsletter integration
- Supports AcyMailing Mailchimp

Free Themes and Templates
- Base Theme
- Grid Theme
- List Theme
- JA Events ii Joomla template
- JA Conf Joomla template
- JA Fit Joomla template

DT Register 3.3 & 4.0

Posted on 22 August 2018
It have a lot of good features
Ease of use
Easy use if you have a good experience with joomla extensions
I had a bad experience with very slow support response, and not addressing the matters from first time, must go back and forth for too many
Good documentation are available on their website.
Value for money
There is other components with better price and more easy to use features
I used this to: I used for volunteering, contestants, festivals and pageants registrations
The functionality is fabulous, and future functionality ideas are accepted by the developer!
Ease of use
I am able to teach my clients easily how to use populate this component with ease.
Nathan is very good at getting back to you, via ticket submission or forum posts. No complaints!!! Thank you Nathan!
Value for money
I used this to: Class registrations.
When I found it 3 years ago, it was the most functional event registration software for Joomla! that I could find. Lots of great features!
Ease of use
There's a lot of complexity to DT Register & all of it's features, but you don't have to be a programmer to make it do what you need.
Support is EXCELLENT! The forums are well-monitored, and support tickets are typically answered very quickly.
So many features, so little time to document, I'm sure. :) The documentation is not comprehensive, but the great support makes up for that.
Value for money
Excellent value. More functional and feature-packed than most of the commercial event registration services out there.
I used this to: For the past 3 years, my alumni association has used DT Register for registering 1000+ people per year for our annual reunion. We hit a few limitations due to our registration requirements, but Nathan has always been great with helping us find a solution for what we needed to do!

Reliable and Versatile

Posted on 28 September 2017
The functionality and capabilities of this component are great! Nothing else covers as much ground as this solution does.
Ease of use
I find this as easy to use as anything else. There's a few pieces to learn but tooltips are everywhere which help a lot.
I've had no issues with tech support. The minimal times where I've actually needed help, I was able to get it. Satisfied.
I know some documentation is available and a bunch of video tutorials. I didn't end up needing it though, but it is there.
Value for money
Oh man, DT Register is worth much more than the little price you pay to download! For what I get, I'd expect the price to be higher.
I used this to: I've been using DT Register on our site for about 5 years now. It has been used for a wide variety of tasks and it's customizable enough that I can make it work for lots of things on the site. We've used it for paid contest registrations and several general info submissions.

Great Technical Support

Posted on 14 September 2017
DT Register has more than enough functionality for what our company needs for creating and managing events for our training school.
Ease of use
The tools were self explanatory and easy to use.
Tech support exceeded my expectations by determining the problem was a firewall issue, not a problem with their product.
Value for money
Well worth the money spent especially when tech support addresses the problem when notified.
I used this to: our firearms training school

