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DT Donate is a leading donation extension for Joomla with advanced features and powerful back-end. It is easy to setup and configures. The Joomla donation extension supports more than 40 popular payment gateways like: Paypal, Stripe,, 2Checkout and more.

DT Donate 4.0 has quickstart package with JA Charity template included as a bonus to help you quickly replicate our demo site on your server with same demo content and settings.

Key Features:

Supports 40+ Payments gateways
DT Donate Joomla donation extension is integrated with our new JA Payment Gateways plugin to support more than 40 popular payment gateways like: Paypal, Stripe,, 2Checkout and more.
JA Payment Gateways plugin is included in the DT Donate download, no extra fee.

Beautiful and responsive design
DT Donate 4.x now supports responsive, every page looks great on all supported responsive layouts: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and mobile. Its design, UI/UX is improved alots to make it looks really clean and nice.

Donation fields management
By default, DT Donate supports standard fields for donation form and donation profile: Title, first name, last name, organization, address, city, state, email ... Admin can configure to show or hide each field in Donation form and profile form.

Flexible Custom fields
Besides default fields, user can create unlimited custom fields.
- You can choose which fields are show/hide, required/not required on the donation form.
- You are able to create unlimited custom fields to collect more information about donors (besides the basic core fields like First Name, Last Name....).
- Support 9 different types of custom fields: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Checkbox List, Radio list

Email notification system
The donation extension for Joomla provides flexible notification email system with easy configuration panel. You can configure From Name, From Email, Notification email and email subject, email content. It also supports multiple tags to insert to the email content like:[NAME], [AMOUNT], [PAYMENT_TYPE] and [DATE].

Multiple modules
DT Donate includes 2 modules:
- DT Donate Campaigns Module: show campaigns from selected categories
- DT Donate Donors: show the latest donors

Not useable for us

Posted on 30 January 2020
Lack of flexibilty in backend config (f. e. display options insufficient), doesnt have the range of functions of comparable components.
Ease of use
As you can expect from most Joomla component these days, easy to install and simple to use.
Support is fast, answers within a few hours, but not very customer-friendly. Dont expect goodwill when it comes to refund requests.
is there and okay, though not really necessary, because use is quite intuitive...
Value for money
too expensive compared to similar components. Technical issues (white screen at record export, themes not working). Far below expectations.
I used this to: nothing. Due to the lack of functionality and several technical issues, it made no sense to continue working with it. Using a competitors component now and very happy with it.

Great for online giving

Posted on 03 September 2013
We've been using DT Donate for a few years now on our church website... back in Joomla 1.5 and now in 2.5. We have two different payment gateway accounts setup and our congregation can choose between them for giving online. It's great because people can even designate where the money is intended to go... tithe, building fund, missions, etc. We've also received help when needed from DTH, but this component is so easy to setup, you probably won't even need help. Thanks guys!

Poor Support

Posted on 19 May 2012
Very poor support, and this component still does not work on my site. This has been going on since 2011.
DT Donate is an excellent way to set up donations on Joomla sites. Great integration with PayPal and Lots of options available for the user to customize their donation, plus plenty of options for me on the back end to allow for a user-friendly and confident experience for the donator. I use the custom fields for donations to specific departments and the user sees that it is given directly to that department. DT Donate does what it says it does. Easy setup and great support make it well worth the $$.

Pretty Good Overall

Posted on 02 September 2010
This is a pretty good component that works as described "out of the box."

Seamless integration with and PayPal!

Future requests I would have:

- More customization options for admin email notification

- Validation options for custom fields on the form

- Ability to edit language file from admin

Overall it has been a great component and even better with customization, so I guess my main request would be that the component has more features in the next version. (Mostly with form options and validation)

We have 4 installs of this component for different types of donations. Google MMORE Foundation to see our example.

Excellent support

Posted on 18 November 2009
My first installation of this component went flawlessly, and was very easy to use both on the admin side and for end-users. I had a problem on my second installation -- the button that advances you to the second form where you select a payment amount was not working. My trouble ticket was answered within a few hours and the problem solved. It turned out to be a Joomla template error, and not anything wrong in the DT Donate code. How many developers would take the time to resolve a problem like that? Really excellent support and customer service!

Fabulous support

Posted on 19 February 2009
I have recently installed DT Donate and have had an excellent experience. The component is easy to use and configure. While it may not be as customizable as I would like, it is more than adequate for my purposes. Best of all, though- the support I have received from the developer(s) has been unparalleled. They replied to my support ticket within the hour and have been so very patient and extremely helpful. I will most certainly look to them first for relevant applications. The support alone was worth far more than the $30 they charge.

Non-existant support

Posted on 13 December 2008
For a while the extension worked well... but after we had a problem with and dtdonate working together, we submitted a ticket - on November 12, 2008. Haven't heard a peep... after 2 followup emails as well... You have to pay for this extension... I find sometimes the free ones have better support. Its a shame to put this as a review... but even if we heard that it wasn't a dtdonate issue... but not one peep... my 2 cents.
I installed this on my server and all works great except for a few minor tweaks. posted on the forum and didn't receive any response so I submitted a ticket and still no response.

Great product if they could support it better
We use DTDonate on many of our nonprofit clients websites, provides a quick, simple and effective way to offer online donations. The developer continues to improve and add features, and is very responsive to questions. Although very streamlined, it also offers a lot of flexibility with custom fields.
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DT Donate

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