Very Happy

Posted on 08 August 2016
I have been using this product for over 5 years for a competition registration system. It works great and has all the functionality I need!
Ease of use
Very easy to use, take time to learn all the functionality is important. It took little time to figure it out which is fine.
Support in the past was intermittent; however the past 6 months has been fantastic. This is an area they have improved!
Good documentation - not needed since the product is intuitive!
Value for money
Excellent value!
I used this to: I used this for a competition registration system since 2011. It has worked great and I have had some custom work done from DTH which was great. The support I am now receiving is fantastic. I recommend this product.
Although we probably only needed a basic form with data storage we found this extension full of useful options to register and collect funds
Ease of use
We found it very easy to use after viewing the video tutorials and a few minutes of trial and error.
Nathan is excellent in giving timely support. Best I have ever had from an extension developer. Excellent ticket and forum response.
Support videos and forum provides excellent documentation and if you have questions you can submit them and get timely replies.
Value for money
Excellent value for all the functionality and options offered
I used this to: We used DT Register for our VBS registration. It lets us collect all required information, limit our enrollment automatically, confirm enrollment to the registrant and send enrollment to our registration team. We even easily personalized the registration form with our terms.
DT Register offers a great deal of handling for complex event registrations, like ours. Flexible field types/arrangement are critical.
Ease of use
Easy to understand, but there are tons of options, so there is a learning curve to get going.
Developer monitor forums and actually respond! Can get information on backend database to write custom wrappers when necessary.
Documentation is a major version old, but the videos are helpful and mostly still apply.
Value for money
Exception value for us. We run one major event a year and this is year three on this extension.
I used this to: We are a non-profit that has an annual event. We use this extension to manage attendee, vendor, and sponsorship registrations.
I've been using DTRegister for over 5 years. It has all the functionality I need but there are frequently serious bugs.
Ease of use
The administrator portion of DT Register is poorly designed and implemented with non-intuitive forms and fields.
Support is sporadic. Forum posts and tickets of even serious issues (like transactions not being recorded) can go unanswered for months.
Documentation is disorganized with out of date youtube videos which could be forgiven if the component was easy to use.
Value for money
DT Register is on the expensive side but I'd gladly pay more for a component that's reliable, well-designed and with professional support.
I used this to: I use this for event registration integrated with Community Builder and other components.
Owner's reply: This person is not a user of our software. There is no Sam Johnston in our databases as a buyer or as a technical contact. If you look closely you will notice this person just created an account and also did a review of another product on the same day, most likely to appear like a legitimate user. We have asked that his be removed immediately. Not sure why someone would do this but it is very disturbing that a user could actually make up a profile for the sole purpose of posting a bad review for their own entertainment.
SUPER! Work like mad.
Ease of use
Not the easiest but everything is there if you just read the docs and pay attention to the i prompts
In a word, fantastic.
Excellent and the forums and videos provide excellent information
Value for money
100 - It seems like a lot of cash but it does so many things and it comes with a dozen or payments gateways that other companies charge for.
I used this to: I first came to DTR through a very difficult migration from J15 to J25 for a client. What a nightmare but they helped a lot. Since then, I've used it on other sites that need a comprehensive event solution. I still do use JEvents with this and it just works!
DT Donate
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DT Donate

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DT Register MailChimp Subscriber
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DT Register MailChimp Subscriber

By DTH Development
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This plugin integrates the MailChimp newsletter system with the popular Joomla event registration solution, DT Register. When someone registers for an event, they will be added to the MailChimp subscribers list. This can be forced or optional. You select a list, then name the group(s) to add the subscriber to....
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By DTH Development
DT Register extensions
This plugin allows you to support multiple Joomla payment applications while using AUTH SIM payment servie on has a limit of supporting only one payment application for AUTH SIM as you have to specify a success URL so that can return the user back to your application that initiated the payment process. If you have DT Register and another application us...
DT Register MyScript
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DT Register MyScript

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DT Register extensions
This plugin further allows you to customize DT Register by giving you the ability to insert your own php script that will run after each successful registration. This really opens up your capabilities of integrating with our 3rd party solutions like affiliate programs, newsletters, other databases, etc. You must have DT Register 2.8.12 or later for Joomla 2.5 and DT Register 3.0.8 or later for Joo...
DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber
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DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber

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DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber is a plugin that works together with the AcyMailing newsletter component and the DT Register event registration component. With this plugin installed and enabled, anytime a user registers for an event, you can configure ways to allows registrants to subscribe to AcyMailing subscriber lists. The latest version of DT Register AcyMailing Subscriber has been overha...
DT Register DocuSign Generator
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DT Register DocuSign Generator

By DTH Development
DT Register extensions
With this plugin enabled, documents can be automatically generated within your DocuSign account, based on data from a DT Register event registration and assigned to the logged in user. You must have DT Register 3.1.13 or later (Joomla 3.x) or DT Register 2.8.18 or later (Joomla 2.5) and also the DT DocuSign component....

DT Register

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